And so I ended up in the backyard of Leon's uncle. At night. In the dark. Kneeling in mud. Gross.

My teeth chattered. It was a little cold. „Please reminde me. Why am I doing this again?" Leonidas turned around to look at me. „Because you think, that I am quiet adorable and you want to impress me?" I snorted and playfully hit his upper arm. „Seriously. I don't feel comfortable at all with the idea of breaking into this house." My opposite sight. „I already told you. You are not breaking in. It's my uncle's house and you are just getting something, that I forgot here last time. I can't see anything criminal here at all. My uncle's family won't even notice. And even if they do, they are cool. You won't get in trouble." I knew, he was trying to make me calm down, but it didn't work at all. This was a horrible idea. I hadn't even thought about the fact, that I could get caught. Seriously, this idea was bullshit.

I got up abruptly. A wave of anger overran me. Why the hell was I even here? I didn't have to impress this new guy. And that was exactly, what I told him. During my little speech of how great I was, I saw Leon's expression change from surprised to confused to angry. Well, that wasn't exactly, what I wanted, but who cared? He wasn't that hot, was he? Of course he wasn't. Or was he? The way he was looking at me right now was kind of cute. Adorable. Amazing. No! I would just turn around now, and walk away. „No! You are staying here! Sit down!" Leonidas yelped.

Immediately my knees gave in and I sank to the ground. What the hell? What was wrong with me now? Leonidas was cute, yes, but he wasn't that cute that he could command me around. So why the hell could he? He leaned forward and grabbed my shoulders so I had to look at his face. Everything suddenly seemed a little foggy. There hadn't been any fog one moment before, had it?

„Come on. You are not a coward, are you?" I shook my head. Of course I wasn't a coward. „So where is the problem?" I shrugged my shoulders. I couldn't remember. Was there a problem? „See? There is none. And now you will go in there and will bring me back what's mine." He sounded certain. So he had to be sure, that nothing would happen to me, right? He wouldn't let anything happen to me, right? I decided that there was no problem. I got up and stumbled towards the house.

It was a big, old house. All lights were out. An easily scared person could call it spooky, but why should I be scared? Leon had said, it would be fine, so nothing to worry about. I smiled stupidly. That meant he did like me. Otherwise he wouldn't care about me, would he? No, of course he liked me. I was freaking adorable. And he was too, so I would get into this old house and get whatever he wanted. But what did he want? And how should I get into the house?

Don't worry. The second cellar window on the left is open. Just get in. We will see about the rest later. Oh, the funny little voice in my head was back. Awesome and it was right. The window was open. It was small, but I fit through it, without a problem. Yey. I started to hum ‚Oh happy day'.

Shut up stupid! Oh, the voice apparently didn't like my humming. Oh come on, I wasn't that bad. I took a look around. The room was dark, but I could see enough to recognize bookshelves. A lot of them. A library in the cellar? Not exactly how I would furnish my house, but fine. I didn't even want a house. I wanted a big, modern apartment with an open kitchen and white furniture. And an extra room for my clothes. And one for my shoes.

Concentrate. Find a way to the first floor. Move. This voice could really be rude. I was just looking. I sight and groped towards the thing that looked like stairs. Fine. The faster I would get the thing, the faster I would be out of here again.