Sweet spring-summer days of heat and cool-warm bliss in robin's egg

Turned to nights in smoky hazes

Grey-blue dreams of the unremembered, the reremembered

The echo of drum sounds drum sounds drum sounds

And I'm smothered, dead-dying on Hindu grass

And choking out psalms with breaths last and last and last

Waiting for prelude in periwinkle

Shocking electric blue-yellow sparks

And the teeth in your eyes, the bite in your glance

Drifting off to some dead-dying dusk rise painted cerulean

The same as you looked in the midnight window

The curvature of your angles hunched on haunches crackedshattered

Dripping the color of water turned wine

The dead-dying wildflower scent in late afternoon

When we contemplated the dying of the sun

Sculling on honey and your eyes

Vermillion in the naptha dead-dying darkness

Coming out fresh and pallid with a hint of aubergine

As if you were being poisoned by my breath

And weak sighs against your curves and angles

You never said it would end like this

Alone in the stars that were tears all along

In the fabric that bound us together

You said forever and you shouted it

So Andromeda could hear you dressed in navy

I was beautiful once you know

In dead-dying eyes and in the reflection in pools of morphine

On eggshell tile floors in empty fluorescent hallways

Lights glowing with the cancers of the soul

The dead-dying confessions in milky cornflower eyes

Turned toward incandescent stars choked with clarity

Reciting verses that tell of legionary beginnings

I loved you once in the dead-dying light

But coming-up, drowning-out light blinds me

In the closing door