*Their Story Deleted Scenes*

So, not every super cute Kason moment made it into Their Story, that would

Have been quite hard. ;) So, varying in lengths, here are some more quotes

And moments, just to make you smile.


1: "Hey, where's Kason?"

2: "Love is swallowing when you want to spit." –Mason Lowe

3: "They should totally get married!" –Natasha

4: "The relationship of Mason Lowe and Kim Webber needs to live forever"

5: "Come over here for a minute Mason. It's okay, Mason and Kim can be separated for a little bit. You like each other, I get that. Come on."


7: "Once, Mason and Kim were sitting across from each other and holding hands across the table staring adoringly into each other's eyes... 'twas kinda weird." –Natasha

8: "Why wouldn't Mason want to intern this year though?" *Fake coughs* "Kim!" *Fake coughs*

9: "Hey Mason, wanna come grab that paper?" "Um..." *Looks at Kim* "Nevermind, I get it. I'll let you spend time with your girlfriend." *Sarcastically, laughing*

10: "Wait….. Are Mason and Kim still dating?" "Ohhhh yes."

11: "My girlfriend is a wonderful lady." –Mason "Aw, you're pretty wonderful tooo"-Kim

12: "They are finallllyyy dating! #aboutfreakingtime"

13: "FaceTime date #lovebirds"

14: "So anyways, Mason and I are sitting together on the couch, and my mom comes in, and she says, "You know, I want to take up archery." –Kim

15: "Soo, how was your New Year's eve?" "Good." "Were you together?" "Yeah." "Fascinating."

16: "Do I need to put Lauren between you guys?" "No!"

17: "Awwwwww"

Short stories

1: "Check Yes or No"

"Okay everyone, here are your new warm up books! Take one, pass it back, and please look at them tonight!" Ms. Kelly instructed. "You are excused!"

We all stood up, stuffing our books in our bags and leaving. The whole gang met at Pinkberry for yogurt again. After sitting around for a few minutes, Collin pulled out his book and started flipping through it. Nodding as he read, he made us curious, so we all got our out. On the inside of Mason's book, was a small piece of paper, gently taped to the inside cover. It looked old, showing that it had been in storage for years. In cursive at the top, it said,

"Do you like me?" With check boxes to yes and no beneath. Yes was checked. As we looked at it, we couldn't help but giggle and grin. Mason looked at Kim and asked,

"Did I ever do that to you?"

"I don't remember!" Looking at Hannah, she asked, "Do you remember?" Hannah shook her head no.

Mason though for a moment and said, "You know what? I think I did, remember that one time? At band camp?"

"Oh yeah! I remember that."

"What did you check?" Natasha asked.

"Yes of course!"

2: The Dress

"Anyways," Kim said as we were all hanging around for band to start, talking. "Are you guys going to the Back to school dance this year?"

We took turns shaking our heads yes or no. "Oh!" Kim apparently remembered, laughing. "Last week, Mason and I started talking about it, and he said, 'That dress you wore last year was really pretty!' But I barely knew him then, so I said, 'Did you go creeping on my Facebook page?' And he said, 'Hey! I'm allowed!'"

3: The Same (More of a poem)

Every week.

Every week we have our band meeting. We sit in a big circle of chairs and talk about what's coming up.

And every week they sit together.

I'd probably go into a confusion frenzy if they didn't.

And there they were again.

Sitting together.

They're hands joined.

And Mason? His head was rested against Kim, a puppy dog smile on his face.

Kim was laughing.

They weren't listening to the meeting, but what's the fun of that?

You can't not love that look of total puppy dog love.

You have to know it's real.

And I know next week, they'll be here, happy as ever.

It's nice to know some things don't change.

Who knows, I may have more someday. In the meantime, which one was your favorite?