"Why is it that no one, I mean absolutely no one understands me?"

That was the question 17 year old Aura had been trying to figure out for the past four years.

"Am I really that weird?" She asked herself aloud, glancing at her reflection in dismay.

Aura paced her room as her mind seeked answers that seemed to simply elude her.

She then bit her lip, and remembered the day before. Her reasons for not wanting to return there, to that..

"Horrible place..-" she thought aloud. Her room had become her sanctuary because of how poorly she had been treated,

And therefore Aura was quite reluctant to leave it.

Aura was called a psycho.

For reasons Aura could not for the life of her, seem to comprehend.

She was a relatively normal girl, who had an okay social standing.

She wore black clothing to school everyday sure, and was labeled by her phycologist as an "introvert"

but, that didn't grant those antagonistic sneers that she got daily, as justified.

"I've gotta snap out of this," she thought to herself, "if not for my own sanity, then for.. Him."

Aura marveled at the word, "him" he was the only person that came close to understanding the situation.

So she picked up her forgotten cellphone, and dialed his number.

She heard it ring once, before his calm voice filled her ear. "Aura?" Her name seemed of worry.

Aura fell back into her bed, her eyes closing in comfort. "Andrew..-" she whispered.

Andrew Garrott, was also a senior at Willowbrooke Highschool as well as the only real friend Aura could trust.

"What's going on Aura? Why aren't you at school?"

Aura sighed, "It's a long story. How long do you have?" She asked almost nervously, not wanting him to get into troubleI

"I want to hear it." he said with a small tinge of passion, the word 'want' being strongly emphasized.

Aura smiled for the first time in months, as she began her story..