Chords squeak in rain-salted bridges

Exclamations in the mirror reflection

Shattered falsehoods and bones

Snapped with a caress and whisper

In white lace coating her breast

In the morning as a fire burned gaseous

And smoke filled the air muffling an asthmatic whimper

Insomnia-stained hammered uneven

Bridges cross valleys and valleys cross emptiness

In the same town in a different place under another pseudonym

With the same girl missing the same boy

Under the non-lights of her favorite empty bar

And white gold in an orange bottle can end it all

If she turns on her favorite punk-rock lullaby

And lets it take her to the RGB ocean

Where fish have feet and men breathe to death

When they don't dive deep enough searching for treasure

She likes waltzes and boys who forgot to grow up

With eyes like blue plastic

Blue cheeks against her flaked lips

Red light red light red light blue light flash and window slats

But they forgot to turn on the siren or she forgot to hear it

Because dawn punches you right in the heart

It's lie serum nonetheless

In daylight tellings eulogizing happiness in a mahogany bed

No one can speak this language anymore

The language of antimatter and metaphysics

Conversing epistemologically on love

She forgot about feeling him feel her

And feeling empty for the first time over again

She's one do-over away from over-doing it she says

She says she's still waiting to wake up

Even though she forgot about falling asleep

Chain-linked and built up

She always knew she loved him more

But she still stayed to savor blanket promises and the warmth

And all the words forgetting the emptiness of language

Neglecting the memories until they wandered away

To a deep grave just too far from the stars

But she breathed anyways for no reason

But to taste smoke and electric guitars in nighttime

Rock concerts made her forget

Sickly-sweet, throat-desensitizing love made her forget

My god she forgot

Until wandering from sweaty sheets

Stepping on bits of herself scattered in between the shattered bits of falsities

The door ajar she remembered in fluorescent light

The bathtub truth whispered sometime in the soporific night