Our souls scream out but no one hears

We long to leave but we are trapped, no way back

We work, work, work to the bone

Out skin ablaze from our master's wrath

We plead, beg, but no one cares

We have no hope, no future, no family

Our loved ones are gone in the blink of an eye

Sometimes I wish I would die.

How I wish I could be with them once more,

To hear their voices, to feel their touch

To be at home again would be as sweet as sugar

How could I escape, be set free?

To get my revenge is my ultimate desire

To kill them all is so cruel but seems so right

How they can be so evil is beyond me

I can't get to the place where I want to be

I know I should fight, try and get away

But I'm weak and can't go on

Should I swim, should I fight or just think, what's the point?

What's the point?