Breath as white as snow

In little puffs

It comes out

I want to share my voice with the world

Tiny as the white flakes falling from the sky

As warm as the breath that carries them,

Farther than the sun.

I keep my thoughts to myself

In a little box on the shelf

Locked away

Lock and key,

Farther than the sun.

If I could share my love with the world

Would it be a better place?

I wonder. . .

But as the snow falls around me,

Each flake a thought., .

I know my heart has already lost its voice.

Fragmented sounds

From my heart

Tell me it is broken

The pieces scattered

Farther than the sun

Breathe. . .

My heart can hear the wind chimes

As wind blows through

The snow scatters

In a million pieces

Farther than the sun.

In so many ways

I am alone

So there is no going back for me

What these deaf old ears can't hear

I hope you can

For me

The worlds my heart felt

Crushed to ash

I an hardly breathe

Cast out

Farther than the sun

These deaf old ears

And broken legs

Can't walk any farther

Will you carry me?

And I unleash the breath I have held so long

And the box opens

My thoughts and heart

Fly to the future

Farther than the sun.

In your arms.