Detective Janet King peeked over her computer monitor so she could have a better view of her handsome co-worker, William Jenner. He sat in a desk right in front of hers in their NYPD office.

At the moment Will was looking rather frustrated. He began running his fingers through his dirty blond hair, something Janet knew he only did when he was stressed or nervous.

She tried her hardest not to stare at him longingly, but it was hard because she was in love with him, she loved him since they were teenagers and he helped her out of some really hard times. She was devastated when two years ago, Will had come to her with what he thought was "Wonderful" news. He was getting married. His fiancé was a sweet woman with caramel skin and dark blond hair, much different than Janet's light skin and dark curls. But last year, she was driving home in the rain and got in a car accident. She was killed on the spot leaving Will alone, and depressed. He had pushed Janet away for months, but he was finally beginning to let her in again. There were countless times when she wanted to tell him how she felt, but then she got discouraged again by thinking that it was too soon to make a move.

She sighed and stood up to refill her Tweety Bird coffee cup. On her way she passed Will's desk.

"Hey Janet." He said, flashing that brilliant smile that she adored. She turned around to face him. "Hey."

"Are you headed over to the coffee?"

"Yeah. You want some?"

"That would be great. Thanks Galadriel" He said, raising his eyes as he waited for a reaction. "Shhhh!" She hushed him. " Don't call me that here! I don't want everyone here to know that I..." She leaned down and whispered in his ear. "That I love Lord of the Rings."

She gave him a playful warning glance, and then picked up his Yankee's mug and headed for the coffee pot. She returned holding a steaming cup of coffee She reached down to set it on his desk exactly as he reached over to take it from her.

"Janet, uh. Well, I was wondering if maybe you want to...have dinner sometime?"

Janet couldn't help but to smile.

"It's a date!" she replied.

This had been the best coffee break. Ever.