My name is Elane Jameson. That's Jay-Muh-son. Not Jame- Son, or James-On or any of that. Jameson. Got it? And I'm the youngest of a mediocre family. I'm mediocre. I'm nothing ugly enough to be called disgusting or be pitied. I'm not poor and I don't get welfare. I'm not abused or neglected or starving or anything like that. However I'm not anything eye catching at all. I'm not beautiful. I'm not rich. I'm not a genius. I'm not stupid. I'm not blonde, skinny, fat, tall, short, funny looking, or jaw dropping. My boobs are a B cup, average. My ass is round and flat. My shape is only barely pudgy. My hair was brown. Not chocolate brown or black brown or rich brown. Just brown. Brown, straight, boring. Just like the rest of me.

I'm the kid that envies the fat girl. I'm the girl who wants to be something. I want a name called at me. I want to be whistled for or yelled at or laughed at or picked on. Something. I want to be someone instead of this nobody who is just a face in the crowd. I want to be a blip on someone's radar. I want to be loud and happy and fun and cute and sexy. I want to be beautiful.

That's it. From now on. I'm going to be beautiful. Elane Jameson, fifteen year old nobody is going to be beautiful. I will be noticed. I will be somebody. Things are going to change.

This may or may not become a story. I have this prologue and a first chapter written but I'm not really concentrating on it at the moment. Honestly, I wrote this story a while a go, but am currently working on my novel "Changeling" if you don't mind, do you think you could take a look at it? I'll take any critique with a smile 8D

Lucky Meryl