In the galaxy there used to never be war, hatred, malice or anything bad till one fateful day when the hate came and this is the story about all of the events that happened to the planet and the galaxy



"So if you're Reading this, I am going to assume that you are in trouble by the forces of the light and the dark, so I warn you now before you read on. The forces of the light and the dark and people are war cravers, much like Ares the Greek god of war…. sorry about not mentioning my (yoooouch!) name. I apologize about that, Dawnshredder, my brother, (he is a child of the light) just nipped me in the butt with a fire bee. I am Duskkiller, a child of the dark. (Just in case you don't know, the only difference between a child of the light and a child of the dark is that they have different forms of travels.)"

"Hi there, Dawnshredder, Duskkillers brother, is talking here. (Heeelp meee someone! Youuch!) That was Starkiller, my brothers' pet who is part hydra/neamean lion/hell hound. Trust me on this one, its bite is way worse than its bark. My pets name is Skydiver and the fire bee you heard about earlier is a shapeshifter. Its favorite form is a fire bee, which was a tough choice out of 9999, 9999,9999,9999,9999 things to change into. It took him literally years to decide between a phoenix and a fire bee, so he chose the most annoying creature there is, which is a fire bee. The second most annoying creature is a plasma mosquito, which my mom and dad owned before they died in battle arguing about me and my twin brother Duskkiller who is a war monger meaning he loves war as for me I hate war . However, as fate would have it, I was claimed by my mom who was a child of light. Because of this I had to be separated from my brother, Duskkiller, so that we would have an easier time being enemies in the future. Oh yeah, the light and the dark are bitter enemies, and have been since the beginning of time. The light always wanting to take over the dark and the dark always wanting to take over the light etc. etc. etc. Anyway, I quickly became a general with a female sergeant named Stargazer, (whose appearance resembled mine) leading the light forces against the dark forces of whom my brother, Dawnshredder, was the general of with his female sergeant."

"Hi Duskkiller here again. As Dawnshredder was saying I was also was a general, and my female sergeants' name is Timegazer. She always seemed distant; never focused on the battle ahead, yet when the battle came it was as though she knew what all of our opponents were going to do, and how my soldiers were going to react to them, before the enemy even attacked our soldiers. Sergeant Timegazer's pets name was Paradox, and mine was Starkiller. They were always fighting side by side in battle."

"So anyway, Duskkiller and I first met in battle. He and I were locked in hand to hand combat for a whole week. Then he and I drew out our beam swords and were again locked in armed combat for another week until someone knocked Duskkiller and me on the head with a cannon ball. Unlike humans, we have extremely thick, strong skulls and skeletons. Just to make this clear, on our world it is considered more courageous to do hand to hand combat first, and then pull out the weapons if hand to hand combat fails. I became partially conscious and remember being dragged through volcanic ash and over an entire ocean of ice. However, Duskkiller somehow managed to stay conscious through the whole thing. By the way, our lieutenants were the ones who dragged us across the volcanic ash and over the ocean of ice. When I became fully conscious my brother and I warp traveled through the sunset and sunrise back to the battle field only to find all of our forces and my brother's forces died under the moonlight. There were no wounds from anything that we can make or any animal wounds like claws, teeth etc... Except for they were all incredibly aged past there years and they were floating with their hands around there throat like as if they were choking. when I awoke Duskkiller explained everything that had happened."



"(Dawnshredder talking again) the first deaths in the war were Duskkiller's mom and my dad (oh I'm already at the battlefield). I guess it is true what they say that travel by sunrise is the only way to travel for a child of the light. However for a child of the dark it is traveling by sunset. So, anyway, I left my brother, Duskkiller swimming in the ocean of lava surrounded by electric piranhas. Yes, this is very dangerous and deadly, but I find it effective for killing someone I strongly detest. I guess I was cruel for leaving him alone swimming in the ocean of lava about to be killed by electric piranhas and not taking him with me when I traveled through the sunrise. But what can I say? I really don't like him." (Duskkiller talking) "One thing that kept me alive while I was being attacked by electric piranhas was the words spoken by my sergeant Timegazer."

"One will survive and one will die by a guardian lava\water cat. But both of their lives depend on a rhyming riddle which no one has gotten right for over 999 thousand years. Only time will tell who survives the travels throw the portals of time. Through the whirlpool one travel to his doom, one will fall and not be able to save himself as well as his family and loved ones. In the cave of sound the other will die with the first one forever more or be alive for all eternities with the brother learning forever more on how to jump when needed or wanted in the dawn or the dusk. To war or to peace, to death or to life; to love or to hate. One will fall one will rise, or both will fall or both will rise. What ever happens, death will come by sunset to night on the ninth day of the ninth week of the ninth month of the ninth year after the nine wars. They shall fall by their twin sisters in the cave of light where they will meet their origin and their long lost twin sisters. These two will also have met their own doom and there own fate when they were warriors. But in the cave of dark and death is where the sacrifice will be made on the table of time and space, where the one who answers the riddle correctly will choose to let the creator of the riddle live or die. However, for this choice he will be tortured forever more and the riddle maker will reveal himself. He who made that riddles so long ago, through time and space both. That riddle that was written on galactic metal which is forged out of neo bidium (which is a nuclear magnet) and the very essence of time itself, in sync with time and that the ancestors wrote on in the dawn of time. The tablet will crumble away, along with the secrets it held for all those years. Only the one who created the riddle will know the secrets of the tablet that was lost to time in the year 9988 B.C. After millenniums and centuries to come, from Atlantis to the cave of light and origin (near the cave of origin is the cave of echoes,) in a chamber that has not been seen since the tablet was made and Hidden, to be guarded by a flaming hydra wolf until the prophecy was fulfilled, and the riddle solved, along with the puzzle that was made eons ago. Now this is the end of this riddle. The one who travels through the sunset spares the maker of the riddle and brother after wondering why he spared his life."



"Okay then, Dawnshredder here. How in the world did you manage to memorize the whole prophecy like that? That's amazing and crazy at the same time. However it's not as crazy as the time when you jumped off of a cliff to save your lieutenant in the electric ocean." With a sly smile and a shrug of his shoulders Duskkiller answered "Well, you know, I'm just lucky that way." (What I didn't tell Dawnshredder was that while I was in the ocean of lava I was board so I came up with a riddle. Spin, spin, spin around till you can't spin anymore then spin some more and tell me what you see. What is light, what is dark, what is hot, what is cold? So tell me this, what is all? What I didn't know was how useful this riddle I created would become.)



"Sweet, it is almost sunset here on Alpha Omega 10. We have 10 suns and 10 moons, and all of them set or rise. You can sort of warp travel to a location by sunset if you are a child of the dark, and if you're a child of the light you can warp travel to any location by sunrise. Now the 10 suns are set to travel in if you are a child of the dark - charge!" (Dawnshredder talking) "Yooooouch Why did you fall on top of me? Get off of me now! Please and thank you. How did you get here so fast?" (Duskkiller talking) "Through the sunset just like you got here through the sunrise.

"Oh I forgot about that (stupid) brother," Answered Dawnshredder.

"Well, (Duskkiller here) with both of our enemies destroyed by some unknown cause, we were faced with the unthinkable prospect of working together. Really, it was not a pretty picture. After the arguing and fighting over what to do was over with, we began on our way to find out what had happened to our armies. To do this, we had to start at the beginning. We made our way by sunset and sunrise to the battlefield where our armies were killed."

"Thanks to Duskkiller's bright idea to check out the battle field, (Dawnshredder here) we wasted hours of time that could have been used to follow my plan of action, which was to destroy all the towns and villages in the vicinity oh and the females in my family are very tall. But nooo, we had to look for clues like some sort of detectives instead of acting like war generals. Which is what we are!" Poof! Uh oh, one minute I was in the battle field complaining to Duskkiller about the time he was wasting and the next…. "Hey, where am I? Ahhhhhh!" Splash! Well, that hurt. "Yikes!" Zap! "Yooooouch! Well, now I know where I am. I'm in the electric ocean." Zap! "Yoooooooooouch! Curse you Duskkiller!" Zap! "Yooooouch! "Help me someone…" Concerned, and worried about an untimely death, I fought to stay conscious. But ultimately my fight to stay conscious failed.


Anyway, an important detail that you need to know is that our alphabet is in Greek. ;΄΅Ά·ΈΉΊΌΎΏΐΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩΪΫάέήίΰαβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρςστυφχψωϊϋόύώthankfully, our intergalactic translator translates our language into English.


(Dawnshredder) Someone or something screamed in a raspy voice that sounded like a snakes voice echoing through a cave. "Run! Run little one run to your mommy or daddy! Run little one run!" Sobbing the voice continued "Wha ha ha ha ha" because of the choice that Dawnshredder is going to have to make. Then all of the sudden I was being pushed towards the surface of the electric ocean by something that was as hot as lava and as cold as ice water, yet purred like a cat. There has never been a creature in the history of alpha omega 10 that was recorded even similar to what I saw. "Ahhhh! THE PAIN! THE PAIN!" My leg just scraped on top of a really sharp rock that apparently professor Youch had been experimenting on before his very untimely death. The professor's death was very painful because of the multi-pain device that he activated before he died. He had designed the multi-pain device to let everyone experience the same pain as the one who is wearing the device (just call it the m.p.d for now) I met professor Youch when I was younger at school. When he died it was the biggest news at the school since the announcement the new cafeteria. Scratch that, I think it topped that. Professor Youch was obsessed with pain (as his name would suggest). He would put small unnoticeable tacks on his students' seats just so that he can watch them jump up yelping in pain (basically, he was crazy about pain).

Finally I am on land again. Oh, sweet! A sugar rainbow fruit tree and it is in season yes jackpot. Well, well, well… What do we have here? Something caught my eye as he was digging into the sugar rainbow fruit, so I went to check it out it.

It turned out to be a hologram projector but what the heck was on it I could not tell. I couldn't just turn it on because it required two keys. Both different and it required finger prints and a password that took 100 digits too unlock it. So whatever was on it must be important and I only have half of what is required to unlock it and I obtained half of it through battling against the doomsday tribe and the life tribe before they were killed by a mysterious force that almost killed the rest of our people wow when did you get here (Duskkiller) sorry if my brother bored you to death but I needed his help to build a flying device because the ground is no longer safe for us while my brother was analyzing the corpses I was analyzing the ground and I managed to take a sample of the ground before we had to take off and we need to build this device fast or perish like the others (Dawnshredder) what do you mean perish like the others and that the ground is no longer safe. (Duskkiller) uh just shut up and get your pet to turn into a phoenix so we can get all of its feathers. So that we can make the phoenix wings of the air and when we have done that and become people of the air we will be safe from harm and death (Dawnshredder) my pet is not being co-operative so we are going to have to do it the hard way which is not the way I want to do it that is why Duskkiller you have to be the one to do it or we could just live in the sea of life which is just up ahead (Duskkiller) HOW FAR AHEAD!? (Dawnshredder) just a few Andromeda's and twelve parsecs (Duskkiller) WHAT! That will take 8 clicks just to be there (Andromeda's are days, parsecs are hours, clicks are minutes, promeages are weeks and that is are time system no years, months or seconds) (Dawnshredder) yes I know but it will be worth it because that is where my destine lies but your destine lies elsewhere so at the sea of life we part my brother it's been many many promeages since the d-war