Chapter Uno: Confessions

Tammy's P.O.V

"YOU'RE going to tell him?" Callie asked me for something like the billionth time. "Are you absolutely sure?"

I groaned in frustration. "For the last time, Callie, yes, I'm going to tell him!"

"But are you sure?"


We were on our way to the annual New Year's Eve bash at my best friend Aidan Greeves's house. His parents lived in a GIGANTIC mansion over the hill from our town.

The boy in question was, in fact, Aidan. Callie was asking me if I was going to tell him that I'd been in love on him for the past two years.

I was nervous enough as is, without Callie on my back. See, Aidan and I had been best friends practically since the womb. That was how close we were. And I hoped he didn't see me as just a sister, because then I would be in big trouble. It could burn our bridge if I told him I loved him in that way and he didn't feel the same.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, boy and girl, best friends since forever, fall in love during adolescence, CLICHE ALERT!

Look, I didn't tell my heart what to do, okay? The thing has a mind of it's own. Honestly.

Anyway, Aidan.

Just the thought of him made me melt inside. I closed my eyes and pictured his blue eyes. They were startling, the colour of the sky after the sunset, that cool, not-quite-dark blue. They were always full of energy and happiness, and just one glance from them was enough to make my day a million times better.

I sighed. The effect that boy had on me, was, frankly, astounding.

Now you may be wondering why I decided to tell him on this particular day that is, New Year's Eve . Well, my New Year's Resolution of 2012 was to tell Aidan how I felt.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a procrastinator.

So I had about 5 hours to complete my resolution before the New Year.

"So you're SURE." My twin pressed.

"Callie, if you do NOT shut up right now I will personally shove you into the pool tonight. In front of all the guys."

"Tammy! Uncalled for!" she protested.

"Then shut yo face."

I saw the giant mansion approaching, so I cleared all anxious thoughts from my head.

The limo (Yes, limo. Aidan's mum and dad always send a limo for me and Callie. Dude, they're filthy stinking rich.) rolled to a stop outside the giant double mahogany doors. The driver got out and opened the doors for me and Callie. I got out carefully, holding my skirts, trying not to trip in my high heels. The only time I EVER wore high heels was to the New Year's Eve Bash. I was more of a jeans-and-converse kind of girl.

Callie was the one who loved dressing up. At the moment, Callie was wearing a pretty lilac gown that went well with her brownish – blonde hair. She had her hair falling down in perfect waves, and clipped up on one side. Her blue eyes were accentuated with mascara. She looked very beautiful, and I was happy for her.

I had my dark brown hair curled and sitting on my shoulders. My gray eyes were lined with eyeliner and I had some lip gloss on too.

Callie had insisted on doing my make-up, so I let her, just this once. And I must admit, she had done a pretty good job. When I had looked in the mirror, I had seen more than just the skater tomboy – I saw a pretty young woman.

To be honest, it kinda scared me.

But I did love the dress I was wearing now. It was strapless, and turquoise-blue, with a small sparkly belt around the waist. From there it billowed all the way to the floor in soft, ruched waves.

I climbed the steps, Callie following behind me. I went through the open doors and led my way expertly down the hallways to the ballroom. I walked in and looked around. Heaps of people had already arrived, but I couldn't see Aidan anywhere. As I started to move through the crowd, I noticed it had gotten a lot quieter. I looked around.

Almost everyone was staring at me.

I turned to a guy next to me. "Have I got something on my face?"

He just stared at me, mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

I sighed, and continued to push my way through the crowd. At the end of the ballroom stood Mr and Mrs Greeves. Their eyes widened when they saw me and Mrs Greeves rushed forwards and hugged me.

"Oh, Tammy, sweetheart, you look absolutely beautiful!" she gushed, kissing me on the cheek.

I blushed slightly. "Thanks, Mrs G. You look lovely, as per usual. So do you, Mr Greeves."

Aidan's dad laughed. "You flatter me, Tammy, but I do believe I'm graying around the edges now."

"Well, Dad started graying years ago, if that's any consolation," I grinned.

"Oh, we all know that," he laughed.

I turned to Mrs Greeves. "Where's Aidan?"

She sighed. " I honestly have no idea. When you're not here, trying to keep track of my son is like trying to keep track of smoke."

I laughed. "I'll track him down, then."

I exited the ballroom and walked slowly through the quiet hallways. I was walking down one that led to the kitchen, when I heard a voice behind me.


I turned around.

Aidan was standing at the foot of the grand old staircase.

My heart hurt when I saw how handsome he looked.

He was wearing a black and white tuxedo, and his goldish brown hair was messed up attractively. His amazing blue eyes met mine, and they widened as they looked me up and down. He walked closer to me, and stopped about six feet away from me.

"Who are you, and what have you done with my Tammy?" he asked softly, his voice husky.

I smiled, my heart racing a million miles per hour. "She's right here."

"Wow, Tim Tam, you look like… a… girl!" he said, surprised.

"Ditto, Kool-Aid."

Tim Tam and Kool-Aid were our childhood nicknames for each other.

"Thank- wait, did you just say I looked like a girl?" he asked, brow furrowing.

"Duh," I smirked.

He scowled at me, and then tackled me in a hug.

I laughed into his chest. "What was that for?" I said, my voice muffled.

He let go of me, and my body immediately missed his warmth.

"Checking you're still you," he said, ducking his head and blushing slightly.

I frowned slightly.

What was that supposed to mean?

"C'mon, Tim Tam," he said, grabbing my arm, apparently back to normal. "Let's go show the rest of those suckers what true style is."

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