He runs, he jumps, he tries to hide

They sprint, they shout, they shake inside

The loud thud of hooves, the soft pad of feet

The angry people, they race up the street

As scared as a small child lost in the park

He keeps on through the forest dark

But what will he do? He does no know

All he knows is that he has to go

The people stop running and look around

They sprinted, they shouted and now he's not found

They get to their homes and quietly regret

Why aren't they happy? That's what they don't get

They feel like barbarians that chase him away

Why weren't they kind, why couldn't he stay?

He wasn't like them, for that they were scared

To take him in? They weren't prepared

His long, dark shadow disappears

The moment unlocks his deepest fears

Crouched deep in the woods he lets out a cry

He moans as he watches the people go by.