Earth a small planet in a galaxy of many, the milky-way a small galaxy in a universe of trillions, Omega103 a universe of large in a vase dimensional plane of blankness. To think in this galaxy you might have been able to find trillions of planets with living creations of evolution. That its scientific advancements could've reached such goals as Universal Dimensional Plane travel, or even the advance space flight to those as other galaxies. But no, the forces known as nature breed this universe to be a vast dead wasteland of nothing. Only a small planet, in a spiral galaxy not much older than the universe, exist with life upon it. A race of over 10 billion - such petty creatures they are - exist here. Their advancements have not met the needs of what they should have in the over 5 billion + year time they have existed on the planet, making them the slowest advancing living life in all of trillions of universes. Though that much is expected from this cowardly excuse of a universal dimension. So the consequences have come to reach the children of the Milky Way, of Omega103.
Preserving life on their planet to make human kind live longer had been the cowardly way to try to save themselves. Abandoning all thoughts of space travel in the mid 21st century, had set them back a bit too. Building utopian society's that would be defined as dystopian by many in more advanced cultures of the universes, had brought advancement to a rather obstruct stop. As volcanic eruptions and meteors destroyed the land outside the utopian domes, humans forgot about the stars, or the universe they could've populated. As time ticked away, no one could sense the destructive star that brought heat to their planet, beginning to hit its next stage in its life. No one, no human that is.

A man, far far away from Omega103 in a galaxy known as Paix, looked into what appeared to be a glittering mirror. Pictures appeared on the the sleek glass screen. A world filled with lush green terrain appeared, domes, large country sized domes were seen spread across miles and miles. Birds and wild life seemed to pay no mind to the metallic half spheres, as if it were the grass between their feet. An apathetic look showered over the man's face for several moments, before it turned into a pity filled expression.

" The earthly beings, they could've left the comfort of those domes hundreds of years ago. They had their chance to experience the wonders of their measly existence for the last time, but now its too late."

The man sighed in annoyance. He had been put on the ' Omega 103 ' project over a year ago. To observe and inspect to see if the earthlings were worth being saved, worth having a second chance. So far he felt it was a waste of Universe Jumping to save these creatures. They had boarded themselves up in domes to escape. They had taken the easy way out of things. Settling them down on a planet in this world would just take up space for a civilization who really needed it.

" Umm, Paz, Commander Zelix needs your attention right away. He has vital information upon your project, umm, come immediately."
Paz turned around, and looked at the young women who had entered the room. She was rather twitchy in a way. She must've been one of the interns here. Most interns had a tendency to twitch a lot, especially in front of someone held so highly like himself. It took a moment but he nodded in recognition. Walking past her, he gave a slight nudge to the women, excusing her as he proceeded to Commander Zelix's office.
Most of the time before Paz was allowed into the office, he would hear yelling from within. Cold words sprayed like venom, and he was pretty sure whoever walked past the room could hear the screams too. Yet they ignored them with active tolerance. The door opened, and out scrambled a small man at the height of maybe barely above 7 feet. He shook in fear and look up at Paz.

" He's in a sour mood today. I would advise you don't speak your mind at the moment, or speak at all for that fact." The man grumbled, before wobbling away.
Paz stepped forward into the office. It was an intimidating work place, with metallic walls and no windows. Only thing that made it rather peaceful was the exotic Panamela flower from the planet of Kansted, in the universe of Omega6. Though it wasn't so peaceful that it took your mind off of the cold uneasy feeling you got when Commander Zelix appeared. He was a cruel looking man who stood at 11 feet. He had shaved his head bald to where the light blue color of his scalp would be visible. His nose was mostly deformed by standards, just two holes in the middle of his face to allow him to breathe. Though his mouth wasn't much better with the lack of lips. Though that wasn't what made him intimidating, it was his size. He was a rather large man, almost as wide as he was long. There had always been a rumour that floated around that he squished employees that commented on his rather obtuse appearance. Or well fired them at the least.

"Paz. Hows that research going on that planet... whats it called ' Earting ', ' Earl ', oh wait no it was ' Earth ' wasn't it. So yes hows it going. Have you made a decision?" Zelix's voice boomed from across his desk. It had a rather friendly tone to it, man the guy was bipolar.

" Yes actually I have. I have decided that the creatures on the planet have made it obvious they do not know of their upcoming doom. They are obviously too oblivious to see it. Such creatures don't have enough intelligence to be given a chance to live on. Their fates are set let us leave it that way."

Zelix's expression changed. He was not pleased in any way, obviously his explanation had not been a good one.

" Have you ever my dear Paz considered, that these humans, or earthinglings, or whatever you may call them might not have a way to see what may be coming to them. That they may be trapped. Im pretty sure any civilization would take the chance to embrace their planet if it looked as beautiful if it does now. Even creatures as idiotic as them." Zelix proclaimed, leaning back in his chair, as stern look upon his face.

Paz went to speak, but held back remembering the word of the shaking midget man that had walked out of Zelix's office previously.

" What do you suggest we do then, Commander?"

Zelix smiled.

" I suggest you take a small team there to offer the humans help. Or see their situation, if they realize what's going on. If they don't, then we shall intervene with their demise. If they do, then will see from there."

There were no ' Thats my orders ' at the end of the statement but Paz knew that suggestions were actually demands. With a small, yes sir kind of thing in response, Paz turned around to leave the office, but was stopped by a small remark.

" You've got 3 months before the star starts heating up and expanding. If you do not succeed in that time, your stuck there. But I'm sure you can do this Paz. Unless I underestimated you ability's with this kind of stuff."

" No you did not sir."

" Good."

Paz shook a bit, usually it took at least 3 months minimum to do a normal job with a large group, and that was without the pressure of being burnt to a crisp. He was being counted on. He didn't like being counted on.