***CHAPTER 1***

One warm afternoon Kurt and I were walking down our neighborhood and we both saw what looked to be an eerie looking car that was rusted from top to bottom. Knowing that this was suspicious for our nice neighborhood we figured that that someone new had moved in the house that has been vacant for over 2 years. Our neighborhood knows that if someone is to move into that house they would have to be very strong in physical and metal state. Every family that has lived in that house has either committed suicide or died a mysterious death without an explanation. It's strange to hear someone actually moving there furniture into the house with no screaming or fainting as soon as the door is opened. Friends have come up and said that while prying open the door for a peek inside they would experience a body taken apart in front of their faces or a bloody corpse hanging in the doorway. We all know that to experience such insignificant occurrences is a very frightening sight for the mind of a child and boggling for adults to walk in and find. It's December 3, 2018 and I am sitting in my living room sipping hot coco with my closest best friend who I've known since my freshmen year of high school. Kurt and I have so many priceless memories from our high school years from swimming and our classes along with our inappropriate jokes towards each other with no intentions of actually hurting each other feelings in any way shape or form. We sit there for a good 30 minutes before we realize that it's pitch black outside with the Christmas playing in the background with no intentions of actually stopping the music. I think to myself, I wonder how Jared and Lauren are doing in the new house they bought up in Portland, Michigan? Just as I am about to say something to Kurt about my thoughts he gets up and aimulously starts pacing in front of the window. "Kurt are you alright?" I ask in a concerned voice as he continues to pace. "Yes I'm fine just concerned with the new neighbors across the street. They haven't talked to anyone around here and whenever someone goes to talk with them they're away at work or out for a walk around the park just down the street." He says in a hushed voice as if someone else is listening to our conversation in the other room. I think that there may be a spirit listening but not wanting to cause a disturbance in the silent air. "Kurt its okay I've gone over several times myself and everyone seems to be quite relaxed and no complaints from them either. I gave them my number in case they want to talk me." I say in a calming voice. He relaxes just enough to go sit back down in his chair again and drink his dark chocolate coco. I've been quite concerned myself that they haven't called or even visited anyone. Maybe I should go visit tomorrow just to make sure that they're alright. As if we both thought the same thought Kurt got up and said I will see you tomorrow around 12 or so. Well at least I wasn't going alone to have a chat with the new neighbors. "I think I'll be going home it's almost midnight and I could use all the rest for tomorrow's events if there will be any" he said in a sarcastic tone. I laughed at him with joy to know that he was still joking around and not to so serious as he was before. "Goodnight Kurt" I said with a laugh. He walked over to give me one of his bear hugs. Kurt is 6' 4" and is about 220 lbs at the least. He has brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes you could ever wish for. I haven't see Kurt since we graduated from Boone High School. He's gotten so muscular from the last time I saw him and it's like he went on an expedition for muscles. He went to the NAVY for water rescue where he saves, kills, and flies helicopters around the whole globe. Every time he comes back from his rescues for Christmas Break or Thanksgiving whenever he can I'm always the first person he comes to tell all his stories to, which is so fascinating, scary and sad all at the same time. I mean you never suspect to hear your best friend from high school killing other people from different countries. While he was in school he wouldn't hurt a fly and now it doesn't bother him to kill an aggressive enemy as you would call it. It was great having him home in North Carolina for the first day of his Christmas Break with me. I don't care what other people say but I think Kurt and I would be such a cute couple but I don't think we want to ruin our relationship as friends. As the night fell over the house I said my goodbyes to Kurt as he left in his Chevy hummer. As I waved to him as he left I noticed something out of the corner of my eye what I thought looked like a body hanging in the window across street waving at me with a half rotten face with maggots hanging on as if that was there only dinner for the rest of the year. My stomach heaved as my dinner and hot cocoa came up. My stomach hasn't done the best with half rotten faces. I blacked out for a good 10 minutes on the freezing ground outside my porch. Thank god that Kurt hadn't gone too far and saw me in his mirror before he drove away. The next thing I knew I was on my couch with a blanket and Kurt sitting authoritatively by my head waiting for me to wake up. "Kurt what happened out there? I only remember seeing an engrossing image across the street and then my stomach not holding down dinner and then blacking out on the cement" I spoke in a weak voice. "From my perspective I watched you vomit then you hit the cement pretty forcefully. I'm guessing the impact of your butt from hitting the ground you hit the right nerve and then you passed our pretty quickly" he said as some relief passed through his baby like face. We laughed at each other as we both know that one of us would have done something graceful as me. Trying to sit up a little too quickly I felt a really lightheaded and landed right back on my butt. Kurt stopped me from getting up again before I could injure myself any further. I smiled at Kurt knowing that he knew exactly what I wanted to do. He smiled back and said "nope sorry your not going anywhere out of my sight." "Ugh fine then will you walk me there?" I asked. He carried me instead just incase I didn't trip over anything. Knowing me I would trip over my own feet. I laughed as he pretended we were on a roller coaster and he ran through my house and upstairs. My stomach felt amazing as I laughed with him. It was so hard not to love Kurt as a best friend because he would make the weirdest faces and act like a complete weirdo. His knees lightly buckled to floor as he acted if to be an arm having trouble letting me off the ride. "You better let me off or I will pee on you" I said while laughing so hard I really thought that I was going to pee. Although I really needed to go to the bathroom there was one thing I wanted to do before he went back home tonite. As I tried to run out but he was standing in front of the door like a brick wall not wanting to fall. "Kurt please move I would like to get by but instead he swept me off my feet and we stared into each other eyes for what seemed like eternity. This is was I wanting to do for forever. I leaned in just an inch but before I knew it I was flown down the stairs in his arms. I giggled the whole way there to the couch as he plopped me down with a soft landing. "Thanks Kurt I don't know where I would be without you. Kurt I have something to tell you" I said in a more serious tone. "Come sit on the couch with me please, I really need to tell you something important. He walked over and sat next to me. Bring your head close to me so that I can tell you. He leaned in real close. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPP PPP! I laughed so hard that I saw spots in my vision again. Kurt fell off the couch from laughing hard. His face turned so red I thought he looked like a tomato. Oh gosh I thought to myself as he continued to laugh. "Alright you can stop laughing now" I said with a little giggles in between. Then I began to laugh so hard that I started to laugh with my weird laughs that made him stop and me laugh even harder to the point where I couldn't breathe. He stopped and came over to me trying to get me to stop and breathe. My breathe was shallow but I felt amazing just having Kurt over to visit. "Alright I'm good now" I said a little out of breathe. As he pulled himself off the floor he cuddled on the couch with me. He was so sweet to me I really wish that we were dating. "Kurt if I tell you something will you not freak out on me?" I asked kindly. "Sure?" he said questioningly. "Okay come here" I scooted him over closer to me. I put his lips to my lips and kissed him gently. He scooted away for a minute then cam back and kissed my lips softly with such passion I felt sparks fly between us. It seemed like I had been waiting for this my whole life. We kissed for twenty minutes on the warm couch while he kept me on top of his muscular body. We stayed that way for an hour before I fell asleep from being so weak earlier that night. That next morning I woke up in my bed with Kurt on my right side of the bed. He had his shirt off and was fast asleep or what looked like he was asleep. My body ached from last night having fallen on my butt and back so hard. My legs didn't want to move from under the covers. It was so warm under there with Kurt's body heat warming me up. So I slid over next to him to get just a bit warmer without waking him up. He moaned as I moved closer but didn't wake up. I was glad that he didn't wake up. He looked so peaceful sleeping in my bed with his back on the bed. I slung my arm across his broad chest to get a better view of his cute but serene face. His face was smooth with no lines of stress, he seemed somehow unaware of his surrounding. I put my face to his bare chest and fell asleep once again for only an hour or two. When I woke up again Kurt was awake and watching me sleep with concern itching at his face. "Were you having a bad dream?" he asked with concern. "I don't think I was, not that I can remember." I said with a questioning voice. I felt like I had slept pretty well before Kurt asked me what I dreamed of. He relaxed when I said that it was nothing to worry about. If it really were traumatizing I would said something as soon I woke up. He swiped away the hair that was hanging in my face with such care I almost felt like crying. "Gillian are you okay?" he asked with such urgency that I really was going to cry. He moved over to me and wrapped his arms around me as if that was going to protect me from the events that were going to happen today. I let all my emotions out to him. I balled like a child. "Gosh look at me and my mess" I laughed a little. It felt so good to laugh and be free of some guilt that was buried on my shoulders. As the morning progressed on Kurt and I were ready to face whatever was going to happen outside my house. Kurt and I walked across the street to the new neighbor who moved on just last week. When I walked up I felt a pang of disgust and wanted to lurch and stampede all over the place. I felt such resent that I couldn't control it. I walked off their front porch and ran home and screamed in a pillow and cried my eyes out while Kurt rubbed my back for comfort. "Maybe today isn't my day to confront that house" I said with snot running down my face. So much frustration running through my veins that it made me dizzy just thinking about it. "I think I'm going to be sick" I said to Kurt as I ran to the bathroom. My stomach couldn't take it any longer and lurched forward with such force I couldn't hold down my breakfast any longer. This was getting ridiculous to the point of having Kurt around was embarrassing. As the day progressed on I waited for the right moment to walk over to the new neighbor's house with Kurt right by my side. The time read 2:14 pm on my iphone 7 which had been blinking with a new text message from my best friend Lauren, down in Austin, Texas with her new hubby Jared. They just recently moved up there this past summer and from the letters that I had received it seemed just as cold down here as up there. She had made plans to come see us soon but with the weather holding up it was going to be quite some time. Only time would tell when I would be able to see her and her new husband. She is expecting with a beautiful baby girl in 3 months. My excitement to see her swollen stomach was a little scary but truthfully making me giddy inside. By next week if they couldn't come down I would go up there to go see her innocent face at her spirited house with Jared. Thursday was just around the corner along with Christmas day and my parents are coming down to visit my gallant home. But before my parents could come down and visit there was one most important detail that I forgot to mention was that I had to go over to the gruesome house and visit the new neighbors. Kurt was not home that day he was out at the store stocking up for Christmas dinner at my house which was the one and only person I needed support to go over to Brandons' house at least that was what I was told from others. Three o'clock came running around the corner as it was time to get cooking for dinner tonight with Kurt and his parents along with my parents. As the evening progressed my mood became more soothed with Kurt around helping me make dinner for our parents. By seven o'clock our parents arrived to my new home and were having a civil conversation about they're work environment along with our fathers talking about politics, which we both knew that some where in this conversation there would be an argument over which president should win. Kurt, angry himself, was ready for whatever was going to happen between the two intellectual men and they're opinions. Our mothers were talking about their jobs as nurses in Spring Harbor Hospital with the wonderful but gentle patients there were working with. Here in Portland, Maine nothing major happens besides births and appendicitis but the rarest of all car wrecks. By 8pm we had eaten our 3 course meal with wine for the women and beer for the gentlemen. As time crawled along the parental units played their fair share of poker and black jack it was finally time for our parents to go back to the hotel and surrender the night. I had enjoyed that night with my parents and Kurts, I was surprised that no thought had crossed my mind about the new neighbors. It felt amazing just to relax without an emotional breakdown in front of everyone. I knew that having Kurt here would be a good suppressant for my well-being and his as well. Only one thing I knew that I wanted Kurt to do was to stay another night here with me just so that I knew that someone was home with me and I wouldn't be alone in the tenebrific house. Midnight was right around the corner and I was getting quite tired from tonight's festivities with everyone. "Kurt would you mind staying another night here with me please?" I asked innocently. He looked at me with concern but knew that I wanted to have someone to comfort me. "Sure" he said with his silly face and I knew right away that he would be here for a couple days for my sake. "Actually I can't" he said with a sarcastic voice. "Alright" I said and put my head down with a smile and slowly climbed the stairs knowing that he was sure to follow behind me. As I went to my bedroom I realized that Kurt had not followed me up. Panic struck me like lightning and I ran down the stairs to find him on the floor of the living room with blood coming from his head, thanking god that I was a nurse I found a cloth and wrapped around his head and called the ambulance. I rode in the back of the ambulance and hoped that he would awake soon from the collision. While waiting in his room I waited patiently for him to awake, and with surprise not to long did he awake. I cried and hugged him for as long as I could hold myself up. I was also weak from all the rush and panic going through my veins. My head quickly began to swim in circular motion and now it seemed like it was Kurts time to save me from falling. A nurse saw my actions and called for back up as I slipped into unconsciousness before they could take me out of Kurts room. When I awoke 3 hrs later Kurt was sitting next to my bed asleep and solid as ever. I scooted as much as the machines would allow me to and I reached out to touch Kurts' hand to wake him up from his peaceful slumber. Just as Kurt woke up Dr. Cushing walked in with my clipboard a ready. "Well Gillian or would you still like me to call Mrs. Parrish?" he asked with tease in his voice. I cracked a smile just for him and his smart mouth toward me. "Surprise me Brad. How is my blood work and everything else?" I asked with the upmost concern for my health. "Seems like you have low cholesterol and your iron levels are really down there. You really should eat more greens and red meats which is outlandish since I've seen you eat all those food types. The only explanation I have is that you may have a tapeworm eating all the nutrients and protein out of your small intestine or stomach. I'm going to have to do an ultrasound to see what the problem is" he said with urgency. Me, have an ultrasound for a tapeworm? That's not something that I wanted to hear from my friend or in the situation doctor. Panic stricken, I started crying. This was not something I wanted to do during my Winter break with Kurt. Dr. Cushing left the room and the one thing I wanted was to have Kurt cuddle with me on the hospital bed with me. "Kurt come lay with me please" I asked hesitantly. He looked at me and saw the discomfort in my watery eyes. Just before Kurt could cuddle with me Dr. Cushing walked in with the ultrasound in hand and goop a ready. He lifted up my shirt and put the cold cream all over my stomach. I shivered as he spread it out, which was uncommon for me to react to since I loved the feeling of cold items on my skin. Dr. Cushing pushed the paddle of the ultrasound ever so lightly on my stomach and the next thing I knew I was unconscious in the bed. When I awoke thirty minutes later there was a cold towel on my head and I was flat on my back. Kurt was holding my hand which was a surprise since he would never do that to me ever in my life, unless there were situations like this. My hands felt cold and clammy, but with Kurts warm hands I felt some relief rushing through me even a little hope. So my Christmas break has been officially ruined I thought to myself. Dr. Cushing came back in the room with the prep team for surgery which I was not aware of that I was going to even have surgery. "Kurt you have to come in the room with me. Please I'm begging you Kurt I really need you in there with me. Brad please allow Kurt to put some scrubs on and cover up. I really need my best friend in there with me because I feel I would have another panic attack if he doesn't." I said with pleading and urgency in my voice. "Alright I will allow him to come into the surgery room but sir you have to keep her calm whatever you do that's what we need before she goes under." He told Kurt. "Yes sir I can do that for her." He said sternly. Another thirty minutes dragged along and the team was ready for me. I have to say that going into surgery again is so scary and nerve racking even though I'm in this room almost every day helping putting patients under but for me to be the one put under was quite scary. I heard them roll me through the hallway and into the operating room. The last thing I remember hearing was Gillian I love you.

***CHAPTER 2***

As I came out of the anesthetics in the recovery room, Kurt was waiting and watching for me to awake. I felt really drowsy and giddy from the anesthesia being in my system for so long while in surgery. I smiled at Kurt, at least I think I did but he didn't smile back he was just staring at me with teary eyes. My throat felt tight and the next thing I knew I was crying like a child for no apparent reason. Kurt rushed over to me "Gillian are you okay? Anything hurt at all?" he asked crying. "No nothing hurts, please come lay with me I would feel so much better if you just relax. Why are you crying Kurt? I'm not hurt or in pain why are you crying sweetie?" I asked him calmly as my voice would let me. He was killing me with his crying next to me. His body was shaking so much from crying that I was the one who ended up hugging and calming his nerves. I rocked him gently without hurting myself. He finally relaxed and fell asleep next to me in my arms. His face so red from crying made me laugh a little inside. That angelic face of his was the best to watch while he slept. I don't know if he has even had any sleep in the past 9 hours that we were here in the hospital. I put the bars on the side of the bed down and scooted over so that he could have his body on the bed and get some sleep with me. The next morning he was still asleep and his face looked a lot better which was magnificent to witness. "Kurt its time to get up sweetie" I whispered to him but he didn't move. I shook him hard "Kurt wake up. Its time to get up." And still he didn't wake up. I started freaking out and started screaming his name and shook him with all my might. I rang my buzzer to get a nurse in. "Kristen he won't he wake up. I've checked his pulse and normal but his eye won't dialate when I opened them. What is wrong with him? He should have been just fine with acetaminophen and codeine for his head injury." I said in panicked tones. This was not supposed to be happening to Kurt. Maybe he needed some kind of energy shot to wake him up from his deep sleep. Then it clicked I slowly got out of the bed went over to his left shoulder that was facing up and pressed into a tender spot behind the shoulder blade and with a jolt he woke up. I fell to floor from frustration and panic and laid there for on cold floor for a good 5 minutes before Kurt and Brad helped me off the floor and put me back on the bed. As soon as I was laid down on the bed I passed out with Kurt looking over me and his gentle lips on my forehead. That afternoon I dreamt of a little girl about 2 years old sitting in Kurts lap watching cartoons while eating cereal. I cried in my dream for what seemed like 10 minutes. To see such a beautiful child that I'm sure was ours was glorious to see. I awoke with a start from my dream with a mask around my face and a needle in my arm. My whole body felt weak and drained like I had been thrown around and never could walk again. I tried to take a deep breath and it hurt that I started to cough real hard and blood came up with my coughs. Several nurses came over and sat me up so that it wouldn't choke on the blood. A tube was put down my throat after they laid me back down. Two days went by and my health gradually increased great fully thanks to Dr. Cushing or as I know him as Brad. As time went by I was off every medication that I had been on for the past two weeks. Thank god for Kurt being there because otherwise I would have gone insane without his funny jokes and immature pranks on the nurses although it still hasn't changed since high school. As I was being discharged from the hospital an eerie feeling came over as I was wheeled down the hall into the elevator, I noticed something that I had never seen for the two weeks that I had been there. A nurse with the features of a woman who had been from the 1800's. She had the perfect complexion with an evenly toned face not one single scar or acne blemish. It was almost like I had been set back to the past to see something that I was meant to see something that may be important to my future. While the lady looked at me with such fierceness that my heart nearly stopped from the horror in her eyes. As I tried to look away from her I couldn't help but keep my eyes glued to her till I was moved down the hall away from my room. It struck me awe when I knew that somehow I was sent a message from an angel, maybe? That next morning my heart raced as I wondered whether or not this mysterious woman would show up at my house with clues as to why I may have been haunted. As the day continued nothing unusual happened and my body relaxed along with the stress and anxiety. Later that day Kurt came over to check up on me to see that I wasn't on the floor for any reason unparticular. We spent the whole day watching reruns of the Three Stooges till about mid afternoon on my couch. Kurt had stayed past his time that I expected him to stay with me. My clothes that day consisted of Abercrombie & Fitch sweat pants with 2 layers of blankets and a sweatshirt from Maine. As I pondered my mind for an event to do that would be less vigorous then the past day events it came to me that I wanted some ice cream, no, no more like craving it. "Kurt will you get me some ice cream from the freezer in the kitchen?" I asked with puppy dog eyes. He slowly but dramatically got up and moaned as if he was a zombie going to the kitchen. I just had to laugh at his effects as to being lazy to getting me some ice cream. Kurt was too much of a brother to me for me to not love him as much as I did. I saw him finally get to the freezer and stop there like he had been frozen in time. "Kurt are you okay? What's wrong?" I asked him in a panicked voice. Thoughts raced through my head as to what could have happened to him and his outlandish actions. The next thing I saw was him fall to floor with a loud THUD. "KURT" I yelled out. This was my turn to get the phone and do my best to get to him as fast as I could without hurting myself. As I half ran half walked to him he was again unconscious with blood coming out of his nose and mouth. My fingers ran over my phone with such quickness I knew that this time Kurt's sickness was much more than the doctors knew. I got up really quickly and this time sped to my closet not caring that I was injured, and got my BP cuff and stethoscope. As I dashed back to Kurt on the floor he was wide awake and laughing like a maniac. He started talking as if he was in third person then passed out again. Before something more could happen I checked his vitals which I noticed that his blood pressure was lower than normal for him. My first thoughts were to go get my blood pressure medication that I kept in my closet for anyone who planned on having an accident in my home. My heart raced as I injected some of the medication into to his thigh hoping that his heart would go back to normal. Before I could take the needle out I saw black spots in my vision along with light headed and starting to sweat like a man. I quickly pulled the needle out of his leg and did my best to stay up and watch Kurt. Just seconds before I fainted Kurt came to and sat up only to see me fall to floor with a heavy thud. When I awoke the first thing I saw was three nurses and two doctors hovering over me. My eyes seemed like a thousand pounds to me as I opened them to see Dr. Kushing and a new doctor, Dr. Rathbone standing next to my bed with panic but calmness in their eyes. "What's wrong doc?" I asked in a raspy voice as relief filled his eyes. "Gillian you were close to death there. You had us all scared very much." He said with certainty. It's no wonder I saw my great-grandparents and my mom's mom in a profound light with a beautiful golden gate opening their arms to welcome me. As I looked to my right at the couch in the room I saw Kurt crying to hard I thought he was going to fall off the couch from all the rocking. My heart broke right then and there seeing him in such pain. "Kurt please stop crying sweety I'm all better see me awake and breathing and talking to you." I said while crying so hard I sounded like I was a babbling monkey. "Hey cracker you know no white man is gonna be as strong as you have been right now. C'mon now your black brothers are waiting out there for you to go warm their trash cans up." I told him with laughter and tears. He finally looked up at me and smiled his crooked smile. My joke had finally pulled off after all these years. I waved him over to my bed so that he could relax and take a heap off his shoulders. "You are such a manly man with all this crying you've done. Look at yourself; you're all red and snotty. Honey look I had to help you at home so you know what I am going to be just fine when I get back home and I'll make sure that you get some sleep, more like we both get some sleep together that way neither of us hurt ourselves." I said while caressing his face. He knew that it wasn't going to be easy to not watch over me because of his health. That afternoon we got home and went straight upstairs to go crash on my heavenly soft bed only to see a note sitting on bed with my name written on it. "Great" I thought to myself. Who could possibly get into my house and put this on my bed unless they opened my already unlocked…then it hit me. "Woooow I'm so dumb for doing that" I said out loud.