"The world is in chaos.

The humans are ignorant to the chaos that is happening right now.

Death is in the air.

Our race is slowly being killed one by one.

They spoke of a new huntress.

But who is she?

More importantly, where is she?"

Chapter 1

I looked up at the dark sky. Soon. Just hang in there a little bit more then it'll be all over. I told myself as I pulled my cloak around me and raised the hood to hide my face.

I made my way up the building. Two guards pointed their rifles at me as I passed. "Civilians are not allowed here." The first guard told me as he pushed me back with his rifle. I grabbed his arm and broke it, he howled in pain. I released my grip as while his partner pulled the trigger on me. I dodged the bullet and it hit the first guard who immediately stopped yelling and dropped on the floor.


I took advantage of the second guard's shock over his partner's death to kick him on the groins then on the head, immediately cracking his skull. I head towards the door to end this madness for good…

Okay. So here's the thing, I wasn't always like this. I didn't kill people before. All of them keep on telling me that it's my entire fault why there is chaos. It's not. I didn't even know why my grandma gave me this mission. I guess you're a bit confused now. So I'll explain. Well, it all started one day when my family went to my grandparent's house for Christmas Eve. It was a tradition and I didn't think that something will happen that'll change my life forever…

"Did you drink your medicine?" My dad asked me as I read my book, walking past the living room where they are watching the news about a mass killing somewhere. My mom looked gravely at the television while dad looked at me questioningly.

"Yup." I took the bottle of purplish liquid― which is supposedly my medicine from the rack beside the TV― and gulp it down. It tasted like cherry with a hint of chocolate.

I don't know why I'm taking medicines. I don't even have any sickness or anything. All I know is that when dad gave me a medicine, I drink it because he's a doctor and I trust him enough not to give me something poisonous. I thought that it was just a new developed vitamin that he made. It turned out I was wrong.

My dad clucked his tongue with disapproval. "I told you to drink it every seven hours. I will not always be here to remind you. You're a big girl now and I trust you to be responsible." He told me and I shrugged. My little sisters― Rayne, who is thirteen and Marie, who is turning six― suddenly ran into the living room with Rayne yelling at Marie something about her sneaking into her room. I moved a little back as they passed me and they both told our mom and dad about their side of the story simultaneously. My dad told them to keep it down and tell him what happened one at a time, but they still continued at what they are doing. My mom shook her head at me and I smiled.

It was a normal day at our house.

"Okay. That's it. The two of you stop your bickering and get dressed. We're going to your grandma's house tonight and I expect all of you to behave." My mom said in a tone that you can't argue with. Both of them immediately made a despaired sound and glared at mom.

Rayne tossed her short black hair. "Mom, you know I hate it there. Grandma is so weird and she is always telling us stuff about nonsense and about dying at a young age when we are visiting there. It puts me off my appetite and she suddenly stares off at nothing whenever we are there. I think she's senile and her house looks so old. Old enough to look like a haunted house. She's as weird as Seina when she's reading her books. I think she should be in the nursing home." She said in a matter-of-fact tone and Marie nodded in agreement.

I shot her a murderous look. "Hey, I'm not weird and grandma is very wise if you will just listen to her and not spend your every moment in the phone talking to your boyfriend." I watched in satisfaction as Rayne's face suddenly turned a pinkish shade of red.

"I am not obsessed with my boyfriend." She said and Marie whispered. "Yes, you are." Rayne rolled her eyes at Marie and continued. "Besides, I'm telling you what the people in our school are saying about you. They say that you are so weird. One of the students heard you telling your friend about your dream and told me that you're weird. Some of them even called you a werewolf." Rayne raised her eyebrows at me, mockingly.

Dad stood up between us. "Now that's enough, Rayne. And what is this talk about the students calling your sister a werewolf?" he asked. I shifted uneasily and glared at the floor. I didn't like this talk. It was hard enough for me to socialize in my school with every one talking about me on my back. Now Rayne made it ten times worse by telling it to our parents.

"Well Dad, I heard it from my friend Angelica. She told me that she overheard Seina telling her friend about her being a werewolf and all." Rayne started and I snapped at her. "Your friend is rude. She shouldn't be listening to other people's conversation." I turned to our Dad. "I was only telling my best friend Stan about my dream. I didn't know that others will misinterpret it." I told him.

Dad looked at me and smiled. "I believe you. Next time you're going to tell me about your dream but first, you should all get dressed so we can all get moving." He said and I smiled. That is one of the perks of being your dad's favorite. You get off the hook easily.

So ten minutes later, I am already wearing a gray jacket over black tank top and black cargo pants. I picked up my rubber shoes and made my way to the car.

"Come on everyone! Chop-chop! We need to be there by seven o'clock!" My mom yelled from the front door. I settled in the farthest seat in our van just as Rayne and Marie ran out wearing dresses.

"Eww!" Rayne exclaimed as she sat down. "Why are you wearing that? Haven't you heard of fashion?" She told me before letting out an exasperated sigh. "I can't believe I'm related to you."

"What your language young lady!" Our Mom exclaimed while Dad starts the van. I wore on my earphones to drown out their voices.

For the rest of our trip, I listened from rock music to country songs. After an hour, we finally arrived on our destination. Grandma's house.

I was the first one off. I quickly ran towards the front door, careful not to step on one of the iced asphalt. Just as I was about to open the door, I heard a thud from behind me. I turned around and laughed.

Rayne sat on the icy ground glaring at me and Marie as we laughed. "You might be pretty but you are so clumsy." Marie exclaimed, giggling. Our dad hid his laugh with a cough before helping Rayne stand up.

"What a happy family! How unfortunate that it would be broken soon." We all jumped in surprise and looked at the front door.

Standing on the center of the open door is Grandma, smiling so freakily that I looked anywhere but her. She has her silvery white hair all tied up in a bun and her face is so pale that she looks like a ghost. She stared at me with her grassy green eyes and I smiled awkwardly at her before hugging her. "Grandma." I said in greeting.

Grandma squeezed my forearm and said. "Seina! You're still alive. That is good. It means they still haven't found you." I let go of grandma embarrassingly. Dad stepped forward and hugged grandma tightly while the rest of us shivered in the cold.

"Mom, it's so nice to see you again. Aren't you cold?" Dad asked fondly before leading grandma into her house, we followed silently.

One might say that grandma is going crazy because of old age and that is what most people say. I wanted to believe what others are saying but something deep inside me keeps on telling me that she might be telling the truth. Maybe Rayne is right. Maybe I'm weird after all.

We all sat around a table full of steaming food that makes my mouth water. Grandma might be crazy but she sure makes great food.

"So how is your work, Eric?" Grandma asked dad as she sat down across me. "Your dad is in the mountains visiting his folks. You know him. Always going to confuse them." She added when she saw that dad is looking around. I stared at grandma. None of what she is saying is making any sense.

Dad sat down beside grandma so the both of them are across me. "Let's eat. The food is getting cold." Grandma said as I plucked my IPod out of my ears. The food taste absolutely scrumptious and I was delighted.

"Do tell me about your day, dear." Grandma turned her weirdly green eyes to me and I quickly averted my gaze.

"Oh. You know… the usual. Everything's good. Fine." I lied. As I reached for a water to drink, grandma quickly grabbed my wrist. Instinctively, I tried and failed to withdraw my arm.

Grandma continued staring at me. I looked for my family for help but dad and mom are too busy talking on the phone and Rayne and Marie looked like they were going to burst into laughter any moment now.

"Come. I'll show you something." Grandma said, pulling me with her as she made her way to the living room or as we like to call it: The History room. This is the room in the house where grandma keeps all her stuff from a different time.

I tried hard not to squirm as she dig through the mess and emerge with an album and an worn yet still wearable combat boots which has an odd design. "This is your grandfather's. He invented this boots for a girl who is oddly looks like you but she didn't come back to get it. She just vanished into the night." Grandma told me as she gave me the boots. I smiled tightly but the truth is I am a little curious. I never heard much about my grandma and my grandfather mostly because mom and dad don't like talking about them.

"This," Grandma laid the thick album on my arms on top of the boots. "Will help you on your journey. It'll guide you as you find the seven warriors and it will prove to be useful if you use it wisely." Okay. Again, grandma isn't making any sense and I told her so.

"Don't worry. In Christmas Eve, your dad will go missing. The authorities will say that he is reported missing in action but you should know better, seina. Your dad is held prisoner by the ecklavians. When this happens, you should refer to the book." Grandma pointed at the album and I got more confused. "To find your father, you should find the seven. Ask of them their aid. That is all I could give you, dear. I'm sorry." I didn't believe grandma. I mean, who will right? She's crazy after all. Anyway, she suddenly perked up and preceded me to the dining room as if nothing perplexing happened. The rest of the evening passed by without her mentioning about the album or boots but just as she was about to close the door to her house as we go home, she looked straight at me and said. "Be careful on your journey, my dear! I hope I see you again."

"What's was that all about?" Rayne asked as we climbed into the car. I shrugged and hid my gifts in my jacket. Rayne rolled her eyes at me and whispered, "Freak.", as we drove back to our house.

Back in the safety of my room, I tossed the stuff grandma gave me in one corner of my room and quickly undressed. As I turned to look in the mirror to brush my teeth, I saw a shadow move outside my window. "What the fuck?" I exclaimed. I quickly put on my bathing robe and looked out the window.


Nothing but the trees and the awesome view of the Cliff.

I shrugged it away as my imagination and dialed my best friend Dominique's number. She answered in the third ring. "Yo! What's up?" She yelled. I heard loud music in the background and guessed.

"You still on the concert?" I asked as I turned off my lights. The j-pop music blasted off my phone as I climbed on my bed and lied down. "Yup! This is so awesome! Wait, I'll call you later!" I heard her scream in delight before she hung up. That was the last time I talked to her.

Noon of Christmas Eve

Grandma's prophecy became real. Dad drove out at around eight in the evening last night…

And never came back.

Mom is distraught and worried. The three of us are all in our respective rooms when they came.

We were already running down the stairs when mom opened the door. "Mrs. Hill?" One of the men walked in, flashing his badge. Mom suddenly burst into tears. "Mrs. Hill, please calm down." The officer took hold of my mom and made her sit down on the sofa. The other men, an officer who has white hair and gray eyes, suddenly looked at me straight in the eye and I shrank back. I pushed Rayne and Marie back protectively, hiding them from the creepy officer.

"We're really sorry, Mrs. Hill. But your husband was reported missing last night by one of the scientist in his department. The last guy who saw him is the janitor who is working that night. He said that he saw Mr. Hill going out of his office, running away from something. After that, his car was seen on the side of the road near the coast. Its car door was open but there was no sign of Mr. Hill. We're really sorry, Ma'am." The officer reached out for mom but she shrank back.

"How can you be so sure that he's dead? He might still be out there!" Mom shouted. I turned around and hugged my sisters. Rayne is sobbing, Marie is outright crying and I'm trying so hard to held back my tears and be strong for them.

The creepy officer kept on staring at me and I glared at him. That did the trick. He quickly looked away and shifted uncomfortably.

The officer, who is talking with mom, glanced at his wristwatch. "We're really sorry, Ma'am but we are only here to deliver the news about your husband. We need to get going now. And here," He gave my mom a long white envelope and a box. "This was found in your husband's car. Good afternoon."

The two of them walked out, leaving the four of us in a state of despair. Mom gestured at us and we all ran to her, crying. The four of us spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in each other's arms.


For our lost father and dear husband.

At around quarter to twelve, I remembered what grandmother said. I ran to my room and got out the album and boots. I threw my slippers away and yanked on the boots. "Grandma told me you'll guide me when I need it. Now, show me where I need to go." I placed the book on my lap and it opened to reveal a detailed drawing of the Cliff. The oddest thing about it is that, the drawing moves.

The drawing showed a figure on top of the cliff jumping off it and disappearing. I was shocked. "What the hell?!" I jumped, so the book cluttered loudly on the floor. I quickly picked it up.

Two things ran in my mind all at once. Firstly, how did the drawing move. I mean, that just isn't possible. That stuff only happens in the movies. Secondly, is this thing for real? I asked it where I need to go and it showed a, I don't know what to call it, a video or something of a figure jumping down the cliff. What the hell?! Is it telling me to jump down the Cliff because my life is fucked? Will I really try to jump down the Cliff?

One thing is for sure, I'll do anything to get our father back. I put on my heaviest sweater and ran downstairs, the book tucked in my sling bag. Leaving Marie and Rayne sleeping on couch, I opened the front door and ran out. I was just getting on my bike when mom opened the door. "Seina! Where are you going?" She yelled. I pretended not to hear and started pedaling towards the Cliff.

"Shit." I heard the car start up in our driveway meaning my mom is after me. "Not now." I pedaled faster. The car stopped near me at the same time I reached the trail leading to the Cliff. I hopped off my bike and ran. "SEINA!" I heard my mom shout but I kept running.

I need to find dad.

I arrived at the edge of the cliff. "Seina!" Mom's voice is just behind me. "Please come back home now." She pleaded. I took a deep breath and jumped down the edge.

"SEINA! NO!" I heard my mom shout again, this time her voice is full of shock and sadness.

I closed my eyes as the ground grew nearer and nearer.

I'm going to die. I thought as the wind took away my breath so I can't scream.

I had a brief vision of me as a child as I waited my death. This was before I turned four with dad…

"Seina." I suppressed a giggle as dad looked all over the house for me. I am hiding in the fireplace and so far dad passed my hiding place for the seventh time. "Come on, honey. We're going to be late. Mom and Rayne are already at the camping site."

I felt something brush my nose and I sneezed explosively. It made the soot fly everywhere.

"Gotcha." Dad is smiling as he picked me up. "Now be a good girl and change. We need to be there by midday. Is that clear?"

I smiled. "Sir, yes, sir!" I said. Imitating the way the men responded to dad whenever they visited.

Dad laughed and then set me down. He waited at the car as I changed. That evening, at the camp site. Dad showed me how to capture a firefly with your hands. It was the most amazing experience, seeing dad's face illuminated by the firefly he captured.

I snapped out of the memory and felt something hit my face. I found my voice this time and let out a loud scream. Only this time nobody heard me because nobody is left to hear me scream to my death. I am all alone.

"Heeeeeelp!" I screamed. I kept my eyes firmly closed as I felt the wind pick at my clothes.

Mom's voice reverberated in my head. The way she screamed for me. For a brief second, I felt a bit guilty for leaving mom all alone when she just learned that dad disappeared but that guilt quickly disappeared.

I need to find dad. I'm the only one who could find him. I told myself then I remembered that I was going to die and felt my hope dissipate.

"Oh God. Please save me! Help me, Lord!" I screamed to the winds keeping my eyes firmly closed just before I hit the ground to my death.