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1. What is with the name?

Tokusatsu (Toku means special, satsu means effect)

Sentai (Battle Squad)

Guardian (meaning a person who protects)


2. Jasutin Biba... I see what you did.

Most of the the villain names for the Devo Ice Gang are puns on singers, bands, and songs "spoken" with an alien accent.

4. I liked the transformation in chapter 1.

Thanks, it was actually a tribute to magical girls given a ranger twist.

6. (not actually asked) Why is the alien girl named Ryoko Midoriyama?

Parody of those anime shows where aliens have very Japanese sounding names.

7. (not actually asked) Why is her hair blue? Why does she have light brownish skin but blue eyes?

She isn't from Earth, who says that isn't possible with different racial lineages?

8. (not actually asked) Why were the ship captains in chapter 2 named Yeshua (Jesus) and Yehudas (Judas)?

Felt like it, couldn't think of anything better. I suppose they were from the Unified Republic of Suma or something. I'd say why I think that but spoilers.

A word from the author:

Got questions about the science behind some of the superhero stuff depicted? Ask for an explanation and I'll answer it in the intro to the next chapter.

What I will not answer (so far): How transporters work, or more specifically, how they can be used to move living things without killing them. Also, how a subspace tunnel network connecting inhabitable worlds is possible.

Fun fact, Middleton City is sort of a fictional city based on the real Oregonian city of Medford. All the non-national businesses and other locations have different names. But otherwise... same location, same structures. It even shares a lot of Medford's history. Different names is all.

And now for something completely different.

Deep space, sector 7211

A large structure passed through a subspace tunnel, one of many making interstellar travel possible. Inside it were some of the present day's greatest criminals. But not THE greatest. This was a delivery mission, sending cargo to the criminals' masters.

Inside the ship... the cargo turned out to be human. A beautiful woman with a mostly Latina-Asian appearance, blue hair, and blue eyes.

"Mr. Changryu, change course. We're detecting a Galactic Patrol vessel." the captain said. Changryu said "Yes sir, Captain Yeshua" and was about to do exactly that when...

A message started playing on the communication systems. "Attention unidentified vessel. Please state your business and present your datacards [on Earth, it would be"papers", "license(s) and identification" or something similar]." Sure enough, a Galactic Patrol scout vessel was nearby.

"Tamei!" ["Shit!" would be a close enough Earth approximation] and other vulgar words echoed across the bridge. They had very valid reason to be concerned. Such things as human/myra/haserk trafficking and piracy were very illegal in most nations, regardless of planet. Even their ship itself was stolen goods.

The captain was in a tight spot, fortunately his vessel was stolen from a military. In a manner of seconds the weapon systems were already targeting the GP scout vessel.

Their captive, needless to say, was worried for her life even moreso than she was before.

On the Galactic Patrol ship...

"Captain Yehudas, they're charging weapons" an officer could be heard saying. Yehudas reluctantly gave an order to fire back. Whether stolen or just plain hostile, they were in for a fight because it looked like a small warship... and the opening shots hit hard. A shame their expedition it seemed would be cut so short...

A fight between a scout ship and a warship would be short, though the scout ship did manage to do some decent damage to the pirates' ship before getting destroyed, enough for them to wipe the computer's memory and run for the escape crafts. They did abandon their captive though. The woman was worried... how long would she be stranded there? She managed to find an escape pod. Not as good as an escape craft, but good enough. It managed to target the nearest inhabitable planet and set a course for dry land...

Earth, 2012

Outskirts of Middleton City, Oregon

A small house on the more distant parts of a not small but not huge city... had never seen much excitement. A 2 months in misscarriage and failed relationships, but nothing like what it was about to experience...

..As an object fell from the sky and made both a crater and huge mess of dirt piles in the backyard. Indoors, it's owner heard the noise of the impact and went outside with a gun to see what made all the noise.

What she saw was right out of a science fiction movie. It proceeded to open up and out came a... human?

"Uhh... hi. Are you ok?" she asked the ?alien?.

"Meirin ta no ka lokia. Ko eresi tu?" the person replied.

"Uhh... Eri Marshall." As she said the name, the owner of the house pointed to herself.

"Ryoko Midoriyama" the figure replied, also pointing to herself.

Ryoko went back into the pod for a moment... then came out with a strange object and some cloth wrappings. After making a gesture that seemed to say "trust me" and taking a hold of Eri's wrist... she took the cover off the object... it was a needle for injecting medicine, by all appearances. And before Eri could do anything the needle was in her arm. The only reason she didn't squirm at the point was because that would make the pain worse. As soon as the needle was out and the wound from the injection was bandaged... she was understandably mad and started heading indoors. Add to her discomfort the fact that the stuff in the needle looked almost metallic.

But soon enough... Eri's brain felt different.

Ryoko said something... it seemed to mean "I am sorry for that Miss Eri but we do not speak the same language. Without the small robot technology we could not communicate."

Wait a minute. Eri could never understand... whatever that language was... before.

"Eh? How can I understand you?" Eri asked. "What was was that metallic stuff in the needle?"

Ryoko replied "Small robots. They interact with the brain and allow communication with anybody regardless of language. Although with new languages, the translation can be too literal."

"Nanobots? Nanotechnology?" Eri was surprised to actually see it, not so much that an alien civilization would have it.

"There is no time! We must get as far away from here as we can! The escape pod is probably signaling it's location to the space pirates as we speak!" Ryoko said in an urgent tone.

So the two got in a car and tried to head into town...


"Captain Matori, we found the source of the tracking signal. It's from an unknown planet in this sector, the third of 8" said a man in of apparent Latino descent.

"Good job, Lyokai. You're a credit to the Asukora name. Genma, set a course for the unknown world!" This was spoken by the captain, Shinya Matori, a man of apparent mixed Caucasian and Asian descent.

"Aye aye sir" said Genma Furakani, an older Japanese-looking man. The pirate ship proceeded to change it's route in the subspace tunnel network to a destination that had not been been visited by extraterrestrial humans in centuries.

Captain Matori gave one final order... "Therali Asukora, activate the cloaking device as soon as we approach the 4th planet and set weapons to standby just in case. You never know if they are advanced enough to see through cloaking." That order was given to Lyokai's sister, partially of the same descent as Ryoko... speaking of which...

Half an hour later later... Ryoko and Eri were about to enter the city when they saw a bright light and vanished, and without a driver Eri's car crashed into a sign post. They found themselves... in a transporter room?

Captain Matori entered the room with armed men and laughed. "You thought you could hide from us on a planet that has yet to develop nanotechnology, Ryoko? The Midoriyama family will pay us millions for your safe return... and who is this? A primitive from the planet you landed on? So sad, but nobody will miss him if we decide to use him to show what happens if we don't get paid."

Eri, having been called a guy for the millionth (?) time, said "Who are you calling HE? I just have a flat chest."

Captain Matori changed his tone drastically... "I suppose you could be used as a relief toy for my men then, if they don't pay up. That could be even more motivation for the Midoriyama family to pay us."

The transporter roomintercom turned on. "Captain, there is a Galactic Patrol battleship in the sector we are entering."

Matori was not pleased with this at all... "DAMN IT! Prepare to kill them if need be!" He headed out of the room while the guards watched their captives.


"Ship confirmed, Captain Refiel. It's the Matori Spear" said a pale skinned man at the communications staton.

"Good job, science officer. Mr. Serak, prepare for battle. Try to disable them, there's a big bounty on the bridge crew."

Meanwhile, beyond space and time, a mysterious presence watched... "I've seen them in the past... they must live..."

The GP battle ship and the Matori Spear engaged each other in battle. IN the Matori spear, there was a state of panic as the 2 ships were evenly matched.

Too evenly matched?

The battle eventually ended in a stalemate with the crews of the 2 ships running for the escape crafts.

Once again, beyond time and space, the mysterious presence saw the 2 were in danger. "I must help them... but it is too soon to reveal myself."

Eri and Ryoko were still there, in the transporter room, when the guards pointing weapons at them suddenly fell unconscious.

"Eeeehh?" the 2 said, and they almost instinctively ran to the part of the ship with smaller crafts and got in one. The craft started up automatically and Ryoko piloted it into space.

"We can't stay here, it's a warzone!" Eri exclaimed.

"Where can we go? There aren't that many charted planets in your part of the galaxy." Ryoko replied.

At that the ship's computer started up suddenly, and set course for a region of unknown space.

"What the...?" Eri said in response to that.

The ship's autopilot started up...



They woke up, having landed in a clear-ish part of a prehistoric jungle.

Eri was taken by the beauty of the surroundings until she saw a familiar sight, but one she thought was extinct. A dinosaur? But they were extinct... and the external sensors showed the planet had a blue moon.


"What is a velociraptor?"

"An animal from my planet that went extinct millions of years ago."

"Well practically every planet has the same animal life at one point or another, and some are more primitive than others."

"Well it looks like a velociraptor."

"Looks like a tenafi to me. Protected animals, illegal but effective as protection."

Eri's eyes opened wide at hearing that. "I hope we can get help before the shuttle's rations run out and we have to face the velociraptors..."


Wearing somewhat oversized jumpsuits, they watched over a pot of water with their clothes in it in a perimeter protected only by a force field... one that at this point was reliant entirely on thermal and solar energy. A smilodon (saber toothed cat/tiger) approached and got stunned by the forcefield, and the ship's laser shot it in the head. They would eat for 4 or 5 more days.


"Ryoko... we might have to live the rest of our lives here..."

"You think I don't know that?"

"You don't get it. You don't know what this is like for me. All my attempts with men failed so I gave up on them.


"To be alone with you... I have company yet I am alone..."


They had at this point gotten so desperate for human contact that they were changing clothes and sleeping together and near the point where they were no longer just friends... but any attempts by Eri, even in her sleep, to put her arms around Ryoko, were thanked with a slap.


?, Main computer room

A male slightly electronic voice said "The message has been processed and translated. Suzuki unit, locate the shuttle and bring the occupants here if they are still alive."


"Eri... I think I might be willing to... it would be better than with one of those die-naw-sorz."

"Thank you, Ryoko."

The two looked into each other's eyes... when... the shuttle's computer came on.

"Your message has been received. Please do not move. A robot is being sent to locate your shuttle and transport it to my location. Do not be alarmed."