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Friends and Strangers, part one:
In a different world, two clans were left over after a war had subsided. Both noble clans of foxes in the beginning, but now a dwindling few trying just to get on their way.

The first was a clan called the Nurtures. They dwelled the land quickly and silently due to their plain colored fur, some of which hung over their eyes like hair. They didn't usually travel back before the war, not unless they'd done everything they could to improve the land around them. However, the war sent the now small clan on the run.

The leader of the clan at the moment was by the name of Mira. She was a strong leader, and happily took responsibility first hand. Her chocolate fur shone brightly in the moonlight alongside the white patches that lined it. She and her second in command, Kaito, were on alert that night, the usual guard sick with a terrible fever. Just as one of the other females, and Kaito's mate, Shira, approached from the den where the guard, Mato, was healing, a glean came from the distance. Soon, a unnaturally colored fox ran near the den ground. He saw the group, but kept running. He was from the clan known as the travelers, a group of nomadic like foxes who roamed the earth due to their odd coloring. They used brute force and not stealth to attack their enemies, something The Nurtures weren't used to. Kaito lead his mate away from view and confronted the other fox,
" What're you doing in our territory, Vivid?" He snarled. The term "Vivid" was an offense to the Travelers, Something Mira knew quite well. She stopped him,
" BROTHER! They're foxes as well! Do NOT call them by that name! How would you feel if HE called YOU a ' Mellow Tone'?"

He growled.

" Exactly. What seems to be your reason for entering our den grounds, Traveler?"
The multi colored fox, who was mostly different tones of blue, with a map of stars across his fur, panted in between words, obviously in need of help due to the speed he must've been running, " We saw- your fire. We need- help. Our leader- he got attacked by- a bear. He's breathing- but he may have cracked a rib. We need assistance. He's stubborn, but he needs a resting area for a few days. I don't want him to wake up and.. Puncture something important." He hesitated.
" Alright." Mira said.
" WHAT?" Kaito screamed.
" Yes, brother, I know, it could be a trap, yadda yadda, but at least the call will be MINE like it's supposed to be. Can you carry your leader here, or shall I assist you?"
" My colleagues and I have done so before, so we can carry him. I shall return."
Moments later, the Traveler came back with several others, the largest carrying a fire colored fox on his back, said fox probably being the leader spoken of. Shira ran up to assist them, but Kaito held her back. He had no intentions to get his mate hurt if these foxes were intending badly. The blue fox from earlier came up and introduced the clan members,
" The one carrying our leader is named Gruff, our leader is called Scolde, the albino fox is Light, and I am simply called Boomer. We all apologize for the interruption of your night.
" It's fine. Shira?" The dark colored wolf raised her head in response, her voice was shaky and quiet," Y-yes?"
" Is there room in the den for their leader?"
" I- I think there is. Right this way."

The group emerged from the deb moments later, all seemed relieved to see their leader in a healing den.

" You can stay in the camp until tomorrow when we can figure out your placements here until your leader is recovered. There is a lone den near the other end of the camp. Make something of yourselves there if you'd like. Do you mind sleeping all together?
" It's all we know." Boomer smiled before thanking her greatly and heading to the vacant den with the others. One trailed behind, a little kit who hadn't been introduced. The largest, Gruff, came back and picked her up by her scruff with his teeth. He smiled at Mira and bowed slightly before heading back...
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