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Standing outside the entrance of Akihabara comprehensive school, one very serious thought struck Kujo: it didn't look anything like its picture. He knew appearances could be deceiving, but this was a whole new level of disappointing.

He was used to being disappointed in life; so he wondered why it came as such a shock for him to behold the second best school in the prefecture in all its moss-covered glory.

Kujo straightened his stylishly-thick, black rimmed glasses with his middle finger and gave the school a closer inspection. It looked as though it had once been a smart, white washed establishment; its windows laid out an exact distance apart and topped with a silver framed clock that gave the students the correct time down to the second.

Generations of student's had been educated in the building; that much was clear. Faint smears of mud had somehow made their way up the crisp white walls, almost reaching the windows directly below the clock. Moss and mysteriously luscious, prospering vines crawled up the building stealthily, framing the windows and edging towards the right, sunnier side of the school. To top all that off, to the right of the double door entrance, was a collection of signatures, spray painted masterfully; stating that the school was their property. 'Well they can have this piece of junk school!' Kujo thought, a tear in his eye and an ironic and unstable smile spreading across his face.

Don't get me wrong, Kujo wasn't a picky guy. He was used to being mediocre (at best) and enjoyed a simple life on the road with his older sister. He was popular with the ladies (not really) and school wise, he was top of his class (well, more like in the middle...).

Expelling the increasingly distant memories of his past school experiences, he looked forward at his new educational establishment with an unsteady apprehension.
The new student walked towards the entrance amongst the other freshmen who were clearly from the area, as they didn't bat an eyelid at the state of the school. A pair of white men's underwear, flapping in the wind on the windowsill above caught kujo's eye. 'Oh. Underwear. Why am I not surprised?' He thought to himself, regarding the briefs with a look of slight distaste and sorrow.

Now, before returning to our unfortunate hero, we must establish that life in a city like Akihabara is not as easy as one may first assume. Every dark corner is infested with a darkness that cannot be eradicated by mere humans; these supernatural hybrids are known as the logia and will stop at nothing to get what they hunger for: human flesh.

Unbeknownst to humans, there are other monsters that lurk in the darkness, but the human mind could not comprehend an evil more pure than that of the logia, so they remain the only monstrosity humanity is burdened with acknowledging.

There is, of course, hope for humanity in the form of skilled fighters known as hunters, who gain mysterious psychic capabilities once they kill a logia.

To return to our hero; Kujo does not presently have anything to do with the world of the logia hunters, but after today, his life will change forever.

He and the other freshmen made their way to the opening ceremony and took their places on the squeaky, metal fold-out chairs. He wasn't really a nosy person, per se, but he couldn't help himself from listening in on the very animated conversation two of his fellow freshmen were having.

"It's no joke, dude! I heard she actually beat up her math teacher..."
The other boy scoffed at his friend's far-fetched comment.

"I dunno about that, but I know for a fact her- uh, colourful language has brought a few of her teachers to tears!"
"She's one scary chick- I feel bad for any of the new guys who try to hit on her..."

At this comment, Kujo reflected on his bad luck and strange ability for getting caught up in trouble. He decided running into this Yakuza thug was a chance he was not willing to take. He gave the larger of the two boys in front of him a pat on the shoulder.

"Excuse me" he began, "I couldn't help over hearing- who's this girl you're talking about?"

"Hmm?" The thick headed boy turned to face his curious classmate. "She goes by the name of Shizuka. Miharu Shizuka."