"I love you, Andrew..-"

Aura said the words shakily, regretting them as soon as she uttered them.

But Andrew didn't respond as Aura was assuming he was going to.

"Aura.. I am on my way."

Was all he said before Aura heard the line go dead.

Aura placed the cellphone on her bed, and stood. Pacing the room, pulling at her hair.

"Why the hell did I say it?! Now he's probably coming to tell me that he does not feel that way about me. And I know it. It always happens that way."

Aura's mind ran a mile per second, she thought of everything he could possibly say. To HER.

She was not Amy, Dawn, or Charlotte. She was not as pretty as them, not as flirtatious, or cunning.

And that was what they constantly reminded her.

But, the more Aura thought about it, the stupider it sounded. She was Aura Brookes.

And, she loved Andrew Garrott painfully..so.

For four years, she's been cursed with these forbidden feelings.

She had almost hated them, almost hated him. He was so beautiful.

So, when she saw her phone vibrate on her dresser, that was when Aura took a deep breath in, walked out of her room and down her stairs slowly to meet her fate.

Andrew was patiently standing on the other side of the door, a bouquet of roses in his hands.

His black scarf flew in the wind as his mind concentrated on one thing. Telling Aura how he felt about her.

They had been best friends since freshman year. He had came to the united states as a transfer student.

And she was one of the only genuine girls he had met.

A smile played across his lips as Aura opened the door with a heavy blush upon her cheeks.

"Aura..these are for you." He handed her the crimson roses, and Aura threw her arms happily around his neck.

"Andrew, you shouldn't have. Oh, thank you!"

Tears filled her eyes as Andrew held her close to him, and ran his hands through her raven black hair.

"But, Aura.. I wanted to." Aura pulled back just a bit to look into his eyes that were full of sincerity.

And nodded. Knowing he meant it. She smiled, and said softly almost as if afraid she would scare him away.

"Come in, Andrew."

Andrew happily obliged, stepping into her all too familiar house.

And saw that she had prepared tea, it's wonderful scent rose from the porcelain cups in which they were contained.

And again Andrew smiled. As they were both seated on the oversized sofa, Andrew decided to speak first because he knew Aura.

She was not going to be the first to break the silence.

"Aura, I had words with Charlotte. And I had a talk with Dawn. They will not be bothering you anymore.

Amy refused however to be "defeated" and thus, declined the terms of peace between us and the "Mean Queens." so, if she is a problem. I will deal with the matter, personally."

Aura looked at Andrew with confusion, "But andrew, how? Why?"

Andrew chuckled, taking her hand in his gently. "How. Because as a Garrott. I come from royalty. They will not question me. Or London for that matter. Nor will they wish to test the waters, to see what will spring out of it."

"As for why...-" he trailed off, his thumb and index finger bringing her face close to his.

"That would be.. Because you are the ember that ignites my soul, the wind that makes my soul take flight. The beautiful darkness that I embrace like the mystifying night. I care for you, Aura. A great deal."

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