Virus 288 Bloopers

For your entertainment, I'll be telling you about the hilarious bloopers that happened during the filming of Virus 288. First, I'm going to clarify why, even though it might not be that scary (at least not to me), it's classified as horror on this site; because the movie was made for an assignment. My friend that made it takes a film class, and they were supposed to make horror movies, and Virus 288 was one of them.

Anyway, blooper time! I'm just going to use the names of characters instead of the names of the actors. You know, I'm actually just going to use letters. A=Angela, M=Meg, L=Lea (ghost), and Z or IP for the two directors (IP is the main one, Z helped). Oh, and it was filmed at IP's house. I played Emma, so no need for her to have a letter.

1. This first one is just comedy, not a blooper. We were looking for something gross for Angela's lunch, and IP found the gross banana. Everybody was laughing so hard because none of us knew why she still had a banana that gross.

2. We were going to have a scene where I rang the doorbell and just let myself in. We decided to have M open it from the inside instead. Not because it seemed rude for me to let myself in, but because I can never get IP's door open from the outside.

When the creepy picture popped up, I accidentally closed the window before IP started filming (I spaced out) and A and I had to look all over on the Internet for a new picture. Google "Bloody Mary", you might find it.

Several times during that scene, A and I completely spaced on our lines. It took over half an hour for us to finally get it right.

When I was supposed to drag A out of the dining room, we got out of there and randomly burst out laughing. We had to re-shoot it because the camera could hear us from the other room (because in the movie L was hiding in a closet and popped out after we left). And we continued to randomly burst out laughing the next 5 times we shot it.

In the movie, the scene where the technology goes nuts and I disappear, we're in A's bedroom. Z was supposed to flicker the lights on and off, but when we tried to shoot it, she totally spaced out. We told her to remember, but she then proceeded to space out again. It took so many tries to get her to remember.

When I'm hiding in the bathtub (most uncomfortable hiding spot ever), the TV is supposed to turn on. But the TV in IP's dad's room is so complicated, we had no idea how to turn it on; it had three remotes! So we had to use Youtube.

The first time we got that scene right, L caught me off guard and actually made me scream; and no person has ever made me scream before. And I scream really really really loud. It was awesome.

The first try on the scene where Angela finds me and M dead, she accidentally hit both of us in the head with her phone, and we all burst out laughing.

Z kept pegging me with stuffed Pokemon when A zapped L.

They're so much funnier when you were actually there. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed!