On one early time of day

I was wandering around the parking lot

I turned and looked and there she was

Just sitting there on her own

Without a thought of what other people think of her.

She is always alone

Never has a partner for gym

Always picked last for games

She never interacts with the other children

She just stalks the parking lot hunting for a friend.

She acts like an outcast

Even though she doesn't have to

Everyone thinks she chooses to be alone

But I know deep down in my heart

No one wants to be alone.

Maybe she is shy

Or maybe she just feels that she doesn't need a friend

Maybe she is too consumed in her work to have a relationship

She may feel love

But she may not understand it.

You see her staring

She is deep in thought

Wishing to understand the true meaning of 'friend'

Dreaming that one day someone will accept her for the way she is

To treat her, to hug her, to love her.

She is an outcast

But she might not know it

How does anyone know if they are one or not?

There is something that we can all do

And that's to love.