The grass is green,

And the curtain's are blue,

Your mind is so crass,

And sometimes I hate you.

The flower's are yellow,

The cloud's so white,

Your family are mellow,

But your future is bright.

Your room is dark,

Like a starry night,

With the brightly singing larks,

Come morning light.

You can't stand those around you,

And you often need to be alone,

But I can never say no,

When you need to moan.

Your Mum's laughter fills the house,

Which you despise in the morning,

Your favourite creature is a mouse,

Which she finds daunting.

You throw out the conventional ideas,

With a sharp slam of the door,

At least you keep amused my dear,

For you could never stand to be a bore.

Despite all your faults,

You soar like a dove,

You're a bit of a dolt,

But it's unconditional love.