'Well, this is not how I planed to live life .Trying to find my mother's killer. If someone told me four months ago that I would be doing this, I would of laughed. Anyway, I have to find someone to help me. I can't do everything, even though people say we can. I know if this person has killed my mom, then they have killed before. I wonder how my friends are doing. Shut up Meadow, thoughts like that will slow you down.' I stopped running. I could hear someone yelling. I walked over to stand behind a tree. I saw four people, one girl and three guys.

"Jesse, are you crazy? You could get yourself killed with a plan like that!" the girl said.

"Well, do you have a better plan Allison? What about you Garret?" Jesse said. The guy known as Garret had his back towards me.

"No, now hush! Do you smell that?" Garret asked. I stiffened and hoped he didn't mean me. Garret turned toward where I was hiding and I started to back up slowly, but quietly. The next thing I knew three other guys jumped out of nowhere and they didn't look like they were here to talk. I saw a guy sneaking up on Garret, which he was too busy to notice. I knew that they already smelt my scent so I yelled out, "Watch out!" I didn't even see them move, but they were about 10 feet from where they had been standing. 'They're vampires.' I shook my head and pulled out two of my daggers and waited for the right moment. When the attackers had they're back toward me, I let my daggers fly. It struck them both in their back as they both turned to dust. 'Yes! I got 'em." I thought. It had also left the two other attackers off guard and Garret jumped on the one who had tried to sneak up on him, while Allison ran at the other one. They both backed up though and just kept jumping away from them. I heard someone walking up behind me and I whirled around, throwing my last dagger at him. Right before the dagger struck him, he screamed. "Oh, no. This can't be good." I picked up my dagger then I felt someone grab my ponytail. I was thrown into the middle of the clearing. I jumped up and started looking for my daggers. Garret picked them up, looked at them, and then threw them at me. I caught them and faced the two men. They smiled at me then as they moved aside, another man walked out from behind them. I couldn't see his face because of the hood he was wearing. He looked at the group then back at me. I stepped back a few feet and glared at him.

"Hello… Meadow. How are you doing?" He asked calmly. I gasped.

"How do you know my name?! Who are you?!" I said, trying to see his face. He laughed.

"Oh, you know me better than you think you do. Just wait, the party has only begun." He said, walking toward me. I jumped back, not wanting him to get any closer than he already was.

"What do you mean? Show your face!" I said. He slowly pulled his hood off then smirked. 'No… It can't be him… Why didn't she tell me it was going to be him?' I thought. Garret glanced over at me then back at the man. The man laughed. "Why, what is the matter? I thought that you already knew. Your sweet mommy didn't tell you?" he said. I didn't move or say anything; I just stood there in shock. "Get her." I still didn't move as one of his men came at me and I was yanked across the clearing; the group was standing in front of me. "If you want this girl, then you have to go through us." Garret said. The man took one last glance at me then turned and walked away.

"He's running away? Well, this is a first. Usually he would put up a fight or something." Someone said. I took a step back, still in shock. Garret nodded and said, "I guess so Cody, I guess so. But what would he want with this girl anyway?" Something clicked and I took off running into the forest. I could hear Cody stop med-sentence then I ran into something. I stumbled back and looked up.

"Where do you think your going? I want you to answer a few questions of mine." Garret said.

"Look, I don't know anything. The man you saw, I don't know why he wanted me. Now, if you would excuse me, I'll leave." I said, walking around him.

"Not just yet," He whispered. "You may of answered two of my questions, but that's not all of them. Now this isn't a question, it's an order. Come back with me and answer some of my questions and then you'll be free to go." He walked in front of me and crossed his arms. I mimicked him.

"And if I refuse to go with you?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Then I'll take you by force, if you were to say no." he said, smiling.

"Ok… What if I told you I would meet you later?" I said, smiling back at him.

"Then I would tell you that you are lying to me." He said, walking closer to me. I took a step back. "Look, I told you already. I don't know what…" I felt him put his hands on my shoulders then I was face-to-face with him. "That isn't my question! Why are you here? How did you know we're vampires? I know that you know that man; I could tell by the way you acted when he showed his face. You were shocked and couldn't even move. Who are you?!" he said, backing away slowly.

"My name is Meadow and I don't have to explain myself to you or any of your friends. This may be my battle, but I'm not getting into your war. I'm sorry, but this is where we part. Goodbye." I walked around him again and when I was far enough I started running. 'I can't go home because Garret is following me and someone else, too. Who is that?' I thought. I stopped and looked around. I could hear one set of footsteps running at me. I jumped out of the way as a guy lunged at me. He missed me by a few inches, but only a few. I spun around to face him, pulling my daggers out.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I said, backing up a few feet. He laughed and snapped his fingers. Two other guys jumped out and grabbed my arms. I pulled at my arms, but it was a useless action. The leader of the little group walked up to me and grabbed my chin. "Why does he want you? You're just an ordinary female human. He doesn't want us to kill you so that is strange." He said, backing away from me. He looked at me again then frowned and shook his head.

"I don't know why he would want me either." I whispered. The men who had my arms squeezed them which made me drop both my daggers. One of the men hit a sore spot on my arm and I cried out in pain. The man looked at me and started laughing at me. I glared up at him in return.

"Let her go." Garret said, walking out from behind the trees. I looked up at him and waved. I could tell he was trying really hard not to laugh, but he couldn't hold back a smile.

"So, you want the girl too? Why do you want this human?" the man asked Garret.

"Because your leader wants her. That good enough for you?" he said. The man turned around and growled at him. He walked closer to Garret and said, "You're getting really annoying, really fast. It's one against three, who do you think is going to win?" Garret snorted at him and looked at me.

"Actually it's two against three." Garret said, smiling at me. I nodded and as one of the men's grip loosened, I pulled my arm out. I grabbed my dagger and stabbed him in the heart. I was about to swing at the other guy, but the leader grabbed my arm. He picked me off the ground and smiled.

"I don't think so little one." He said, throwing me a little distance away. I looked up and saw them walking up to Garret. Garret looked at me as I threw my dagger at the leader. Garret jumped on the other guy and I turned my head as I picked up my daggers. Suddenly I fell to my knees, holding my arm in pain. 'Great, it just had to start hurting now.' I thought. I felt Garret put his hand on my shoulder. I looked up and smiled, but he didn't smile back down at me. I sighed and stood up.

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