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Chapter 1

Welcome to Divitae

"Miss Fiona! Time to wake up!"

A servant entered the room, dressed in a neatly pressed white blouse and a black skirt. She held a silver platter piled high with different assortments of breakfast items- from pancakes to sausages. On the servant's left was Fiona's extravagantly designed gold fork and knife. On the right was a cup of coffee with an artistic leaf made of cream floating on the surface. Sugar was already added, and the coffee was brewed to perfection. Even the baristas of five star hotels would weep tears of joy when they tasted this wonderful concoction.

Fiona groaned, pulling the blanket over her head to shield her eyes from the blinding light that Mrs. Hannis had just turned on. Mrs. Hannis, one of the Chandler maids, shook her shoulder gently after setting the platter on a nearby mahogany desk to avoid spilling the platter. Fiona was Mrs. Hannis's favourite mistress out of all the girls that she had worked for in her ongoing career. Her outgoing personality made everything seem like a game.

"Miss Fiona! You must wake up now!" She squeaked. She could be described as a motherly mouse- warm and friendly, but was quick to flee.

"Please! Just five more minutes!" Fiona moaned, her head now buried in her pillow. Her luscious brown hair was cascading over her head. For some unknown reason, she never got a bad case of bed-hair in her life. Not once.

"But you must, Miss Fiona! It's already four a.m," Mrs. Hannis insisted, glancing at the priceless grandfather clock in the corner of Fiona's room just to confirm the time.

"Nobody else in my class has to wake up so early!" Fiona complained. She lifted her head from the pillow before dramatically collapsing again, wishing she could fall back asleep. Waking up in the morning was a huge effort, especially for Fiona.

"Nobody else in your class is the heir to the Chandler Kingdom of Die schöne Schweiz! Your father is already up to discuss the stock markets with you!" She replied, picking up a lightly toasted bagel with cream cheese.

"Eat!" She commanded, waving the wonderful piece of nourishment under Fiona's face, which smoothed her growling stomach. For a person so skinny, she ate more than a horse.

"You're lucky I love Chef Sahib's food," Fiona muttered, before pushing herself up on one elbow and snatching the divine breakfast out of Mrs. Hannis' hands. She wolfed down the tasty morsels of nutrition and jumped out of her bed. The chilly morning breeze coming in through the open window made her shiver violently as she promptly jumped back into the bed again. The bed was always warm, due to a advanced technological device that her father had placed underneath her bed.

"Fiona!" Mrs. Hannis scolded, giving a disapproving glare.

"Yeah, yeah, I know," She muttered under her breath. Her school uniform was ironed and laid out on a small table besides Fiona's walk-in closet. She didn't even have to get out of bed to do that act. The uniform consisted of a dress made of fine velvety silk with an elegant, lacy collar.

After getting dressed, Fiona walked down the many hallways and staircases of the Chandler mansion, officially dubbed "Devitae" meaning 'rich' in Latin. There was no unadorned spot in the elegant building- a standard that was built upon the fact that Divitae was the site of frequent visits from nobles or government officials. Authorities tend to be picky on the interior designs and comforts of one's home especially the homes of a famous figure- Frank Chandler.

On all the walls of every room, there were brilliant frescoes displaying the "Noble History of the Chandler Family", which, in Fiona's opinion, was not very noble at all. A few men fighting because of bravery and honor was considered horrible in modern culture. From what Fiona observed, it looked like the Chandlers used to be executor's. There were several original paintings by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Monet. Full suits of armor, inlaid with gold, sometimes stood at entrances. All in all, one would think that this would have been a marvelous place to live in.

For Fiona, however, the mansion was her prison. Her father was as eccentric as he was smart. He was a perfectionist, and was obsessed with cleanliness.

"Fiona! There you are!" Her father, Frank Chandler, called from across the hall, "It's time for your wonderful daily morning exercise!"

Fiona groaned. "Dad, the day you say exercise and actually mean physical exercise is the day I'm in heaven," She grumbled, reluctant to do quadratic equations and stock market analyses.

"What was that? Don't be daft, Fiona. You need these skills early on if you want to be of any help to the world. Now follow me to my study. I want to point to you the National Government's Medical budget..." He started, his voice trailing off as the distance between him and Fiona widened.

"Right, Swiss Government Medical Budget. Like I'm going to need that," Fiona muttered sarcastically, before following her father around the labyrinth- like mansion.


In her father's study, which was decorated with many paintings and artifacts from all over the world, Fiona learned "Survival Skills" first-hand from her father. In her opinion, it translated to "Skills That I Will Toss out the Window the Moment I Leave This Place."

Her father fired up his sleek, new modern-looking computer. It was just released yesterday, but he had pre-ordered it a month ago. He glanced at the TV- it was playing a boring looking documentary on medical fluctuations.

"Now Fiona, let us look at the stocks of yesterday and compare them. Let's choose a nice, juicy medical company. How about Pharmathene?" He asked, clicking on the stock that said "NYSEAMEX:PIP".

"Sure, whatever," Fiona said, evidently not interested.

Her father mocked a frown, taut lines of worry appearing on his forehead. "Fiona, I need a focused mind here. Why are Pharmathene stocks falling so quickly?" He asked, looking at his daughter who was struggling to stay awake.

"Gee, I don't know! Maybe it has something to do with the National Swiss Government Medical Budget!" She pointed out sarcastically, before looking dismayed at the smile that appeared on her father's face.

"That was a trap, wasn't it?" Fiona said, slapping her hand to her forehead, marveling at her stupidity. Frank managed to make her indirectly state that she actually listened to him.

"That's correct. Don't forget, dear, I'm wearing my hearing aids," Her father, Frank, reminded her cheerfully. "I can hear every bit of sound that travels within these walls."


"Yup, he totally stalked me. My dad is my stalker," Fiona recounted her morning's events to one of her best friends, Esha Vanderbilt, whose eyes were practically glowing with all the gossip that she was receiving.

"Wow, I always thought your dad was rather odd, but nice!" She rambled on, "I really liked your mom- she always gave me crumpets!"

"Yeah, my mom loves refreshing tea," Fiona replied.

"Heh, my mom too," Esha agreed.

"Yeah..." Fiona answered awkwardly.

"Weird. Hey, did you finish your homework? You know the Mark of the Century project? I just managed to finish it in three hours! Mr. Anderson is so harsh!" Esha babbled, taking out a detailed poster board that was perfectly drawn.

"Oh, whoops. I guess I forgot that..." Fiona trailed off as realization hit her.

"Oh no! My dad is going to kill me! And when I mean kill, I mean slaughter, slay, boil, and force me through a fine wire mesh. Afterwards, he'll feed my bloody mist to the pigs! Not necessarily in that order!" Fiona finished, her whole body taut with worry. "Oh god, oh god, oh god..."

"Your dad isn't that mean, is he?" Another voice barged into their conversation, interrupting Fiona's mantra of 'Oh god's'.

"Obviously. why do you think Fiona is freaking right now?" A sarcastic voice answered the question.

"Hi Katherine...and...Emily..." Fiona greeted dejectedly. "You wouldn't have done two copies of your project, had you?" She asked hopefully.

"Sure! It's in the Rothschild Library!" Emily Carnegie replied cheerfully.

"Oh my god, rea- wait a minute. We don't have a Rothschild Library!" Fiona suddenly realized, before slamming her palm into her forehead. "You guys are so mean."

"You're so gullible," Emily said as she tried not to laugh. Katherine Heshen, descendant of the richest Chinese family that ever lived, twitched her lips, buts returned to reading her book.

Fiona smiled dryly, "Thanks, now come on!" She said, signalling them to follow her. "I'm going to try to save myself!"


"Guys, I really don't think we should do this..." Esha fretted, standing on the lookout in front of the Bill Joy Memorial Computer Lab. Inside, Fiona was hacking the school accounts to give her a week's extension on her "Mark of the Century" project. Even though there were no teachers present in the room, she prayed that no one would catch her.

"Psh, Esha, don't be such a worry wart," Emily dismissed Esha's fretting with a flick of her hair. "Fi knows what she's doing, don't you?" She called inside the computer lab.

"Um, sure!" Fiona reassured Emily from inside the room.

"Guys, I'm kind of with Esha on this one...Fiona receives detention...way too many times." Katherine put in, scanning the hallways for teachers. "Oh and the coast is clear, by the way."

"Yeah. Like we really needed to know that," Emily replied sarcastically, trying to hide her exasperation by not doing a 'face palm,' as modern culture puts it.

Emily, Katherine, and Esha barricaded the entrance to the vast computer lab. They were like a small army of grade seven students protecting a room filled to the brim with gold and precious jewels. Time passed by, as slow as a snail. Dread filled each of the three friends as they heard the clicks and clocks of a gigantic grandfather watch inside measure the time, second by second. Fiona's keystrokes were not audible.

"Guys? We got trouble!" Fiona's voice whispered urgently from inside the lab a few minutes later.

"What? What happened?" The three friends dashed into the lab, running to where Fiona and her computer were stationed. The all peered at the matrix of glowing green letters, not knowing what to say.

Fiona turned her head around and raised her eyes slowly to meet her friend's. "I think I forgot how to hack," She said simply.


"What? What do you mean you forgot how to hack? Fiona!" Esha fretted, turning frantically left and right.

"Didn't your dad teach you in one of his "Survival Skill Lesson" thingies?" Katherine asked curiously, peering at the matrix of dots and dashes on the computer screen.

"Yup. The one thing that I actually used in that idiotic ritual," Fiona replied nonchalantly.

"Yup we're dead," Emily assured everyone, crossing her arms casually, "get your coffins ready folks!"

"How can you two be so calm about this? We're all going to get into trouble, especially you, Fiona!" Esha squeaked.

"Because," Fiona smirked. "The Mark of the Century is due at the end of the day," She started her mad explanation, her smirk growing wider.

"Oh, joy! That helps you so much, Captain Obvious!" Emily replied sarcastically.

"And I think it's just the right time to visit Mr. Geeky Man again..." Fiona finished, a wide triumphant smile plastered over her face- manipulation was scrawled all over.

This time, Emily really did 'face palm' her face. Lightly, of course because perfect makeup is prone to smudging.


"Mayday! Mayday! Mr. Geek is here," Esha cried out. She was the most nervous person out of the entire group of friends. She hid behind Katherine like her life depended on it. Katherine, in an attempt to back away from the hyper girl, bumped into McKenna, one of her classmates. She apologized to the girl and turned back to her friends.

Emily laughed at the expression on Fiona's face, which was a mixture of horror and grim determination. It was hardly a big deal, however. Fiona was willing to do anything to get out of being punished by her mother. And that included socializing with creeps.

"Okay guys. Let's go over it one more time. Emily will accidentally push me into Mr. Geek Elder. Then, we'll kidnap him with the chloroform that we made in Science, and then I'll ask him to hack the school accounts for me," Fiona explained in hushed tones. Emily made a face.

"Fiona! What sort of plan is that? I know you can do better!" Emily reprimanded her, looking rather disgusted. She continued, "It has to be more subtle! Like this...


Fiona half-heartedly smiled as she walked into her homeroom- 7CB. She had to put on a fake face if the 'plan' was ever going to succeed. She half-shouted to her accomplices, "Hey guys! Did you know there is going to be a party?"

"Really? Where?" Esha, Katherine, and Emily chorused with fake enthusiasm.

Fiona smirked as she lived up to her role. "Where do you think, guys? At Young's house!"

Young, the smartest person in the class, glanced up, puzzled at the sound of his name and disoriented from his absorbance of his grade twelve chemistry textbook. Did my anti-self plan a masquerade on me without my cognizance? He thought to himself.

Fiona and her bunch stared meaningfully at each other when Young scratched his head. They predicted this would happen. Well, at least Emily did. That was their signal to publicly announce: "Hey everyone! Young is having a party and everybody's invited!"

Young turned beet red with embarrassment when every student in the classroom stared at him. He was fuming inside. How dare they make him the center of attention! Even worse, Fiona fed lies to the public that was full of rich juvenile delinquents! Plus, they all seemed to love Fiona.

A tidal wave of students came to ask about the party, as they were surprised to hear that the "Geek Elder" would be doing something as social as hosting a party. Young was well-known for being the brainiac of the school.

Young nervously tapped out a Morse code message on his desk. It was made of mahogany and was a constant reminder of the school motto, Tantum Modo Successerit: Opes. A boy sitting at the back of the room noticed this discreet action- his name was Zelig. He interpreted the Morse code as Help, Fiona and group says I throw party. Advise on action.

Zelig thought it out carefully, he spotted his friend, Evan with the rest of his friends, and repeated the message. After all, his friends were all one mind and one group. When they all had stated their opinion Zelig sent back a message from all of his friends.

Evan: Go with the flow.
Haaziq: The party is where? What do I wear?
Zelig: Come on man, with a brain like yours, you'll whip up some money in no time.
Hailey: Ignore the summons- tell Fiona to stop, cancel party.

Young decided to follow Hailey's advice, as she was the wisest. That wasn't a surprise, girls tended to think more about critical situations than boys.

Young took a deep breath, remembering his friend's wisdom. He walked slowly to the girls- he wanted to delay the inevitable conversation. The girls seemed calm and arrogant, grreeting him with a small nod.

He then started to speak, but to his shock, all he could do was splutter: "H-hi! I m-mean, greetings!"

Fiona rolled her eyes and gave a little huff. "What is it, Geek El-Young? Cat got your tongue?"

Young almost froze up with fear before relaxing again. "Yes. I am not having a party," He announced bravely. The group of Geeks were all huddling around Zelig's desk, predicting the outcome of this foolhardy plan.

Emily tried to hide her laughter beside Fiona, but failed miserably. She ended up sounding like a pig who was begging for food. Katherine giggled, although she mainly was giggling at the un-ladylike sound Emily was making. Esha was hiding behind Katherine, as she was terrified of Young's IQ; rumored to be in the high a hundred and nineties, maybe even reaching two hundred.

Fiona, unlike her friends, kept a straight face and body. "I'm afraid that's not an option for you." She replied quietly.