She sat in her car, waiting for the rain to lighten up so she could run into her apartment building. While waiting, she had the radio on. There was a song that came on, another girl singing about a boy.

The girl said that she saw his face everywhere. She knows that, like in the song, if she turns around then he won't be there. But if she closes her eyes, will he be there?

She doesn't, she fears that one day she'll wake up and forget his face.

She's not scared of love, how it gave him to her, and took him away, but she just can't, doesn't want to lose the image of his face. Ever.

In her apartment, there's a picture of him hanging on the wall next to her bed.

She's scared of losing that tingling feeling that she would get when she saw his name on the caller ID.

But, thinking back to why they broke up, she has three questions floating around her mind.

Who were you?

Where are you?

Were you ever here at all?

As the song ends, she can't help but think that the girl had it so good.

She wants to close her eyes and see him.

The sky should have his face, the oceans should have his crystal blue eyes, and the sunset should have his lips.

And she should have him. But they broke up over something stupid.

She doesn't, didn't want to lose him.

Right as the rain begins to lighten up; she starts her car up, and begins to drive to his house, ready to mend whatever was broken.

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