A/N: Hello. It is strange to write, I own this, because I have not written that in a while. Anyway, I OWN THIS STORY. There. Now would you all please be kind enough to tell me what you think of this? Thank you.

I never thought this would be happening four years ago.

I work for the GDPA (Global Dependent Princess Association). You have never heard of the GDPA, at least, not until now. But if anyone asks you if you have heard of the GDPA, you will say no. I am not under the ability to tell you this, or write this novel, but I have to. The world has to know what a great danger our royal families are in all the time. Every single Princess or Prince is in extreme danger at the very moment you are reading this.

Now that we have that covered, I can begin my story.

I was born Thalia Annette Marinette. Call me Lia. My family lived on an island off the coast of Magalia, a tiny nation, which no one has ever heard of. This is because it is involved in a secret association. The GDPA. My father and mother were large investors into the GDPA, but when I was born they decided to lay low and have a few more children. They had two more children, Philippe Albert and Annabella Amanda, my two younger siblings. But just as my mother was pregnant with another child, just after my twelfth birthday, the bombers hit. They hit the main base, where my mother had just landed with my aunt, Jenna.

Ever since the GDPA has moved underground, under the ruins of the once prosperous association. Magalia does not exist anymore according to the main authorities in the UN. We do not exist. We are all dead.

This gives the GDPA a huge advantage.

And this is where things start getting good.

My father, with his three half-orphaned children, relocated us to the out laying country of Faria.

I first thought it was because of the country. Faria was a beautiful nation of around ten-thousand people, who all loved their queen and king.

But then I saw the Princess Gwendolyn Alliana Regetta Thyme.

Then I found out all about my father, who he was, and why exactly he had us move to the wonderful nation of Faria.

It was because of Princess Gwendolyn and me. We looked exactly the same.


The GDPA thought this was a wonderful happening. They thought this would be a wonderful option to have if ever the palace needed a stand in princess so they could hide the real princess.

Or if the princess went hooky on everyone and ran away the moment her engagement was announced.

Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. I must stop and wait and think things through, how best to start off this story of two girl's lives.

I think I've got it.


I was fifteen when my father sent me to work at the palace as the handmaiden for the royal Princess Gwendolyn Alliana Regetta Thyme. He told me and my siblings it would be a wonderful thing to do, work in the palace.

Work for our country.

That was what he told us at first, then he said, "Lia, Phil, Ana, you know what I mean when I say GDPA?"

Those few words where the remaking of my entire life. Before I had known why we had moved to Faria, but my siblings hadn't. Before, I had just excepted that my dad was a secret agent working for some secret association for Princesses and Princes.

I had excepted that one day I would follow in his footsteps. Just not when I was fifteen.

But I had no choice, the decision had been made for me, I was to work as the Princess's handmaiden, watching her every movement so I could, when or if the time came, be her in a way.

I just wasn't expecting it at all.



"Lia, what time did James say to be there?" asked Gwen, who was sitting in her suite, reading a large book in the morning light.

I pulled my head out of her dresser. "Ten," I answered, pulling out a dress. "What do you think?" I giggled, holding it up to my body.

She smiled, putting down her book and coming over.

"I think it looks better on you than it does on me," she smiled, taking out another dress. This one was a short summer dress, a yellow color which accented her black locks just as much as mine did. The dress I was holding was the same style as the yellow, but a green instead.

"Oh contraire, your highness! You are much more lovely than I," I insisted, putting the green dress back onto the rack.

She laughed, pulling the dress back out, "Don't be silly Lia, you've got to come too, and I won't have you showing up in those horrid jeans you wear all the time," she mocked me, giving me the dress and shoving me towards the changing curtain. "It's your turn to play princess."

"I don't want to Gwen!" I shouted as she pulled the curtain closed.

"I'm waiting, and I order you to wear that gown!"

I watched her tanned legs start tapping the plush floor. I groaned and slipped off my comfortable jeans.

"Fine your highness!" I mocked, throwing my jeans over the curtain. Shortly, my shirt followed.

"You know, I don't know why you insist on wearing those awful university shirts. You realize, we've still got until fall?" she asked.

"Yes. But I figure, why not just support my collage."

"But it's not like you don't have anything to wear. One of these days I'm going to throw out all of your clothes and force you to wear something acceptable," she threatened.

"You wouldn't!" I laughed, throwing aside the curtain and stepping out. "How do I look?"

She gasped. "Oh my!" She grabbed my hand and dragged me over to the mirror. As I looked into the mirror I saw…me.

"What's the big deal?" I asked. But then I realized, the person I thought was me, wasn't moving her lips. I stared at the two girls in the mirror. "Oh my…"

"You look exactly the same as always," called a voice from behind us. We spun around, looking around quickly. I stepped in front of Gwen out of precaution, but found that it was only Phil.

"We could have been naked!" I cried, crossing my arms and stepping away from Gwen.

"You aren't," he pointed out, sitting down onto her couches. "I'm here to say that you two should be hurrying up. James said he wants to get this over with as quickly as possible."

"Tell James that we will come when we think it is right," Gwen answered snootily. Phil frowned.

"You can't say anything Lia," he sneered. Then he bowed to me. "Princess Gwendolyn."

I glanced back at Gwen, who was standing there in her jeans and shawl open mouthed, looking like a fish.

My brother laughed and left the room.

"I'm Gwen!" cried the Princess, staring at me with wide eyes. "I'm not you! You're not me! Oh god!"

"If you want me to take off the dress, I gladly will, your majesty," I said, gesturing to my clothes on the curtain rod.

"No, no, it's quite all right. I'll just go put on my dress."