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Bella tossed her head, trying to remove the ever present gingery curl from her face. "Why isn't he here? He said he'd be here," Bella asked her friend, Maddy over the phone.

"He stood you up!" Maddy exclaimed in sheer horror, "Girl, this is bad. Tomorrow you have to face him, and he better have a good reason."

"I'm sure Jake's got a good reason," Bella said, trying to convince herself, "Jake wouldn't miss our date unless it was important."

30 minutes before, over at Jake's house

"See you later, Wally," Jake called to his dog, as he turned off the lights.

As Jake drove along the road to his date, his phone started ringing. With a sigh, Jake attempted to ignore the constant ringing to no avail. So he pulled over to the side of the road and answered the phone, hoping it wasn't Bella canceling their date. "Jake speaking!"

"Jake! Judy's going to have her baby, we're arriving at the hospital now. She want's you to be here with her," George, his brother in-law said, excitement evident in his voice.

"She's going to have...at the hospital...I'm on my way!" Jake said, all other thoughts left his head, and he got into the car and drove straight to the hospital.

Bursting through the doors at Windrake hospital, Jake called, "I'm here to see Judith Miller, I'm her brother."

The receptionist simply pointed down a hallway to her left and called after him, "Room 305."

Jake slowed down as he reached the room, then stopped in front of the door and knocked.

"Who is it?" he heard George say, through the door.


This time he heard Judy say, "Come in!" As he opened the door he saw George sitting on a chair, and Judy in the bed beside him, glowing at the little baby in her arms. "It's a boy," Judy said, as Jake walked into the room, "His name is Andy," Judy continued.

"Well, Andy for short. His named him after Andrew, because he's the reason we met," George corrected, smiling at his wife.

"What a night!" Jake said, to Wally as he walked in the door, "Wow," he exclaimed, as he looked at the clock, "It's already 12:45am. This has been a long night."

Brring! The door bell rang, waking Jake up from his sleep. "I'm coming!" Jake called as he stepped out of bed and went to answer the door.

Bella paced back and forth on Jake's doorstep waiting to confront him. But as the door opened she was astonished to see Jake in a singlet and board shorts. A sight she was not expecting to see.

"Bella!" Jake exclaimed, remembering the date he had forgotten.

Feeling extremely awkward in seeing Jake in his PJ's Bella failed to express her feelings and instead murmured, "Hello Jake."

"What did ya say?" Jake asked yawning and stretching.

Gaining composure, Bella attempted to face Jake, "Where were you last night? You left me all alone! Why didn't you come? You stood me up!"

Still waking up Jake said, "Can we talk about this later?" while yawning and closing the door.

Bella, very confused, went to Maddy 's for advice. "You say what? Girl this is not good! He answered the door in his underwear? He stood you up and he's pushing you off! Girl it's over, and you've got to tell him that." Maddy said, pacing the room.

"But Maddy, he is really a nice guy," Bella said, trying to keep the first nice guy she's found.

"Fine, if you won't face him, what will you do?" Maddy asked, stopping to face Bella.

Sitting back in the bean bag Bella began to think what she could do, "I could go out with another guy."

"Hmm, I like it! Make him sorry," Maddy said nodding her head, "I've got just the guy, Samuel Wilson."

"Maddy, I don't mean..."

"Wally, stop!" Jake called to his dog as he walked down the street looking in at all the great restaurants.

"Bella!" Jake said, as he saw Bella in one of the restaurant with a tall handsome guy.

Inside the restaurant, Bella isn't enjoying the evening nearly as much as she'd hoped. "Thank you Sam, and goodbye," Bella said, walking away from the table where Sam sat going on about himself. As Bella walked out of the restaurant, she saw Jake.

Jake slowly walked home wondering why Bella going out with this other guy, "Jake!" he heard Bella call, breaking him from his thoughts. He turned around and there she was. He started to move towards her.

As he reached her he noticed she was no longer smiling, but instead looked angry. Knowing he owed her an explanation for why he missed their date, he said, "Sorry Bella that I missed our date. Just that night my sister Judith had a baby, and I had to be with her. I would have called you, but I was so excited I forgot. I'm really sorry, can I make it up to you?"

Slowly a smile appeared on Bella's face, "I knew you had to have a good reason," she said as she threw her arms around Jake and hugged him, "As for making it up to me, a nice hot chocolate will do."

"I'll throw in some mini mallows just for you," Jake said as they walked away hand in hand, and Wally following behind.

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