As she bows her shameful head

The peoples turn and stare

Her squinted eyes, her broken nose

She hides behind her hair

As the children point and laugh

And the adults grin

What people think is mean and hard

Why can't they see within?

Her dowdy clothes are torn and wet

From ageing, time and rain

Still she can only stay alive

Through the suffering and pain

Her last few crumbs go to the birds

They understand her best

Their little beaks peck hastily

Then fly off to the nest

She stands there firmly on the ground

She longs to be as free

Where no one laughs or jeers or points

Their words sting like a bee

The sun soon sets upon the park

The colours fade away

A stunning view, a peaceful day

To end another journey

She lies down like a mother cat

She stretches, has a yawn

The grass beneath is soft and dry

She sleeps there until dawn

She does not rise from her sweet sleep

Does not once move or stir

But has a smile upon her lips

An angel is with her

No more she bows her shameful head

But people's heads still turn

Harsh words can mean a lot to some

Can't people ever learn?