Everyone was talking about Mr. Muffin and his fantasy world. To be honest, I was very interesting with his fantasy world and his story about his adventure in the fantasy world. I ever went to his house. The first place of his house that I really like to go is his library. I accidently found his diary, and then I secretly read his diary. His diary was totally made me bored, but then, on the page 13, he wrote about the fantasy world.

November 13

I dug in the forest that near from my house to find my comic edition that my grandson hided. I dug, dug, and dug. But I didn't find what I was looking for. But I keep dug, and then I saw something, like flash that showed up from under the ground. I dug deeper to find what it is. Believe it or not, I found a door, a colorful door. I opened the door and then a fantasy world located right in front of me. I can't say a word. I walked follow the arrow, step by step I took, and I started felt like I was in the different world. Suddenly, a voice from the bushes, and I told you, believe it or not, the voice came from a girl with wings, or we can called it "fairy". She smiled at me and said "hey, you looked shock after you saw me, are you a new people in here?" The only word I can say is just "yes"

"Trettt" the voice of the opened door made me stopped reading. Mr. Muffin came inside. I put the diary back and acting like I was searching for a book.

"Veronica, why were you so long in here?" asked Mr. Muffin

"Oh, hey Mr. Muffin, I think you don't mind if I spend my free time in your library, do you?" I said

"Of course I don't mind, you can be in here whenever you want" said Mr. Muffin

"And by the way, I found this book, and I was in love with this book, may I borrow this book?" asked me, acting like I never read his diary and trying to breath slowly.

"That book? The lost Empire. Nice choose, of course you may. The lost empire is the most popular book when I was kid. That book had so many memories in it. And by the way, my grandson would come; I swear you would like him at first sight" Mr. Muffin answer

"Okay-oaky, enjoy your day mister, and about your grandson, it can be, but I wouldn't be in love with anyone. My carrier is more worth for me, ha-ha" I answer and laugh.

Mr. Muffin went away. The door closed, and everything looks great. Oh my god, it was emergency situation, "what if" he knew that I read his diary, just by imagine, I could see my whole life would change. I spend around four hours in Mr. Muffin's library. I felt not good if I stayed in his house more long. So I went home and start reading the book that I borrowed from Mr. Muffin. I think I knew why this book was very popular, I mean, there was a treasure map. But, the last place is the forest, the forest that near from Mr. Muffin's house. And I started remembering about the diary, in that book, wrote "I dug in the forest that near from my house" and "I found a door, a colorful door". I was thinking, maybe Mr. Muffin rights, about the door, and the fairy, and the fantasy world, maybe the fantasy world did exist. But nobody trusts him, everybody think he's crazy and has lost his mind. After I read the book, I slept hours, and then my mom knocked my room's door.

To be continued..