Journal- January 3,2012
Day 1

...Why...Why me!?
Last night, Stacey told me she was pregnant. PREGNANT! My own prince...or princess.
I can't even believe it!
All these years of trying and trying. Now it has finally happened.
The letter came..

Dear Danni Romme,
You have now been drafted back into the army for an additional 16 months.

That's all...that one letter-ruining my life!
I might not be able to see my little boy or girl.
This journal is for them.
Stacey Romme. I love you!
My son,my daughter.- If I do not meet you,I already love you with everything I have.
I am writing these entries for you!
In case..I do not make it back in the next 16 months.
I don't want to cry. Just write,and hope for the best!

Right now I am on a jet,heading to Pakistan with 40 other helpless souls.
I don't know what will happen,all I can do now is pray-for myself,for my family,and for my country.
Now,daughter or son,if I do not make it back-I leave everything to you and your mother.
Please remember that me leaving and dying was not in my hands...If I do die.
I should go.
Be brave!

-Love Daddy