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Let The Flames Begin

The thick smoke began to heavily fill the air. Everyone inside the burning household could feel the ashes of the fire begin to link their way into their already burning lungs. They had all witnessed the spark turn into a blaze of fuming mouthfuls of destruction within a microsecond of being ignited. The thin walls were already decaying rapidly but outside the sounds of a large fractious crowd were far more heated then the smoke that was making the small home stuffy with black soot: more dangerous than dying of the fire itself. The inhabitants' in the house pressed more tightly together towards the kitchen, the farthest from the fire yet.

There were three of them, two males and a female; the youngest being only a twenty-year -old male. The female had a healthy stunning figure and her posture said that she was calm. The oldest male already had the signs of death marked upon him for he was more fragile than his other two companions. The youngest male crouched before his friend, reassuring him that all would be well. They all knew differently of course, but the young man couldn't resist his good faith.

The crowd could be heard above the raging sounds of the fire. Close, they were close enough to burst through the kitchen door. The people in the house sat in silence for drawn out moments that made it all the gloomier and edgy. The oldest male had turned a sickly pale that glowed deadly. He managed to wheeze out, "Helena, whatever happens, know that I only wish for you and Jared to succeed the mission that has fallen before you without fearing the bright and long lasting future that waits when I-"

"Please don't. Please don't say that you're about to die when you've been the strongest and filled with so much more hope than either of us, Adrian." Jared pleaded and it touched Adrian's heart to see it, although he did not promise anything. "There are things that you do not know and things you cannot control." Was all he said to Jared, who began to silently weep for his friend.

Helena had watched the exchange as she continued to twirl the handsome key that hanged from her porcelain neck. She briefly glanced from the men to the small orb that sat in the middle of the carved heart shaped key, watching it change slightly from rusty silver to a magnificent blue. It was time and she understood then what had to be done. Helena moved closer to Adrian and pressed her hand on Adrian's temple. She drew out a small sample of blood, turned away from them both, and placed it inside the blue powdery orb. A blinding blue-white color shimmered before returning to its normal shade of blue within seconds.

Tears were flowing out before Helena exclaimed, "Wish granted… even though you cannot change another's fate." She breathed in Adrian's natural aroma, looked deeply into his eyes before seeing that his eyes could no longer see her tear-streaked ones. Jared had moved beside her and held onto her tightly, his whole body shook with emotion that Helena had never witnessed before now. Choking back a sob, she lifted up his chin. "You must go now."

Jared peered from under her shoulder and shook his head feebly. "No."

Instead of protesting, Helena got out from under his reach and moved toward the small private room and handed something rectangular to Jared. Helena explained, "I cannot go with you. Don't feel sorrow, Jared. Our journey has not gone to a total waste." It was then when she handed him the necklace that he never seen her without since they met. "I have forsaken the next Holder. "

Tears were glistering down her cheeks, tears of small joy spreading when her eyes fell upon Jared's. "She is unborn yet, but I have seen the blur of her in visions. I have also seen clearly the one who will care for her. This caretaker has no relation to us other than to take care of and inform her of the Holders' duty. When you leave tonight, promise me with your life that you will search for the warden and give her my most precious possessions which I will die for tonight. Explain to her what I had haven't the pleasure of doing so."

Jared's response had made Helena's cheeks grow a warm red before recovering herself with the same calmness that she always had. "We, Adrian and I, should have told you our real intentions for tonight but we feared your reaction since we knew very well how you'd take it. Now, I wish we had told you sooner."

"I understand completely and only thank you for all that you have brought me into knowing. I would hate to have to grow up like any other farm boy." He gave a sad smile for which Helena returned earnestly. It was a little joke between all three of them- how Jared had been accidently brought up to be someone better than selling chicken eggs for a living.

"And now you must continue the journey alone without any doubt that you are the bearer that holds the small seed of hope and nourishment for it to withstand any difficulties and the reason to keep going strong once it blossoms. Never forget how much we treasured and loved you-how much I love you. Now, Jared, go. Go before your swallowed by flames or the crowd that fears what they don't care to understand."