Children playing, swinging and running

Parents talking on the benches of the park, laughing away

People working, enjoying their lives

30 seconds left

Couples sitting and having a romantic dinner, not knowing

Teachers teaching misbehaving children

Children messing about, having fun, not knowing…

20 seconds left

Families having picnics

People swimming with their friends

People eating while others starve

Families uniting

10 seconds left

Babies being born, the miracle of life

9 seconds left

Old, worn-out people fading away

8 seconds left

People sleeping peacefully

7 seconds left

The patient lying in her hospital bed

Whilst the cancer is eating her away

6 seconds left

Animals fleeing for their lives

5 seconds left

Babies crying knowing what's going to happen

4 seconds left

People living peacefully

3 seconds left

Children making friends

2 seconds left

Angels watching over us

1 second left

Out of time.