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Miharu was running out of breath as she raced down the halls of her new school. Not that she would admit that openly, of course.

Either way, her aching limbs were not enough to stop her now- she was going to do it. She was going to find that something that would complete her miserable, worthless life.

Her dirty white sneakers squeaked and skidded as she turned a corner at the last minute. The brunette narrowly missed a shocked sophomore as she entered an unfamiliar corridor.


She was loosing her focus. She couldn't let this shake her up- there's no way she, Miharu Shizuka, was going to be stopped by her bad sense of direction. Not that it was really that bad.

She liked to think she had no faults, that she was a perfect specimen of a human being. It was only at night she allowed herself to acknowledge the sad truth; alone in her bedroom where no one could hear her cry.

Miharu pulled her silver baseball bat from where it hung behind her rucksack. Gritting her teeth, she turned the final corner to confront the thing that would dictate her future.

She didn't know what she expected to see, but the black, humanoid shape that stood before her was completely and utterly terrifying.

It looked like a woman, but with thick black skin and ice blue eyes that looked around with the kind of soulless curiosity a predator has before locating its prey. 'She' had wiry ebony hair that mixed and blended with her skin and she carried a sword that was held so naturally that it looked as tough it was part of her arm.

Miharu knew each logia had an individual 'talent' that would be inherited by the hunter who killed it, but carrying a weapon seemed odd. On the news, they were shown as tiny, blurry images on the screen, like wild animals. She'd never seen one with such clarity before.

She didn't think it would look so...


Miharu, on the other hand, was a teenage girl. She'd never killed anything before, let alone slain a monster. She just stayed in, did her homework (well, sometimes) and lead an ordinary life.

Most girls in her position would have ran for their lives.

It was a good thing Miharu wasn't like most girls.

She shut out everything. Her mind became clear, and she lunged at the monster with all the power her body could muster, putting that force into the swing of her baseball bat.

The hefty bat hit the logia square on the head and it let out a primal scream of pain and pure rage. It wildly swung it's sword at Miharu.

When the blade came into contact with her cheek, she barely even felt it. There adrenaline that coursed through her veins prevented her from noticing the gash on her cheek. The salty blood reached her mouth after a few seconds, and Miharu recognised the familiar metallic tang.

Her eyebrows arched into an even harder scowl; her anger towards the offensive creature peaking more than she ever thought possible.

"Just. Die!" She screamed, hitting the logia one final time.

The once ferocious beast fell to its knees before hitting the cold floor with a final, hard crash. Miharu also dropped onto her knees. She allowed her body to feel the breathlessness and pain she had been ignoring earlier.

She couldn't stop gasping, no matter how many breaths she took she still couldn't breathe, and the cut on her cheek weeped an ugly red. Physically, she felt awful.

Inside was a different story.

Some kind of new, unfamiliar feeling swirled around inside her head. A kind of clear, dizziness that caused her fingertips to twitch and grasp at thin air. The logia's powers must have been entering her, she thought before losing herself in the sensation.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a figure staring at her from the opposite end of the corridor. The boy from earlier.

"S-stupid four eyes..."

Her voice drowned in the air she was so desperately gasping for.

Her new classmate was the last thing she saw before she was lifted off the ground and pulled into a seemingly endless darkness.