It's the space between our palms that we constantly readjust to be closer, but never fill.
It's the way our bodies fit together in the quiet of the morning when I have awoken,
And you continue to slumber and snore quietly in my ear.
It's the dust drifting through a ray of sunlight as the day dawns
It's our laughter filling the air
It's the crook of your arm when we walk down the street
It's the awkward way you walk
It's the awkward way I talk
It's the awkward way I love you for being exactly as you are
And the comforting way that you're always there to fill the empty places.
Somewhere, for me, is not a physical place secluded from the world,
But the memories we made with one another
That I cannot share with anyone else but you.
So please go with me to
Somewhere Only We Know