Love me not: False Hopes

It was a normal day of school for Mai, she'd write on her little diary whenever she took a peak at the apple of her eyes. People would think it was unusual and an old fashioned way of expressing one's feelings, it was the reason why gadgets were created, but Mai preferred it anyway. After all it was a gift she received from him.

The guy sitting in front, sleeping but pretended to write to allow his dozing continue, was named Kaoru. She had her eyes on him for a long time, but never bothered to talk to him since he was a bit weird.

Like the usual, he sleeps in most subjects… such a lazy bastard in short.

Her seat was beyond at the back, she was lucky enough just to see a bit of his movements.

The bell finally signaled lunch, the students stood up from their seat and each formed circles with their chairs and desks to eat their bento, while the others went for cafeteria food like Mai. But nature called her first.

Bathroom… bathroom…

Kaoru remained asleep, ignoring his friends' invitations to eat in the classroom. He was one of the lazy guys who just goes to school and doesn't do more than sit around and sleep.

The moment Mai slammed the door closed, he flew awake, "The hell…" his half-opened eyes stared blindly at the blackboard, then his attention went to the little notebook he saw on the ground, with slight curiosity, he picked it up and read to whom it belonged, "Kotomine Mai… ah, my classmate… I think…" he lazily rubbed the back of his head then returned to his seat. He started to browse the contents of the notebook, he started from the middle so he missed the warning from the first page, "Okay… November 21, 2012 - Kaoru took a glimpse at me, but I don't know if he's really awake… It's all about me," he almost dropped the diary as someone yelled at his ears.

"Hey! That's Mai's diary! Why are you reading it?!" a random girl slammed her hand on his desk. Oh, probably her friend.

"Finders keepers," he replied.

An angry mark appeared on her face, "Return it to her!" she was practically turning red, Kaoru wasn't taking her seriously.


"At the rooftop! Sheesh! She's probably looking for it." Without another word, he stood up and went for the rooftop to return it, "Have you heard of running? That's special to her you know."

He just quickened his steps.


The rooftop door was opened, revealing a girl panicking herself out, "What if Kaoru finds it?!" her face was already red from the speculations she made.

"I got it here," he entered and threw her the diary, she caught it with one hand and shoved it in her pocket.

"Don't tell me… you read it….?" she gulped.

"Only the crucial parts," his tone sounded bored and uninterested, but his intentions were to confirm her feelings, "I see you like me a lot."

What did I like about him again? He's just a lazy bum and a dork, not that I'm any smarter… is he cute? Average is one way to put it… he's not ugly after all…

"I do… but how come I'm not nervous? I mean around you… you read my diary and all."

"Maybe you really don't like me at all."

"But how come...?"

"You could be just any other idiot."

The End

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