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First off I would like to thank the late Shotaro Ishinomori and TOEI for the main inspiration. Arigatou, Ishinomori-san to TOEI! (^w^)/

Second, I'd like to thank Haim Saban and the FOX network, for the additional inspiration. Thank you, Saban and FOX. :)

Anyway... yeah, this is an original story based heavily off a particular genre of superhero.

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Planet Korai, Unified Republic of Suma

Stardate 5.27.3172, 22:47 Korai Global Standard Time

A city, full of people seemingly from Earth. The writing was similar to Earth's languages, the languages were similar to Earth's, perhaps if they had evolved and mixed differently.

But the star layout in the sky and the red streaks across the moon's surface said otherwise.

It was a fairly normal night in Zhongoku-mura, which had become one of the planet's leading technological giants in the last galactic century. A perfect target, for a group of space terrorists in need of supplies.

A missile appeared, striking the road in the Lyubu district and a couple of armed and amored figures, one male (Aryo Spiiduiegen) and one female (Jasutin Biba), accompanied by a bunch of armed androids appeared.

Spiidueigen gave the survivors of the disaster a cold heartless stare, the sort of stare that had a rather demonic heartlessness that said he would torture his mother to death for the right price. If his mother had lived long enough for him to become that sort of man, those who perceived his expression that way would be right. "Battledroids, loot the shop and storage areas and slaughter anyone who gets in the way!" Spiidueigen said, then he turned his attention to the survivors as the Battledroids went about their pillaging. Biba made an almost equally inhumanly cruel stare as she said "You people... will be the motivation of the authorities to let us be while we do our robberies" and pointed a design of gun even the most well-versed gun collector would not recognize at the crowd.

Suddenly Biba and Spiidueigen's weapons got hot, forcing them to drop them. "All right, who were the idiots with a death wish?" Spiidueigen said as a sword blade stuck out of his right arm.

Out of the fleeing crowd came 3 seemingly ordinary women, unless you account for their non-Sumati attire. "Us, got a problem with that, dumbass?" said the one who would look Asian by Earth standards. "We cannot stand by and let you get away with murder" said the one who would look like a mix of Latina, Asian, and Caucasian with Asian and Latina being dominant but with blue hair and eyes. "End of the road." said the third, a white woman in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt from the 1980's.

Spiidueigen was... amused by their dialog, to say the least. "Alright, I'll test you since you're so sure you'll win... Battledroids, attack the 3 stupid girls!" he said. The cargo held by the Battledroids vanished into thin air as they started walking towards the girls.

It would be a short fight... except the Asian said "Yoshi minna henshin da" ("Alright everyone, let's transform!"), and their wristwatches called out "For great justice!" as the time display changed from the time to say "GA:RD". A bright light concealed them (except for their heads):

They raised their right arms up, almost touching hands as the glow over their hands was replaced by white gloves and red (for the Asian), blue (for the one of unidentified race), and yellow (for the Caucasuan) spandex sleeves. Then their torsos were focused on by the camera as red/blue/yellow spandex covered their chests and bellies. The camera moved a little south as a red/blue/yellow skirt covered their abdomen and their legs were covered by black spandex. The camera moved up as they did a feminine gesture while moving their hands across the area in front of their faces. And as the final detail, their boots became white boots with a red/blue/yellow stripe. All this happened at the same time in 2 or 3 seconds.

"Guardian Red, Eri Marshall!" said the Asian, now in a red superhero outfit. "Likewise, Blue, Ryoko Midoriyama!" said the woman of unidentified race, now in a blue superhero costume. Likewise, Yellow, Nerys Lockwood!" said the white woman, now in a yellow superhero costume. Then, doing a very magical girl anime-like team pose, the 3 said "Tokusentai... GUARDRANGER!" ("Special Battle Squad... GUARDRANGER!")

Spiidueigen, surprised by the outfit transformation but not impressed by their appearance, laughed and said "Such flimsy outfits. What do you plan to do against out Battledroids unarmed and in such flimsy battlesuits?" However... the 3 seemingly materialized weapons out of nowhere and defeated Battledroid after Battledroid as every strike upon the superheroes just released some energy discharge in the form of sparks. "Impossible!" Biba said as Spiidueigen said "Such technology shouldn't exist in this era! The Tori Federation ended hundreds of millions of years ago!" and the last Battledroid was wrecked.

Sensing impending doom but leaving a com line on, Spiidueigen said "No wonder you use such flimsy battle suits... you're also relics of the Tori Federation aren't you? And From a later era no doubt. Storing objects as data... only a theory in our time."

"No we aren't." the Red said, as they dematerialized their weapons. "Where we come from... we would be known as "super heroes". Now what might your names be, for when we turn you in to the authorities?"

"You may call me Aryo Spiidueigen, and my lovely partner is Jasutin Biba" Spiidueigen replied. Biba continued with "Not that it matters to those who are about to die. Is that what what you want to hear?"

However their words... were met with "R...E..." from the yellow and "Jus..." from the red, both followed by laughter. The red proceeded to say "You're joking, right?". Those names sounded ridiculous... JoJo's Bizarre Adventure this was not.

Spiidueigen and Biba, however, were not amused and pointed their guns at them. "Do we look like we are joking?" Biba asked.

"Fine... have it your way." The Red proceeded to materialize a weapon resembling a couple of guns resembling a high tech police handgun. Spiidueigen pointed his gun at the Red as the Red pointed her guns at Spiidueigen, while the Blue and Yellow handled Biba slightly off-camera.

Too bad the gunfight ended in a draw. It could have had a winner, if the Red had aimed for Spiidueigen's HEAD... that was when Spiidueigen pulled a handle out of his armor and out came a blade, which was then covered by what looked like bright beam. He then proceeded to charge at her with his knife pointed forward towards her.

The Red in was a panic, and moved slightly to the side as a sword appeared in her hands, which she swung at Spiidueigen as it briefly emitted a bright red glow... slicing off his head. She had just taken a life... she stared at the dead body and severed head in horror... she didn't become a hero to kill. Looking over towards her teammates... it turned out they were forced to burn Jasutin Biba's head to a crisp. They were now killers. Maybe not intentionally, but they had still taken lives.

Not a word needed to be said. They all knew what they had done. So they just confiscated the technology used by the villains and beamed out, along with whatever the villains had brought down with them...

But this is not the beginning of the story.