"Lune! You look beautiful!" exclaimed the seventeen year old Fleur.

"As do you!" I hugged her. "You all do!" I smiled at my sisters, and Lily Flame, Emma, and Anna (Anna had married Tree the year before). They did. They were all wearing green dresses with their hair down. They all held bouquets of flowers, lilies.

My gown was blue, my black hair was falling in waves to the middle of my back. I wore no jewels.

"I hope you'll do alright in the Unknown Forest, Lune," said Anna.

"You know it's only because I am unstable ever since that…day. We decided this was best. I won't harm or blow up anyone other than squirrels and animals," I told her. "Anyway, don't be too sad, I promise I'll visit sometime. Soon." I smiled at her.

"We'll all miss you, Lune," said Emma.

"As will I."

My mother, Aunt, and Iza appeared in the door. They were all dressed up. Moma said, "Come on dears, they're almost ready." We went down to the Fogerto and then out to the front lawn.

People stood about.

Fleur took my arm, saying, "Since Bertie isn't here, I'll fill in."

John stood next to the pastor, oddly enough M. Lewy. He was so handsome in his suit. His blonde hair glimmered in the sun light.

After this it would be to the Unknown Forest and we will – hopefully – live happily ever after.