Unsolved: The Ripper Murders

Chapter 1

Whitechapel, London 26th August 1888

The stench was what hit your first when you entered Whitechapel, the filth of the slums and stench of the pubs and brothels that filled the air was enough to make anyone retch. The yells of drunken men fighting in the streets and the screams of the many prostitutes making their money from the dingy alleyways could be heard all around.

Whitechapel was not a place for the faint hearted to go; people were murdered and robbed everyday. The Police tried their best but some criminals managed to slip through their fingers, however there were a few detectives that were bringing a better name to the Police division of Whitechapel. These detectives were said to be the one's that could always solve a crime.

"Are you sure he's here inspector"? Asked Detective Constable Donald Beech, he was quite a chubby man in his early forties with light blonde hair.

"Positive Beech, only a man like him spends his time in places like this" Inspector Edmund Reid informed, this man was taller than Beech and much more thinner he was also in his early forties with dark brown hair.

The two men entered the brothel and were immediately met with many girls wearing very little clothing coming towards them. Inspector Reid rolled his eyes at this but Beech seemed to be enjoying the view, Reid pushed his way through the girls and headed up the stairs.

"Oi, where do you think your going"? A woman asked blocking Reid on the stairs, she had long blonde hair and was wearing a purple dress.

"Where is he Jane"? Reid asked obviously familiar with this type of encounter

"He hasn't finished Inspector, I suggest you wait outside until he is ready" Jane replied

Reid just shook his head and pushed her out of the way, Beech followed closely behind both of them ignored the protests of Jane. They made their way to the upstairs hallway and started bursting into many different rooms causing many screams from the girls working and even more from the men embarrassed at being caught in that position.

"Carry on" Reid said to the all the men he had interrupted

Finally he booted open one last door to see the person he was looking for; he was on top of one of the more famous girls of the brothel causing Reid to divert his eyes. Beech came behind him and saw what was happening in the room and reacted the same as Reid did.

"Sharp playtimes over we have work to do" Reid ordered

"Come on Inspector, at least let me finish what I started" The man mumbled from the bed

"There is no time Sharp, now get dressed and come downstairs or I will drag you down there myself" Reid said before shutting the door.

Detective Sergeant Thomas Sharp was a man in his late thirties and had light brown hair. He sighed from the bed and rolled off of the girl and started to get dressed annoyed that once again the Inspector had ruined his fun and would most likely drag him out into the dark streets of Whitechapel for another goose chase.

"Why do you listen to him"? Asked Charlotte, she wasn't wearing any clothes so she pulled the covers all the way up to her chin so all that was visible was her head and brunette coloured hair.

"Because he is my boss and if he says there's work to do, then there's work to do" Sharp snapped

Sharp finished getting dressed while Charlotte just sat on the bed pouting, he shook his head at her before he reached into the right pocket of his trousers and flipped a couple of coins on the bed.

"Maybe next time, we'll get to finish" Sharp said

"Well that depends on your Inspector doesn't it" Charlotte replied

Sharp gave a little smile at that and then proceeded to the door; he looked back and bid farewell to Charlotte before he walked out into the hallway and down the stairs whistling a tune as he walked.

"Hope to see you soon Sharp" Jane said at the bottom of the stairs

"Jane my dear, I will be back as soon as I can" Sharp said hand over his heart

"Glad to hear it" Jane said with a smile

"But when Jane will my money be able to buy you for a night" Sharp said leaning closer and starting to slowly kiss her neck.

Jane closed her eyes for a second due to the pure bliss of his touch; however she managed to pull herself together and push him away. After all she was a business woman she owned the place and ran the girls she was not one of them.

"Not for a long time I'm afraid Sharp" She said sternly but with a hint of a smile

"Oh well, a man can dream" Sharp replied

She smiled at that, he was a charmer. He then gave her a kiss on the cheek and proceeded to the door where he found Reid and Beech both standing there, he nodded to Beech who nodded back as the three of them all stepped out into the streets of Whitechapel.

"So sir, why did you interrupt my evening"? Sharp asked as soon as they were outside

"I think I may have a lead into the death of Martha Tabram" Reid answered

"But sir the inquest ended three days ago, there is no more case" Sharp complained

"This woman was stabbed thirty nine times Sergeant"! Reid snapped

"I know that sir but we already had a good crack at it, nothing came up" Sharp countered

Reid turned around and grabbed Sharp by his jacket; he then pushed him up against the wall of a local pub. Sharp didn't seem too bothered by this action, he seemed to smile at this like it happened a lot between the two detectives.

"Sharp if you no longer want to do the job you singed up for then simply hand over your warrant card and go back to the whorehouse and jump back on that girl you were with" Reid growled

"Calm down Inspector, all I meant was that there is no official case anymore" Sharp said gently pushing Reid's hands from his jacket.

Reid nodded at that and then looked around the busy streets of Whitechapel; they were full of drunks and prostitutes. A place like that made it very hard to be a Police officer, but it was a job that needed doing.

"Come on boss, let's follow that lead of yours" Sharp said grabbing Reid by the shoulder who nodded in response.

# # #

Scotland Yard, London

Inspector Frederick Abberline sat in his office writing down another report for his superiors. He was a tall man in his mid forties, he had light brown hair and a thick brown moustache rested on his upper lip. Abberline had a long career in the Metropolitan Police Force, he was known to all the other officers as some sort of legend but to be truthful to himself he missed his days in uniform walking his beat. He even missed being the local Inspector for H Division in Whitechapel and would give anything to go back to that old station.

Knock Knock

"Come in" Abberline said looking at the door

The door opened and in walked a man who looked in his late twenties and had sandy blonde hair. He had a cheeky smile on his face as he entered carrying a cup of tea in his hand and some letters under his arm.

"Evening Inspector, brought you a cup of tea" said Detective Sergeant Billy Conroy

"Thank you Billy" Abberline said with a smile as Conroy placed the cup on his desk

"Also the Commissioner sent these down for you" Conroy informed putting the letters on the desk

Abberline sighed; working at Scotland Yard was a dream come true only the top detectives were transferred to the yard; however Abberline had started to find the work very tedious.

"More requests the Commissioner wants done I expect" Abberline said looking at the letters

"Come on Inspector cheer up, I'm sure many detectives around London would wish they were sitting in your seat.

"I pity any man that wishes that Billy" Abberline replied with a sad smile

"I thought you liked it here"? Conroy asked confused

"I do, but there are some times where I miss doing good old fashion Police work" Explained Abberline

"You mean like Whitechapel Inspector"?

"Yes Billy I miss Whitechapel, but I don't think anything is going to get me back there now"

# # #

Whitechapel, 31st August 1888

The pubs and brothels were busy once again, the familiar shouts and screams echoed in the air. The smell of gin and other alcoholic drinks filled the air around the area; the many prostitutes roamed the streets waiting for their next customer counting the change they had already received that night.

"Oh come on its only four pence"! Shouted Polly Nichols, she was 43 years old and had greying brown hair.

"It's not enough Polly so you can't stay here tonight" Shouted the landlord

"I can pay you that later" Polly insisted her words slurring from the amount of alcohol she had already drunk that night.

"No Polly" The Landlord sighed, obviously this wasn't the first time something like this had happened.

"Bastard, don't you worry about me I'll earn that four pence on the streets thanks to my new bonnet" Polly yelled holding it up to show him.

Polly then stumbled down the street happily singing out loud ignoring some of the shouts she was getting from the people in the houses around her. She made it to the corner of the street where she continued to sing, she placed her bonnet on her head but it slid off a moment later.

"Bastard" She muttered bending down to pick it up


"Who's there"? She shouted to the darkness

"Psst" went the voice again

She turned and saw a man standing in front of the gated stables in Buck's Row; he stood away from any lamps so she couldn't get a good look at him.

"You want something Darling"? She asked him

The man nodded and gestured her to come forward, she straightened herself up and began to steadily walk across the street. She was smiling at the thought of grabbing a customer because at 43 years of age times were getting harder for her on the streets as she kept getting bested by the younger competition. She kept on walking across the cobbled street not knowing what was to come, for walking across that street was the last thing Polly Nichols would ever do.

Hope you enjoyed this first chapter, this case has interested me for some time and I am happy that I have begun writing it. Look out for the second chapter