Inspired by the diary of Anne Frank.

Chapter 1: Ryan

My name is Ryan Green. I am 21 years old, skilled in the trade of Culinary Arts. I work as the sous chef in a restaurant called Dom Polski and I cook trollops their food. The Germans are the ones I consider trollops, everybody else is fine. It's pitiful really those greedy cows, devouring their plates clean. Those bastards might as well eat the plate while they're at it and have the shards of glass make many lacerations down their throats and have them choke on their own blood as it bubbles out of their greasy mouths. That was extremely morbid. I can assure you I'm not normally like this. Nevertheless, aside from that, I decided to start this journal, because as the years go by, my life has been getting worst and worst. Ever since that corrupted demon in a human form with his loyal Nazi sheep came into power, he has been slowly but surely stripping us of all our human rights, by putting the blame of Germany's economic state on the Jews shoulders. Now I have been fairly blessed up into the point of April 1937, when I was fired from my job as a chef. Because Hitler passed a new law that said that Jews could not teach or work in any of the major practices. This was because we were, apparently, trying to taint the "pure bloods" or something like that. And when I say pure bloods, I'm referring to the Aryans and to put it in simplest terms because I know a good quarter of the people that will read pick out and read this journal will probably be ignorant of world events or were too absent minded to pay attention in history class because you deed world tragedies as boring. Aryans are the blue hair and blonde eyed human…Gaahh, I can't erase this I wrote this in pen. I meant blue eyed and blonde hair there.

Now, I live in what you would called the stereotypical Jewish family. Rich and both my parents are bankers.

Also I have three sisters Euruka, Mey-lin and baby Emma. And today is November 8 1938, I really should of put that on the top, but I wrote this with pen and I'm not writing this all over.

November 9 1938. 10:37pm

I don't know what's going on… we see the obvious colours of dancing flames shadowing our house. People are running wild, up and down the streets. The shattering of glass is loud and apparent, stomach turning screams can be heard from all corners of the house as they flood the streets. Mother and Father didn't come back... The four of us held each other, as stupid as it may sound, it didn't at the time we kept trying to ignore the noises and pretend as if they didn't even exist. I locked all the doors and turned off all the lights, then shut the curtains tight. We were all sleeping in our parents room that night. We pulled the blankets over our heads and I told them as long as the covers were over our heads, it acted as a protective barrier against all the bad things so nothing evil could touch us. Which makes me think if you believe a lie hard enough, can it become the truth?

November 10 1938, 9:00pm

Why god? Why is it happening again?! The riot seems to have resumed from where it left off yesterday, the people have grown bolder in behaviors. We cower in fear while listening people banging on the window and shaking the door handles, attempting to get inside while pressing their faces against the glass, checking to see if anyone was home. We tried to stay quiet, but Emma would not stop her cries. We all cringed at the sound of her cries, she was going to give us all away. I held her close and whispered soft songs in her ear but still, she cries. I carried the frightened child to the kitchen and sat her on the counter, handing her half a shot of rum and prayed it would knock her out. Our parents didn't come back that night, maybe they're not coming back...

November 12 1938, 10:00am

Their back! Their back! Their finally back! The girls basically tackled them to the ground the moment they stepped foot through the door. I simply sat off to the side, leaning against the wall, arms crossed with a smiled on my face. Emma started bawling, and I think we all did inside. We thought we would never see them again. And even began to think about how our life was going to be like without them. How lonely it would be would we have even survived? We are happy to see their back unharmed.

September 5 1939, 7:37am

I nearly forgot entirely about this book, it has nearly been over a year and life has been busy. War has broken out. Germany has invaded Poland, on September 1, 1939, And on September 3, Germany's forces penetrated deep into Poland. Great Britain and France both declared war on Germany. World War II, that is what their calling it on the radio, has officially broken out. This is fricking awful, you've got to kidding me? All the world's effects creating those peace treaties vowing for this to never happen again. And Hilter laughs in their faces, ripping Germany's treaties in front of an audience. Humans are so stupid, a complete waste of space. I suppose the war of attrition and the thousands of dead soldiers meant nothing, the countries peace efforts completely gone to waste. Poland is now occupied but Nazi soldiers, and now Jews in the occupied countries have a nine o'clock curfew. DO I LOOK LIKE A MEASLY 12 YEAR OLD?! They identify us Jews by forcing us to where the yellow star of David and have it stitched it on our clothes. They segregated us. I walk down the street wearing a false smile greeting my friend as I pass them by. Holding the door open for German officers removing my hat as I bow and listening to them scoffing muttering comments like 'dirty Jew' and 'Jewish swine'. I sickens me.

February 12 1940, 3:39pm

Today is Mey-lin's birthday we all have saved our food rations to be able to make a cake for at least one of the girls this year. You should of seen her face light up when we brought it to her. It was a ray of sunlight that broke through the heart of a storm. I completely forgot how good cake tasted, it really brightened everyone's day.

July 4 1940, 1:14am

These stupid Germans have been in our country for a while now, and still can't even speak our language. They stand at every corner watching us, arresting anyone and everyone. Beating Jewish children for running on the sidewalk, taking Jewish men and ripping off their beards from the root and embarrassing them in front of their family, friends and passing strangers. I hate it. I hate them, it's wrong. It's all wrong. I-I just want them gone, I want them to go back to their country and leave us alone. We didn't do anything wrong to have to endure such a cruel fate.

May 24 1941, 5:09pm

Euruka. I hadn't told you anything about her. Well, she got her first boyfriend yesterday. I'm not sure why it took her so long to get one. I mean, she's very pretty with big blue eyes and a snubbed nose with cute little freckles and long curly brown hair. Her boyfriend is a nice boy, he's not Jewish. I don't think she wants to tell him that she is. Which kinda upset me because I don't think she should be ashamed. And they're both mechanics, that's basically how they met, in Father's work shop

October 20 1941

It's dark and cold b-but I have to tell you, this soldier came at around one in the morning, pounding on everybody's door and walking in their homes saying "Get up! Get out! Gather all the things you can carry and leave your homes!"

Mother told us to pack warms clothes and food, we listened and left soon afterwards. We are now in this train cart going to gods knows where. It is cold and there is very little room I feel like I'm in a can of sardines, I hate it and I wanna go home. I don't know how long we are going to be stuck in here but we need to get out soon because baby Emma is getting a fever... But I will admit she looks so cute when she sleeps in my arms.

October 23 1941

We are finally out of the train, that human death trap. It stunk in there of shit, urine and death. They lock you in there for a good three days or three sleeps if you will. Emma is still alive, that's good. We arrived in Lodz, a Jewish ghetto and have been given an apartment. We are lucky we got one of the better ones since Father bribed a guard for a better one. It is a three bedroom apartment. Emma and I share a room, so do Euruka and Mey-lin and so does Father and Mother. Most of us are happy with our roommates expect Euruka. She's mad because Mey-lin stays up all the hours of the night and will keep her up. I'm really happy I'm sharing with Emma and not Euruka because all we do is fight, but Emma is sweet, she usually crawls into my bed in the middle of the night and now she won't have to walk far.

October 25 1941, 9:01am,

It's Euruka's birthday today and her present was from Father to all of us. He got us jobs. Mey-lin and I are in kitchen of the ghetto, Mother and Emma work in a sewing factory and Father and Euruka are working as mechanics.

October 27 1941

I finally found were you were hiding this, one for Euruka and zero for Ryan. Since I found this, I'll write how my day went. Well, I'm the only girl in the my unit, there are like three cute boys and the rest are all old men. That keeps bothering me. It's fine when Father is around though, but when he leaves, that's when the trouble starts. I miss Josh, my boyfriend, and I want to go back home but I honestly don't think we are ever going back…

December 12 1941, 12:30pm

Argg! She found it! Now I'm going to have to find a new hiding spot. Today was crazy, they "deported" people, I'm not sure where, but people are spreading rumors that they won't be coming back. I have noticed that it was only the old, the sick, and the weak that got taken away…