So did any of you fellow Americans watch the inauguration today? I did. And frankly, I felt alienated.

The whole thing was less about the transfer of power and more about nation's most important leaders praying to their imaginary friend. An unprovable being that lives in the stars. That instills confidence in my government.

The problem is not that people have faith. It is that, against the Constitution, faith, and almost exclusively, the Christian faith, is constantly inserted into government. Look at our coins, our dollars, our Pledge Of Allegiance, our national anthem, and then, unrelentingly, the trademark American way to end any speech or important presentation: "God bless these 50 United States" Not only is this alienating to me as an atheist, but what about the agnostics, the Buddhists, and the countless other citizens that do not follow the Christian faith?

I ask not that people drop their faith. I ask that they don't shove it down my throat my putting it into a good few important government decisions and trademarks.

And not only is faith irritating me by poking me in the eye every time I look at a quarter, but it is holding back others that deserve their rights: Gays, lesbians, people wanting a divorce, people wanting an abortion. . .There are so, so many instances in which faith holds us back from improving.

Do I need to bring to attention the sexist and racist points of the Bible? That's not to say that the Bible is the only bigoted book of faith, because it is not, by far it is not. But it is monopolizing our government. Have we had a single non-Christian president? I think not.

So, here I am, alienated within the nation that I was born in. And will that change? I wonder if anyone agrees with me. . .