More Kason deleted scenes... Because I'm weird like that. More will come soon, I'm sure.


What We Don't Know

"This is such a weird game." Natasha said as she drew another card around the little conference table. This time, she had to act like a cowboy riding an ostrich around a beached whale. Once she had completed that, we clapped, and laughed. A lot. Next, Mason drew a card. It said, "Create a short story about licorice, Florida, and your first kiss." When he read the last one, he held it up for Kim to read. She raised an eyebrow and laughed, and he muttered something to her that was inaudible to the rest of us. Suddenly, everyone that was playing started laughing, and as Mason started writing his story down, he gigged to himself.

This was going to be an interesting story.

The T-shirt

I sat down in band, by myself, because Natasha was sick. Ms. Kelly had said she just wanted to talk about upcoming events instead of practicing, so it didn't matter where we sat. I strategically sat in the third row, a few chairs in, so that someone could come sit with me, (Since Natasha wasn't here,) But not making it appear that I needed to be with someone.

Well, that someone ended up being Kim. She came and sat down next to me, Mason on her other side. I'm a sucker for the color turquoise, and her shirt was a lovely turquoise, so when I saw it, I immediately said, "Aw, I love your shirt! So pretty."

"Thanks!" She replied sweetly. But before I could say anything else, she pointed at Mason and said, "He got it for me."

All I could do was grin and turn back to the front of the room. But for the next several moments, I heard a low, peaceful murmur about who knows what next to me. I pretended I didn't even hear them, but really, I was thinking, cut it out, you guys are making me melt.

It's the Little Things

"Whoa, it's been a while since I've sat on this couch!" Kim said, laughing as we all sat down in one of the conference rooms. Mason said,

"Yeah, and it's our first time sitting on this couch together!"

Kim awwed, they both smiled, and Hannah chimed in, "Aw, making memories!" As they collapsed into the huge couch together.

For Real

"No really, I'm always tired." Kim said on the other side if the table from me at Cocoa's, this great Mexican place we all met at for lunch after practice.

"Why?" Natasha asked innocently, as she took a bite of her burrito.

"She's hyperglycemic." Mason finished knowingly, to our surprise. "If she doesn't have enough sugar, or gets too little sleep, she gets really tired. She always needs to be having a little bit of sugar, or she will pass out."

Tiny little giggles echoed around the table. He said it so coolly, like he knew everything about it. He sounded like he cared as much as a parent, not a boyfriend of a few months.

You can't fake that kind of caring.


"Honestly, is it even possible to separate those two?"

"You don't deserve her Mason…" –Hannah

"Oh come on, don't be that couple."

"I swear, that kid's part of the family, but I just don't know…" –Kim's mom

*Bonus Poem*


A smile.

A grin.

Her eyes.

His grin.


It is this.

This… lasts.

We hope.

That this stays.

When she smiles.

When her face turns red.



Goofing off.



If nothing else, tell me, which one was your favorite?