As I dashed across the parking lot

Trying to escape the taunts that were being spat at me

I thought to myself, am I really that bad?

I am the weed in the shadow of the cherry blossom tree

I am 'that' kid who can't get up the stairs in school

I am the invisible one

Looking at my wheelchair, cold as ice

Clumsy like a drunken man

Uncomfortable prison that has kept me back all these years

The big rubber wheels that substitute my numb, lifeless legs

They hang uselessly like rotting wood in a forest

From my twisted torso

Why do they talk to me loudly?

People don't seem to realise that I'm not deaf as well

It's only my legs that don't work

Why don't people see me?

My chair is only just out of sight line

Why am I the target of bullies? I have a heart aswell

I can still get to the end; I just go about it the different way

I am strong, stronger than most people,

I get through the humiliation and ridicule of the others

Who think they are better than me

I know I am different but not dissimilar

I may look and act unusually on the outside

But on the outside I am just the same as every other person

I am who I am and no one can change me

All they can do is see me in my true form

A child like every other, not an outcast.