The king was Duke Atticus, he had no shame, no guilt, no suffering or pain.

But a town's maiden, his servant, stole his heart. Her name was Rillianne.

Sadly, his servant wanted him dead. One morning she poisoned his tea but he refused to drink. He may know my plan, I think. Mid afternoon she came, saw him on his bed, shocked the king, Duke Atticus was already dead.

He has died of my poison! She exclaimed in her mind, she knew it was a different home she should find.

Oh, what great woe she had, because he was already gone she thought her life would be full of bliss. Not knowing, the sinister king is the one she would miss.

His only sister, jealous of his power, wealth, and kingdom, used his servant's brother Nicholas, as an instrument of pain.

At the climax of noon, it was time for Anna and Nicholas to end Duke's reign.

They went to his room together, Nicholas should have known better. Going to his bed side with a dagger and a knife, the poor boy Nicholas was scarred for his life. The horrid scene, of the king's blood roaming free, screamed in his mind. They didn't expect this is what they would find, the king was not alive!

The princess having no concern for her lover, or the fact her brother was dead, smiled her joy, at the power she immediately inherited.

Sadly, Nicholas had enough, he didn't want to be undercover any longer, and therefore the princess lost her lover.

Now, everyone thought the ex-lover of the queen was executed, because he was never seen again.

"Was he friends with the king?" One said.

"No person would want his brother dead."

The kingdom was shaken because of the life that was taken. The rule of the evil king was demolished, and that was all the people had wished.

The mystery killer prevailed, and because of his cowardly self, off to the sea he sailed. Away from the kingdom he was raised in and hailed.

No one knew the killer's name. He remained anonymous but the kingdom he saved, became glorious, under the rule of the new queen.

He hasn't seen the outcome of the deed he did, but he was fully satisfied, even though a few people, here and there had died.