3 - Sienna

I'm in the parking lot of Unity Acadamy, Central Sector, Aidstone. The only person here is me.

I like it like that.

Nobody comes here at this time of day. Right now most people are taking classes, eating, or running laps, target practice.

I don't do stuff like that.

There are too many people there. Too many people gives me a headache. I try to ignore what's been happening to me, but it's hopeless.

The countdown. It's there. On every living soul it's there.

And I swear, it's driving me mental.

I shut my eyes. I can't see anything. That's good. Black swims in my vision.

I open my eyes. Someone walks past.

A girl. Long, curly, caramel coloured hair. I run over, grab her shoulders and wave a hand over her head, through the countdown.

She hits me and runs off, looking pissed.

I sit myself back down on the concrete, my head in my hands.

My breathing is fast and shallow, my mind is whirring to find any logical solution. I flick a strand of my white blonde hair off my face and curl my legs up. It starts to rain and I let it soak me, my already tight uniform now clinging to my skin even more. The sky is grey and dark, and the rain falls heavier.

I notice that someone else is sitting beside me. I don't recognise them, and I wonder why they're out here instead of being warm and dry inside, learning what the government wants and someday maybe earning a prestigious position like an offical for the army or perhaps a minor member of the government. I inch over to them, waving my hand again. They walk away, looking at me with disgust and dialling someone on my phone. Perhaps the people from the mental hospital. I wouldn't be surprised.

But I know what I'm seeing.

Some part of me knows that it's not just me going crazy.

I get up, and walk towards the iron gates of the Academy in a daze, and silently climb over onto the busy street heaving with people.

Nobody seems to have a care in the world, everybody who lives here has a well earning job and enough money to buy various items in the shops.

I walk, and then run, and then break into a sprint, running as fast as I can to I really don't know where. I just need to get away from it all.

Pressing myself against the smooth, cold wall of an apartment block I see a warfront soldier being carried on a stretcher towards an army van.

Five. I bring my head around the corner.

Four. I run over to the soldier and the two doctors.

Three. I stand there, watching in a daze.

Two. Several members of the public stare at me.

One. I try to cover my eyes.

Zero. I lower my head, and a single tear runs down my face.

One of the doctors gets the man into the van and shuts the door. The siren rings and they rush off to the hospital, but this person can't be saved.

On the other side of the road there is a large glass shop window, ads for new products and a sign saying: All tablets 20% off! Without thinking, I run through the traffic, sevaral drivers honking their horns and skidding to a stop.

I don't care. Just running forwards until I reach the white sidewalk.

I look at myself. No countdown.

I scream.