Love Is Fiction

Come to me in dreams
That I may see your damned face.
Your beauteous face.

Come back in tears, love,
That I may remember you
And your foolish ways.

Come to me, Silence,
That I may hold you to me
And hear your sweet voice.

Come back to the light
That I may know you again,
That I might love you.

Come to me at night
That I may lie near to you,
Embrace you, kiss you.

Come back to my arms,
Our hearts may beat in tandem
In the silent dark.

Come to me, eyes bright
Like the water in the stream.
Answer my questions.

Come back to me, dear,
Be mine again, mine alone.
You know, I love you.

Come to me, my love.
Be true, be brave, be my own.
Meet my warm embrace.

Come back, please, come back
Fairy-tale prince from afar.
Light the dark once more.