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Crazy College Commotion

As a little girl growing up in West Virginia, I often dreamed of the wonders college presented. I dreamed of attending intellectually taxing classes because at the time, I considered my mind superior to that of my peers. I dreamed of joining sororities and becoming one of the girls. I dreamed of fun nights gossiping about every subject imaginable with my room mate. I dreamed of everthing college was supposed to be. However, I failed to factor in just how many challenges college could bring. On my first day attending Charleston University, the challenges came before I even set foot in a class room.

My first day of college began with the most terrifying wake up call of my life. Accompanied by a blinding light, the screeches of a dying animal pierced the silence of my dorm. Immediatly awake, I clambered out of bed and scrambled towards the origin of the noise. As I approached the source, my drowsiness cleared, and I distinguished several different sounds- the humming of a hair dryer, the wailing of some sort of animal, and the blasting of music. Wait. Was the animal singing? Moments later, I barged into the bathroom to find, not a dying animal, but my roommate. Singing along with her radio into her hair dryer, she was oblivious to my prescence. After I yanked the radio cord out of the wall, my roommate turned to me and queried, "What's the matter? Don't you like the Viscious Animals?" In response, I glared at her.

After ejecting my roommate from the bathroom, I began to prepare for classes. While I brushed my teeth, I twisted the shower handle and allowed the water to heat up. Irratated by my rude awakening, I eagerly awaited a steaming shower. Grinning despite my poor mood, I hopped in the shower. The instant the water hit my skin, I realized that it felt ice cold. However, my mind didn't comprehend that for a moment, and I stood stalk still under the icy spray. When my brain caught up with my body, I yelped and bounced from foot to foot. Finally, I gained enough sense to dive out of the shower. Shivering uncontrollably, I retrieved a towel and wrapped it around myself.

Next, I hoped to salvage my morning by eating a delicious breakfast. However, on that morning, Murphy's Law was in full affect. When I reached the cafeteria, anarchy ensued. Students bustled about the room carrying trays, totes, and textbooks. To my horror, the line for breakfast ran all the way to the entrance of the room. Resigning myself, I stepped into line. After twenty minutes spent cursing my misfortune, I reached the front of the line. Happily, I nabbed a tray and loaded it up with eggs, toast, and most importantly - a cup of coffee. At last, I could appease my stomach.

Content to sit and eat, I dug in to my food. Once again, I was sorely dissappointed. The toast tasted like the bottom of a tire, the eggs were undercooked to the point of inedibility, and the coffee was cold. Grumbling my irratation, I pushed away my tray and glanced at the clock. I did a double take. My first class started in less than ten minutes! I jumped out of my seat and dashed out the door. To my ever-increasing frustration, the cafeteria moniter scolded me for leaving my dishes out. Consequently, the man forced me to return them, and I finally escaped that room. What else could go wrong?

Plenty. As I exited the building, I pulled out my schedule to figure out which class to attend first. However, a gust of wind caught my schedule and swept it away. I chased after them, but it was all to no avail. The wind whisked them out of sight. Giving up on that escapade, I struggled to remember where my first class was. Eventually, I decided on my english class and trotted to the aforementioned class. Despite it's enormous size, the room maintained a cozy feeling. I gaze a tired smile and settled into a desk on the front row. Short and skinny, the professor entered and imediatly began a spiel on the importance of writing. I found it fascinating. Afterwords, the professor took roll. Only then did I discover that I was in the wrong class entirely.

Cursing both my luck and stupidity, I raced to the administration office to attain a new schedule after sitting for over an hour in the wrong class. Even with the new docket, I could not find my way around. I refused to look like a naïve freshman even going so far as to wander around the campus for another hour, lost. After I finally swallowed my pride, I asked another female student about the location of my next class. Luckily, the girl just smiled and politely informed me of where to go.

The rest of my day went according to plan. I went to my third class. I went to lunch. I went to my last class. I went back to my dorm to study. At the end of the day, however, I felt exhausted and collapsed into bed. Just as I fell asleep, my roommate burst in the door and told me about her perfect first day at college. Only nodding occasionally or muttering a brief response, I politely listened to her. When she finished her story, she inquired, "How was your day?"

Thinking about my day, I realized the humor of all that had happened. With an exhausted grin on my face, I told her,"Today wasn't a normal or happy day. I've had normal and happy days. Today was chaos." We spent the rest of the night gabbing and gossiping like I always wanted.