Chapter 03: Julius And Brutus

"HA HA HA!" My best friend laughs at my current predicament after I explain everything that has transpired so far. His name is Brutus Raven, he's a big guy in his late twenties with short dark hair. Unlike me, he is still within the sanctuary of the haven, the lucky sod. I came here during visiting hours looking for some advice; but got turned into a laughing stock instead.

"I seriously cannot laugh about this Brutus, at this rate I'm never going to be able to return." I say in a voice that is close to a cry.

"Julius, why on earth do you want to come back to this dump in the first place!? It's just a place where the rejects of society are confined to." Brutus says in a matter of fact voice.

"Easy for you to say. You're still inside, you have no idea how lucky you are!" I exclaim my thoughts. "I'd do anything to get back in!"

"Yeah well, I would do anything to get back out." Brutus replies. "Hey wait, I just got an idea, and I need your help, Julius."

"Hm, with what?" I ask intrigued.

Brutus gives me a quick explanation, he wishes to pull off a jail break, I have no idea why he would want to leave though. I let it process in my head for a while. I quickly make a decision, I can use Brutus' plan to my advantage.

"Okay, I'm game." I reply.

Visiting hours are now over so I am just randomly going for a walk.

No matter what I did it always backfired on me. But this time there will be no denying my guilt, I smile to myself in anticipation, wait for me my confined paradise.

I then notice something that catches my eye.

"That red car, it is the same one that caused the misunderstanding with Sparrow-san." Yeah there is no doubt about it. If it wasn't for this thing, I would be enjoying my comfortable life in my haven already. I quickly decide to take revenge on the stupid thing. I find a big heavy stone I can use and walk up to the car.

*SMASH!* I break the window to the front windscreen *Smash* Then the door windows. I take out all my frustrations on the car.

I then walk off, the most I'll get for vandalism is a fine, so there is little merit for me in getting caught. I also need to make some preparations for tonight.

Sirens and alarms are ringing loudly destroying the tranquil night, the plan has commenced. My role is being the getaway driver. I notice Brutus climb over the large fence that surrounds the prison.

"Success Julius, let's get out of here!" He shouts as he takes the passenger seat. I floor the gas. I need to make sure I am sent down for my role in this jailbreak after all.

*NI NA NI NA* Police Sirens can be heard from behind, they're right on our tail.

I zig-zag through the other cars skilfully.

"Not too shabby Julius." Brutus compliments with a smile.

"I try my best." I reply whilst keeping my attention on the road.

*BRR BRR BRR* A loud rumbling comes from above, we direct our eyes to what is causing it.

"Shit they've got a helicopter on us!" Brutus curses. Yeah no matter how fast we go there is no way we will be able to escape it. This is perfect.

I continue to floor the gas. I've got to make this look realistic.

"Julius, the cops put a stinger on the road!" Brutus shouts to me as he points ahead. It's as he says, there is a row of spikes on the road.

I drive right over them, pretending I couldn't react in time to avoid them.

"Shit!" I exclaim, just for appearance sake.

It doesn't take long before our car can longer go on, it's speed no faster than walking pace.

"DAMN IT!" Brutus shouts as he bangs his fist on the dash board.

"We have you surrounded step out of the vehicle with your hands up." A voice orders through a megaphone.

Without any choice, we both do as we are told, it all went as planned.

A police officer whose face I recognise quickly cuffs Brutus, she then walks over to me. This is it folks, I am finally about to return to my haven.

I prepare myself to have my wrists cuffed, but then. "Thank you very much for your hard work Eagle-san." The police woman who chased me the other day (I think her name is Emily Hummingbird) says as she pats me on my shoulder.

"Huh? What!?" Please don't tell me.

"We received your anonymous letter detailing the escape plan, which we confirmed you as the sender via handwriting analysis. You bravely went undercover so you could foil Brutus Raven's prison break." She says with sparkling eyes. No, not again, your misunderstanding! My voice can't escape from my lips due to the shock.

"WHAT WAS THAT JULIUS!? YOU SOLD ME OUT SO YOU COULD BE A HERO!" Brutus shouts at me in anger. No, your wrong, I did sell you out, but it was so I could return to my haven, not to be a hero! "I'LL KILL YOU JULIUS! NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES! I SWEAR IT!" Brutus curses me in a screachingly loud voice, I think I just destroyed our friendship.

"You will be going away for a very long time Brutus Raven." Emily says with a smug. Ah, he is going to have a further extension of his time in the haven, I envy you Brutus, I truly do.

"Take him away men!" Emily orders. Brutus is forced into a police car whilst he stares daggers at me.

"Eagle-san, I thank you again for your assistance. The police will reimburse you for the damage to your tyres." Emily says with a salute before she walks back to her car.

I am left alone, the sky clouds over and weeps a storm which pelts my flesh. I walk slowly in disbelief, before I let out my voice.

"WHY THE HELL DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING!?" I shout as I look up into the sky.

Pigeon daily news: Hero captures convict – Local hero Julius Eagle(24), today went undercover and captured serial rapist Brutus Raven(27) who attempted to escape from the prison where he was being held. Julius secretly collaborated anonymously with the police to bring Brutus Raven back to justice. With this latest development, Julius is becoming something closer to a saint than a hero.

In other news: Police have arrested suspected drug dealers who had possession of 400ibs of heroin stashed in their car. The police were initially at the scene on the accounts of the red car holding the drugs being reportedly vandalised by a neighbour. The drug dealers are in police custody and awaiting trial.

Author Notes

This is just a side series so I haven't updated it for ages. It's just something to write when I am bored. Hope you like it, I know each chapter seems to follow the same formula. But like I said this is just something I write when I am bored. Hope you enjoy it all the same though.