Up the endless road he travels

Blood-red in the setting sun

Each step, agony beyond belief

Beneath his cut and bleeding feet

A ragged shirt adorns his back

Covering the fresh scars from the lashes

Of the slave master's whip

His nut-brown face, lined and wrinkled

Puckered up as silent tears roll

Down the hollow cheeks

All trace of defiance gone

Gnarled hands, worn with the labour

Of a lifetime's work grip a slender rod

Contrasting with the tired bent figure

The sun beats mercilessly down

Providing no relief for the old man

Trudging wearily on

Torment and shame writhe within

Cat calls and taunts ring in his head

Agony and misery clasp the bowed

Shoulders in a vice-like grip

Up the road he travels

Nowhere to go, no friend in this

Bitter world who shut the door

Block the bridge, so he cannot cross

Alone, deserted, friendless

An outcast.