Chapter 1

Looking at the keyhole, with the key in one hand, and a bag in the other Aya was uncertain if she wanted to unlock the door. She was going over numerous scenarios in which she had previously walked in on her roommate and her new boyfriend. Okay, so he wasn't new, but he was new to the house, he had moved in about a month ago, after a year of dating. And they took no discretion to their new sex life.

Aya could think of seven different occasions on which she had come home to them having sex, and completely ignored the fact that someone had just walked in on them. The only thing Aya could have done, though was hold up her hand to block the view of them, and carry on her business, she dared not to stop them, because that would have only led to more embarrassment.

The funny thing was, each time she walked by them, it was only until she had reached her room and shut the door, did she hear her friend stop, move, then say "What was that? I think someone's in the house?"

Then hear her boyfriend reply "oh, Aya's probably home" Then they would continue.

So at this harsh moment, Aya finally decided to do what she had not done in the past month of him living here, nor the entire year and four months she had been living there. She knocked on the door. Then she checked to see if the door was unlocked, which it was, and then slowly opened it.

When she peeked her face around the corner, with pink locks spilling around the doorway, she noticed her roommate, Rika, her boyfriend, Zeil, and then another male, all sitting on the couch.

"Oh! Aya you silly girl! What are you doing knocking on the door? You live here silly!" Rika called, quickly spotting Aya.

Aya's face turned red…. Of course, the one time she's actually cautious nothings going on. Aya roared a deep grumbly roar.

In high school Aya had a crush on a boy, he had been her friend since she first transferred, and they had class together from freshmen year till they graduated. And he wanted to be in a heavy metal band wear they scream, and growl and things like that. He tended to do that in class when he was bored, or just randomly growl at people.

Soon Aya got in the habit of growling back, until she was a pro, she could not speak words while growling, and she had to be really frustrated to make the noise, but she could do it.

Well at this moment Aya was infuriated! And so frustrated with her bad luck. When she finally let it all out, she looked over and the three of them were scared.

"W-what's wrong?" Rika asked in a meek voice.

"What's wrong!?" Aya repeated, shouting. "Every single time I come home, and I'm not cautious I end up walking in on you guys having sex on the couch! I can't say anything cuz it would be more awkward to do so! But the one time I'm actually cautious is when your not even doing anything! How I hate my luck! And we need to set down some roommate agreements!"

The shocked and disgusted new guy looked at the two of them, jumped up, once he realized he was sitting on that very couch and looked back at the two of them. "Yes, I do agree, we NEED some rules around here, if that's how you guys act!" He shouted.

Aya froze… and looked at the guy, then at Rika and Zeil. "Um, yeah, like who is this? And why is he demanding rules?"

"Oh! Sorry Aya" Zeil started, looking a little worried. "This is Ryuu, he's my friend, he needs a place to live, and since he has a job and their's three rooms in this house, I figured we could take your art stuff out of the spare room and he could move in."

Tears swelled up in Aya's eyes. "No" Aya cried pathetically.

Rika shielded her eyes from Aya, for looking at that face, was like looking at a sad cute puppy. "Aya, I know you love your art, but if it mattered that much, you'd be in collage right now, not here"

"I know" Aya said looking at the floor.

"Besides, you can move most of it up into the attic" Zeil said shielding his eyes as well. "BUT! Too avert the topic from Aya's pathetic face, how about we start moving the stuff in Aya's art room, up to the attic."

"WAIT!" Aya screamed, probably scaring them shitless from the dramatic emotion change. She ran into her art room, took out a poster board, Three markers, a notebook, and a pencil.

She ran back into the living room, sat the things down on the coffee table, looked at Ryuu and held out her hand, and smiled. "Welcome to wonderland!"

He laughed. Then shook Aya's hand.

"Okay guys! Rules! Rule one is defiantly no fornicating in public areas! Meaning anywhere other then your room."

Rika raised her hand. "One, why fornicating, two: THAT'S NO FUN!"

"One" Aya replied sternly, "because this poster is being hung up, and I figured it would be less embarrassing for others to see, then SEX. Two! Because I'm tired of walking in on you guys!"

"Fine" Rika mumbled, obviously irritated.

"Rule two!" Zeil stated, raising his voice. "should be, we must take turns doing chores! I end up doing most of the chores, yet Rika works less then I do!"

Aya rubbed her temple. "Okay, how about we will ALL do chores, but the person who works more, will do less, going down to the person who works less, will do more" Aya said looking at Rika. Rika trembled with fear.

"Rule three is TV time!" Rika piped in, finally getting a rule that doesn't hurt her. "one where we take turns with who controls the TV"

"Okay, first one to the TV gets to decide what they want to watch till another person comes in, then you have till either that episode, or movie is over, or till they leave, to change the channel, And on weekends we'll do the same with movies, we'll take turns picking a movie." Aya continued.

"Rule four!" Ryuu piped up "Should be…. Uh… idk? Who cooks?"

"I do!" Rika said raising her hand.

"I do too from time to time, but I only know how to roman noodles, and those boxed helpers. Otherwise I'm the sweets cooker, anything from breakfast to deserts, as long as its sweat I'm sure I can make it good." Aya said raising her hand.

Rika started drooling. "Aya makes the best French toast, and cakes"

"I've only had her sweets a couple times but they are delicious" Zeil piped in, drooling as well.

"But don't let her cook anything other then the things she listed, cuz she'll burn it, or make it taste like vomit" Rika whispered, with a disgusted look. Zeil nodded.

"Duly noted" Ryuu whispered back.

"Hey!" Aya yelled. "Those hamburgers I made last week weren't that bad!"

Rika snickered violently, trying to hold back laughter, but there was too much to contain it all.

"They were burnt" Zeil whispered to Ryuu.

"Anyways!" Aya shouted slamming her hand on the coffee table, "if we don't have anymore right now we can think of, we'll come back to it. So I guess for now we should start getting my stuff out of Ryuu's new room." Aya said as she got up and started to her room.

As soon as she left the room, Zeil leaned over to Ryuu and said, "She only wants to get off the topic of her horrible cooking"

"I HEARD THAT!" Aya screamed, causing the three of them to laugh harder. "COME HELP ME GOD DAMN IT, I CAN'T MOVE THIS CONFLABIT BIG GOD DAMN DO-EE-MA-HICKY"

"Did she just say… do-ee-ma-hicky?" Ryuu asked.

"Huh? Oh, she says it all the time, its her favorite word for something she can't remember." Rika said as she shrugged.

Ryuu laughed, "I think this this will be more fun then I thought it'd be" he mumbled to himself, with a snicker.