Okay, so a while ago I was looking through pictures and was like "aw, that would be RIker and Jeff!" so I decided to start a series of short stories focused around these pictures. Each story will be focused around one picture and the story that went along with it. Originally Lasey and Ryan weren't going to be involved, but now they are. In these Lasey is 12 and Ryan is 10, so Riker and Jeff are 38.

ANYWAY, enjoy.

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reference for Samoa: post/36626187118/eva-youre-a-pretty-kitty-even-though-you-look (this is atually my sister's cat who is named Eva, but I think she looks like a Samoa cookie, soyeah.

Present day

Riker and Jeff were in their bedroom, lying across their bed with their feet tangled together. Riker was looking over the script his director had given him recently while Jeff was reading Inheritance, his eyebrows scrunched together slightly. They could hear music coming from Lasey's room, as well as her and Ryan singing along together as they giggled. Then, they heard their door get nudged open before a slight chirrup sounded through the air as their cat, Samoa, jumped onto the bed. Jeff immediately reached out blindly and Samoa began purring loudly as she walked over to curl up at Jeff's side to get pet. Riker eyed the two of them out of the corner of his eye and smiled before shaking his head. Jeff looked back and then flicked Riker off with a slight smirk on his face.

Then, they both looked up as they heard Ryan let out an excited giggle. Ryan appeared in their doorway a few seconds later, his blue-gray eyes lit up in curiosity with a box held in his hands. Lasey appeared a few seconds later, brushing her dirty-blonde bangs out of her face.

"Lasey, what happened to your clothes?" Riker sighed as he took in his daughter's appearance. Lasey looked down at herself and shrugged. She was clad in just her bikini and Ryan snorted with laughter.

"I got hot," Lasey giggled in response before climbing up onto the bed and reaching out to scratch Samoa's ears.

"Yeah. We're lucky she's not naked," Ryan snorted as he shoved the box onto the bed before climbing up onto the bed as well, kicking his legs a bit since he was still a bit short for his age at ten. Lasey looked over at her younger brother and stuck her tongue out at him and he did the same in response.

"Maturity," Jeff scolded before setting his book down on the bedside table before sitting up and crossing his legs. Samoa immediately moved into Jeff's lap and purred loudly. "Anyway, what's with the box?"

"We found it in Lasey's closet!" Ryan chirped excitedly as he shoved it towards his fathers and then pulled the lid off. Riker leaned forward to look into the box and immediately smiled as he saw it was full of pictures.

"Oh wow, I forgot about this," Riker breathed as he pulled a picture out. Jeff nodded in agreement. Lasey crawled closer, plopping herself into Riker's lap and curling against his chest. Riker smiled down at her and shook his head before kissing the top of her head. Ryan crawled over as well, squirming his way between Riker and Jeff.

"Are all these pictures from high school?" Lasey asked as she looked down at the picture in Riker's hand.

"No. They're from throughout the years," Riker replied.

"Do they all have a story?" Ryan asked as Jeff gently ran his fingers through Ryan's dark hair.

"Usually," Jeff said as he rested his cheek against the top of Ryan's head.

"What about this one?" Lasey asked, grabbing a picture at random and showing it to her fathers. Riker and Jeff looked down at the picture and immediately smiled.

In the picture, Jeff was on Riker's back and Riker was leaned over slightly as he pushed his bangs out of his face as Jeff pressed his face close to Riker's. Riker had a hat on top of his head, threatening to fall off, and a hoodie which had been ever present in those days.

"We were thirteen there," Riker finally said.

"Story?" Ryan asked, looking expectantly between Riker and Jeff. They both just smiled and then launched into the story.

May 2007

"Auditions!" Carter yelled as he ran towards Riker and Jeff.

"Auditions!" Riker yelled back, throwing his hands into the air as Katie and Trish giggled and walked up to them as well.

"How did they go?" Katie asked. Riker and Jeff looked at each other and then shrugged.

"Not sure we'll get the job," Jeff finally answered.

"What? Why?" Carter asked.

"Well, when the director walked into the room to get us Jeff was on my back and we were brandishing paper swords as we sang Make a Man Out of You at the top of our lungs," Riker snorted in response. Jeff giggled at that and then plopped down onto the swing behind him.

"Sounds like something you two would do," Trish giggled as she sat down on the swing next to Jeff.

"What can I say? We got bored," Jeff breathed out as he shrugged again. Riker nodded in agreement and adjusted his hat on top of his head.

"What was Miri doing while this was going on?" Katie asked.

"Mom was sitting in the corner reading a magazine," Riker replied. "She is well adjusted to our insanity."

"I would hope so," Carter laughed. "Anyway, did the guy tell you when you would know if you got the parts or not by?"

"He said about a week or two. He had five other kids come in during the day today as well, and he said he has more tomorrow," Jeff replied.

"Yeah. He said he wants to pick the kids he think will get along the best," Riker added as he walked over to the play set and jumped up to grab hold of the monkey bars and then swing his legs up to wrap them over another one of the bars to hang upside down.

"I mean, that makes sense. You will be spending a lot of time together," Trish said as she eyed Jeff, who was twisting around on his swing.

"Yeah, he's not gonna want to put kids together who are gonna go at each other's throats," Katie agreed.

"True," Jeff breathed as he finally stopped his swing and then shook his head. "Woo, that made me dizzy."

"No way, Jeffry," Riker said as he looked over at Jeff, who glared back in response and then stuck his tongue out at Riker, who smiled and shook his head before pulling himself up to sit on the bar he currently had his legs rested on. Katie eyed him and then shook her head before sitting down on a swing as well.

"You're lucky you haven't fallen off of the monkey bars yet and broken a bone," Katie commented.

"He learned to be more careful after he fell off and broke his wrist when we were five," Jeff commented. "I thought Curt was going to pass out with how bad he was freaking out."

"Yep," Riker agreed as he swung his feet back and forth. "Alyssa was so calm though."

"Because she is the best big sister ever," Carter snorted sarcastically. Riker smiled and rolled his eyes as Katie and Trish giggled.

"At least it's not Arya. Arya would have been worse than Curtis," Jeff breathed.

"Valid point," Riker agreed. Jeff just smirked and nodded.

"Aw, I love Arya," Trish giggled.

"I love her too, but she gets protective," Jeff replied as he began swinging back and forth. Riker nodded in agreement.

"Just a little," Riker added. Jeff looked over at Riker with one eyebrow raised sarcastically. Riker smiled widely and swung his feet back and forth.

"You give her too much credit," Jeff finally said before going back to swinging. Riker snorted with laughter and Carter shook his head.

"I know I do," Riker added before dropping to hang upside down again.

"Oh my god, please do not fall," Katie whimpered. Riker smiled and rolled his eyes, not even bothering to try and fix his hoodie as it fell over his stomach. He didn't care as long as it wasn't his sleeves, because at this point in his life, not even Jeff knew he was cutting.

"I won't fall, don't worry," Riker assured Katie as he grabbed at his hat before it could fall to the ground.

"Nice save," Carter laughed.

"Thanks," Riker replied as he smiled. Then, Riker eyed Jeff as Jeff got up and walked towards Riker with a glint in his eye. "Jeff. What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Jeff replied as he came to a stop in front of Riker with a smirk on his face.

"I don't believe you," Riker said as he narrowed his eyes at his best friend.

"As you shouldn't," Jeff replied before reaching out to start tickling Riker's stomach. Riker immediately let out a squeal and dropped his hat as he attempted to push Jeff away from himself.

"Oh my god, Jeff! Don't make him fall!" Trish squealed as she watched from behind her fingers.

"I won't, don't worry. I am strong enough to catch him if he falls," Jeff replied as he continued to tickle Riker, who squirmed and tried to push Jeff away.

"I hate you!" Riker yelped.

"No you don't," Jeff chuckled in response as he tickled around Riker's navel, knowing that was an extremely sensitive and ticklish area on Riker's body. Riker let out a high-pitched squeal and then somehow managed to flip over and topple onto the ground safely. Jeff let out a triumphant noise and toppled down on top of his best friend to continue tickling him.

"No!" Riker squealed out as he tried to shove Jeff off of himself with his hands and feet.

"This looks so weird," Carter breathed out.

"Yeah, if someone passed by and didn't know these two well enough they would think it is something different," Katie giggled in agreement.

"Whatever," Trish added with a shrug as Jeff continued to tickle Riker as Riker squealed out.

"My-sides-hurt!" Riker gasped out as he continued to fight against Jeff.

"Don't care," Jeff replied. Riker let out a squeal of protest, but then they both froze as Riker's phone started vibrating in his pocket.

"Whoa, what just happened?" Carter asked with raised eyebrows as he looked at his two friends.

"His phone is going off, goodness gracious, Carter," Jeff huffed out as he rolled off of Riker and Riker pulled his phone out of his pocket. His eyebrows knit together as he saw the number and then answered it before putting his hat back on.

"Yeah, this is Riker...Uh huh. Yeah. He's here too..." Riker said, eyebrows knit together slightly as he glanced sideways at Jeff, who shrugged back. "What? Really?...Oh my goodness, thank you!"

After a few more words, Riker hung up his phone and then let out an excited yell as he jumped up and began running around the park. Jeff, Carter, Katie, and Trish all watched him in confusion.

"Oh my god!" Riker screamed as he threw his hands into the air. "Jeff! Jeff! Oh my goooood!"

"What?" Jeff yelled as he threw his hands into the air in confusion. Riker came to a stop in front of his best friend and smiled widely.

"We got the parts! That was Jackson! He said all he knew is that he wanted us! Aaaahhh!" Riker exclaimed before taking off running again.

"Oh my god!" Jeff exclaimed before throwing his hands into the air and yelling too as he ran around the park as well. Katie laughed and pulled her camera out of her pocket to start taking pictures of her two friends as they ran around screaming happily at the top of their lungs.

"Oh my goodness, I wonder how long this is gonna go on for," Carter breathed as he watched the two boys run around yelling happily.

"I dunno," Trish giggled in response as they watched Jeff catch up to Riker and jumped onto Riker's back. Riker let out a yelp and then began giggling as he leaned forward slightly and then wrapped one arm beneath one of Jeff's legs as they continued to laugh.

"I can't believe this!" Riker exclaimed.

"Me either!" Jeff agreed before pressing his cheek to Riker's and almost pulling Riker's hat off. Riker just chuckled and then pushed his hair out of his face, neither of them really noticing that Katie was giggling and taking pictures of them.

"Best day ever," Riker chuckled. Jeff hummed in agreement, happy to see his best friend smiling the widest he had seen since last year when Ryan had died.

"I can't believe we made it," Jeff breathed, nuzzling into Riker's neck. Riker let out a happy sigh and nodded in agreement before turning to smile at Jeff.

"We made it," Riker added as they both smiled widely and then kissed each other's cheeks.

Present day

"So, that was when you guys found out you were gonna be on TV?" Ryan asked from where he was squished between Riker and Jeff.

"Uh huh," they replied in unison. Lasey let out a small giggle from where she was still curled up against Riker's chest as he gently ran his fingers through her long hair.

"I think it's cute how you said you just ran around for ten minutes screaming," Lasey said.

"That is how Daddy always reacted to something exciting," Jeff snorted. Riker looked over at Jeff with one eyebrow raised as he smirked.

"Can I just bring up how you reacted to the Starkid concert tickets?" Riker asked.

"No you may not, because that is not appropriate," Jeff huffed in response.

"Eeeew," Lasey and Ryan complained in unison. Riker and Jeff both laughed and then kissed their kids' temples.

"Now, c'mon. It's getting late. Bed time," Riker said as he pat Lasey's back. She huffed out a stubborn breath and then shoved up from the bed.

"But I wanna look at more pictures!" Ryan protested as he sat up straighter.

"We'll look at more tomorrow, promise," Jeff replied as he ruffled Ryan's hair and then carefully moved Samoa out of his lap in order to get up. Ryan just sighed and nodded in agreement. Riker chuckled and scooped up his ten year old son and kissing his cheek loudly. Ryan giggled and then nuzzled into Riker's chest as Riker set out to carry Ryan to his room.

"Lasey, come on, shut the door when you're changing!" Riker exclaimed

"Why does it matter, Daddy?" Lasey asked in response. "It's not like none of you have seen me naked before! Heck, you changed my diaper as a baby and bathed me until I was six!"

"Doesn't mean we wanna see your developing boobs, Lase," Jeff replied as he walked by Lasey's room.

"Whatever, Papa," Lasey replied.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, little lady!" Jeff exclaimed.

"How do you know if I did? You weren't watching me," Lasey said in response. Jeff just stuck his head into his daughter's room and narrowed his eyes at her.

"Because I know," Jeff replied. Lasey just giggled and then walked over to kiss Jeff's forehead.

"I love you, Papa," she added before skipping down the hall to Ryan's room where he was with Riker. "Daddy, can the pictures turn into our bedtime stories?"

"Yeah! We pick a picture and you tell us the story!" Ryan exclaimed excitedly, almost tripping over himself as he attempted to change into his pajamas.

"Sure," Riker chuckled in response as he straightened up Ryan. Jeff just watched from where he was leaned against the doorway and shook his head.

"You kids are so easy to please," Jeff breathed.

"Sometimes," Lasey replied as she smiled innocently and then breezed past Jeff to head back to her room. Jeff rolled his eyes and Riker snorted with laughter before kissing Ryan's forehead and nudging him towards his bed. Ryan went easily and crawled under his blankets and curled up, arms wrapped tightly around his saber tooth tiger toy.

"She is your daughter, Jeffry," Riker chuckled as Jeff stared after Lasey, who was now singing softly to herself in her room. Jeff just nodded in agreement before going to kiss Ryan's forehead.

"Night, Ryan," Jeff breathed.

"Night, Papa, Daddy. I love you," Ryan snuffled out a he got more comfortable underneath his blankets.

"Love you too," Riker and Jeff replied before walking down the hall to Lasey's room.

"Night, Lase," Riker said as he walked over to kiss her forehead.

"Night, Daddy," Lasey replied.

"Be good. Don't walk out of your room naked in the morning, please," Jeff said as he kissed her forehead as well.

"Lame, Papa," Lasey giggled before climbing into bed. "Love you."

"Love you too," Riker and Jeff replied before shutting her light off and walking back to their own room where Samoa was lying in the middle of their bed, purring. They both smiled and climbed back onto the bed and looked down at the box.

"This should be interesting depending on which pictures they choose," Jeff breathed as they looked at a few of them.

"Agreed," Riker chuckled as he leaned over to kiss Jeff softly. Jeff smiled against Riker's lips and then pulled away to put the pictures back in the box and then set the box on the desk in their room. Then, Jeff climbed back onto the bed beneath the blankets. Riker smiled and did the same, reaching over to pull Jeff against his chest. Samoa let out a small meow and then climbed over to curl up in front of Jeff's stomach.

"Mmh, night, Rike," Jeff breathed happily as he rested a hand lightly on top of Samoa's side.

"Night, Jeff," Riker replied as he nuzzled into Jeff's neck as they both fell asleep.